2016-11-24  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'cloudant:79066-port-chunkified... master
2016-11-24  Benjamin AndersonChunk missing revisions before attempting to save on... 26/head
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3102-fix-config_subscription'
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate handle_config_terminate API 25/head
2016-05-25  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:fix-type-spec'
2016-05-25  ILYA KhlopotovFix type-spec of mem3_sync:next_replication/3 24/head
2016-05-19  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:fix-type-spec-for-range...
2016-05-18  ILYA KhlopotovFix type spec for range field in #shard{} 23/head
2016-05-18  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:43260-create-target-shard...
2016-05-18  Paul J. DavisMake sure mem3_rep autocreates target shards 21/head
2016-05-10  Robert NewsonPass ADMIN_CTX when opening dbs 22/head
2016-05-09  Benjamin AndersonAdd read_concurrency option to mem3_shards table 19/head
2016-05-09  Benjamin AndersonUse ets:select/2 to retrieve shards by name
2016-05-09  Benjamin AndersonReduce frequency of mem3_sync:push/2 calls
2016-04-10  Benjamin AndersonRefactor mem3_sync events to dedicated module
2016-02-26  Tony SunRevert "Remove maintenace modes from ushards" 2953-revert 18/head
2016-02-25  Tony SunRemove maintenace modes from ushards 2953-ushards-mm 17/head
2015-12-01  Alexander ShorinDon't start couch_log app if we don't use it
2015-10-12  Alexander ShorinReturn HTTP 405 for unsupported request method 16/head
2015-10-06  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/fix-eunit-couch...
2015-10-06  Nick VatamaniucFix EUnit tests. 15/head
2015-09-29  ILYA KhlopotovPass supervisor's children to couch_epi 14/head
2015-09-29  ILYA KhlopotovFix code formating
2015-09-28  ILYA KhlopotovFix typo in behaviour name
2015-09-28  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate to new couch_epi API
2015-09-23  Robert NewsonFix crypto deprecations 13/head
2015-07-17  ILYA KhlopotovUse dynamic http handlers 10/head
2015-03-16  Robert Kowalskireformat to 80 chars/line 8/head
2015-03-16  Robert Kowalskichange readme for the couchdb project
2015-03-15  Robert Kowalskiadd license file
2015-02-26  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'kxepal/rename-system...
2015-02-26  Alexander ShorinAdd underscore prefix for nodes and dbs database names 6/head
2015-02-26  Alexander ShorinRename "shard_db" option to "shards_db" and "node_db...
2015-02-04  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/2561-make-config...
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovDon't restart event handler on termination 5/head
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate config_listener behaviuor
2015-01-26  Alexander ShorinUse ADMIN_CTX macro from couch_db.hrl
2014-10-14  Benjamin BastianUpdate mem3 for new changes API 2/head
2014-09-24  Robert NewsonDelete mem3_rebalance for now, currently useless
2014-09-15  Robert NewsonAdd and export n/2
2014-08-29  Robert Newsonfix stats paths
2014-08-29  Robert Newsonopen dbs, nodes as sys dbs
2014-08-21  Paul J. DavisUpdate to use couch_stats windsor-merge
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisReplace twig with couch_log
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisUpdate mem3_rebalance to work with couch_mrview
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonRemove mem3_util:owner
2014-07-23  Russell BrancaGet the shard suffix for a given database
2014-07-23  Russell BrancaAllow mem3_shards:local to take a list or binary
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiFast forward internal repl. between file copies
2014-07-23  Mike WallaceAvoid decom:true nodes when fixing zoning
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisRefactor mem3_rpc:add_checkpoint/2
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiWrite plan to /tmp/rebalance_plan.txt
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisAllow target_uuid prefixes in find_source_seq
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisInclude replication history on checkpoint docs
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisInline open_doc_revs into open_docs
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisAdd a new mem3_rpc module for replication RPCs
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisReorder functions into a logical progression
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisUpdate whitespace and exports formatting
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonRemove old code_change, set module version to 1
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiAllow for rebalancing "special" DBs
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiSuggest moves from all donor nodes in parallel
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiAllow targets to exceed floor, add another check
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiRefactor global candidate selection
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiStop donating once the target level is achieved
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiFix two bugs in the global balancing phase
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiAllow skip straight to global phase
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiRefuse to place shards on decom:true nodes
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiRely on decom:true attribute to filter decom nodes
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiEnsure that the owner of a doc is also a host
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiRewrite rebalancing plan generator
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisFix latent single-shard range hack
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiUse a consistent commenting syntax
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiAddress comments from PR
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiEnsure all shards are moved off non-target nodes
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonStabilize mem3_util:owner/2
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonMove rotate_list to mem3_util
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiSupport balancing across a subset of nodes
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonFix load_shards_from_disk/2
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonPreserve key and incorporate range into rotation key
2014-07-23  Robert Newsonwe're not rotating by DbName any more
2014-07-23  Robert Newsonrefactor choose_ushards
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiZero out shard caches on upgrade
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonAdd function to assist with rebalancing
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiUse a private record for event listener state
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiFix trivial typo
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiBalance replication ownership across nodes
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisUpdate to use the new couch_event application
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonChoose ushards according to persistent record
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisIf two shards differ we need to sync
2014-07-23  Russell BrancaMoving shard maps _membership endpoint to _shards db...
2014-07-23  Russell BrancaAdd doc shard info endpoint
2014-07-23  Russell BrancaFix _membership/$DBNAME api endpoint
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisUpdate to use new multi rexi_server protocol
2014-06-18  Russell BrancaHandle the #doc_info case in changes_enumerator
2014-06-03  Robert NewsonDon't log when ensuring dbs exist
2014-05-07  Robert NewsonAdd function to determine shard membership locally 1843-feature-bigcouch
2014-02-12  Robert NewsonChange API to function per level
2014-02-12  Robert NewsonSwitch to couch_log
2014-02-11  Paul J. DavisAdd license headers
2014-01-17  Robert NewsonAdd ejson_body to all mem3 open_doc attempts that need it