2021-10-02  Kian-Meng, AngFix typos main
2021-08-25  Per GustafssonFix calling mocked modules from expectation fun.
2021-06-09  Adam LindbergPoint to correct Erlang version list
2021-06-09  Adam LindbergUpdate build badge
2021-06-09  Adam LindbergBump least compatible Erlang/OTP version to 22
2021-06-09  Adam LindbergUpdate workflow to use setup-beam
2021-05-26  Stavros AronisIncrease meck_proc stop timeout to infinity
2021-03-25  Zsolt LakyLeave module loaded state as it was upstream
2021-03-06  Adam LindbergAdd sponsorship link, remove build tool badge
2021-03-06  Adam LindbergRemove deprecated app file field
2021-03-06  Adam LindbergVersion 0.9.2 0.9.2
2021-03-05  Paulo F. OliveiraAdd a further caveat to using `meck` with `ct`
2021-03-03  Adam LindbergAdd OTP 24 to build matrix
2021-03-03  Paulo F. OliveiraFix a dialyzer-issued warning
2021-02-19  Adam LindbergVersion 0.9.1 0.9.1
2021-02-17  Adam LindbergRemove unused chandler tool from cut script check
2021-02-17  Adam LindbergAdd to changelog
2021-02-17  Adam LindbergRename module name in type specs
2021-02-17  Adam LindbergUse Unite for EUnit tests
2021-02-17  Adam LindbergClarify and fix example of passthrough/1
2021-01-20  Adam LindbergCorrect type spec for do_delete_expect/6
2021-01-20  Paulo F. OliveiraAim for repeatability
2021-01-20  Paulo F. OliveiraImagine this is a possible solution to a past requirement
2021-01-20  Paulo F. OliveiraBroaden our check/test scope
2021-01-20  Paulo F. OliveiraImprove repeatability
2021-01-20  Paulo F. OliveiraFix static analysis (dialyzer) -identified issue
2021-01-20  Paulo F. OliveiraBe stricter in our static analysis
2021-01-20  Paulo F. OliveiraIsolate hamcrest elements from static analysis issues
2021-01-20  Zsolt LakyChange order when adding new clauses
2020-11-18  Paulo F. OliveiraFix static analysis issues
2020-06-25  Adam LindbergDon't re-publish docs
2020-06-25  Adam LindbergVersion 0.9.0 0.9.0
2020-06-25  Adam LindbergDon't push release changelog entries automatically
2020-06-25  Adam LindbergTransition to manual CHANGELOG
2020-06-25  Adam LindbergUpdate copyright year
2020-06-25  Jesper EskilsonAdd exec/1 to documented list of functions to return...
2020-06-25  Jesper EskilsonMake meck:ret_spec/0 transparent
2020-05-14  Adam LindbergUse compatible stack trace handling
2020-05-14  Adam LindbergUpdate supported Erlang versions to 19-23
2020-05-14  Jake BreindelAdd compiler application to dependencies
2020-05-14  Adam LindbergRename foldl_mocks to fold_mocks
2020-05-13  Filipe CristovaoAdd introspection of which modules are currently mocked
2020-05-13  Adam LindbergRun CI on pull requests
2020-04-27  Adam LindbergUpdate funding with GitHub Sponsors link
2020-02-05  Adam LindbergUpdate badges to use GitHub Actions
2020-02-05  Adam LindbergAuto use latest versions of major OTP versions
2020-02-05  Adam LindbergAdd supported Erlang versions
2020-02-05  Adam LindbergChange to matrix build
2020-02-05  Adam LindbergCreate first GitHub action
2020-02-05  Jesper EskilsonDo not attempt to generate dependencies when mocking
2019-08-27  Adam LindbergCreate FUNDING.yml
2019-03-21  Francois Brodeur Validate the options being passed to meck:new (#204)
2019-01-08  Adam LindbergUpdate changelog for version 0.8.13
2019-01-08  Adam LindbergVersion 0.8.13 0.8.13
2019-01-08  José ValimExclude from_core option from compile_info when compiling
2018-12-30  Adam LindbergRefine Erlang versions
2018-12-30  Adam LindbergFix nofile errors caused by incorrect file lookup
2018-11-06  Daniel SommermannIsolate backup *.coverdata from other beam instances
2018-10-08  Adam LindbergFix Erlang version badge
2018-10-08  Adam LindbergRemove compatibility for R15 and R16
2018-08-08  Adam LindbergUpdate changelog for version 0.8.12
2018-08-08  Adam LindbergVersion 0.8.12 0.8.12
2018-08-08  Adam LindbergCheck path and push release with Chandler
2018-08-08  Adam LindbergKeep storing history when reloading a mock
2018-07-12  Adam LindbergMinor markdown improvements
2018-07-12  Adam LindbergUpdate changelog for version 0.8.11
2018-07-12  Adam LindbergVersion 0.8.11 0.8.11
2018-07-12  Adam LindbergChange publish script to cut script
2018-07-12  Adam LindbergUse latest OTP 20 and 21 versions
2018-07-11  Adam LindbergUpdate outdated donation information
2018-07-11  mats cronqvistfix a buggy spec
2018-07-11  mats cronqvistun-nest the `try' constructs
2018-07-11  mats cronqvistdon't hide 'try' behind macro
2018-07-11  mats cronqvistuse some preproc trickery to hide the OTP21 get_stacktr...
2018-07-11  mats cronqvistfix some whitespace
2018-07-11  mats cronqvistLine about 80 char line limit was 155 chars long
2018-06-26  Adam LindbergUpdate Changelog for version 0.8.10
2018-06-26  Adam LindbergVersion 0.8.10
2018-06-26  Adam LindbergImprove publish script
2018-06-25  Michal Piotrowskitest meck with Erlang/OTP 21.0
2018-05-03  Adam LindbergAdd module name to module_is_sticky error
2018-05-03  Adam LindbergDocument undefined_module error
2018-05-03  Adam LindbergRaise error for passthrough without abstract code
2018-01-22  Brujo BenavidesAdd meck:expects/1,2 to list mocked functions
2017-11-27  Adam LindbergSpecify repository manually for changelog gen
2017-11-27  Adam LindbergUpdate Changelog for version 0.8.9
2017-11-27  Adam LindbergVersion 0.8.9 0.8.9
2017-11-27  Miika-Petteri... Support running meck with modules built with '+determin...
2017-10-02  Peter LemenkovFix for Rebar 2.x.y on secondary arches
2017-09-07  Adam LindbergUpdate master
2017-09-07  Adam LindbergUpdate for latest version and Rebar 3
2017-08-29  Adam LindbergUpdate copyright notices
2017-08-29  Adam LindbergUpdate Changelog for version 0.8.8
2017-08-29  Adam LindbergVersion 0.8.8 0.8.8
2017-08-07  Eric EntinAlways add debug_info to compile opts for mocks
2017-06-29  Adam LindbergPublish docs to Hex when releasing
2017-06-29  Adam LindbergFixes to publish script
2017-06-29  Adam LindbergUpdate Changelog for version 0.8.7
2017-06-29  Adam LindbergFix syntax error in .app.src 0.8.7
2017-06-29  Adam LindbergVersion 0.8.7