2022-07-03  Nick VatamaniucFix CentOS 8 -> Rocky 8 alias main
2022-07-01  Nick VatamaniucAdd ubuntu jammy distro
2022-06-13  Nick VatamaniucImprove /dev/random usage when generating cookies for...
2022-06-07  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #97 from apache/improve_inet_dist_us...
2022-06-04  Robert Newsontolerate single quotes presence and absence on inet_dis... 97/head
2022-05-18  Nick VatamaniucImprove cookie setup for RPMs
2022-05-05  Nick VatamaniucUpdate to handle Rocky Linux 8
2022-05-05  Nick VatamaniucUpdate Erlang to
2022-04-27  Robert NewsonFix cookie preseeding
2022-04-27  Nick VatamaniucOn RPM upgrade prompt for cookie only if previously...
2022-04-27  diannasoreilfeat: patch rpmspec to prompt for cookie value
2022-04-27  Robert Newsontighten file permissions for vm.args
2022-04-27  Robert NewsonDon't allow 'monster' as cookie value in debconf
2022-04-27  Robert NewsonBind epmd and distribution port to loopback interface...
2022-04-25  Will YoungMerge pull request #91 from lostnet/dropstretch
2022-04-25  Will YoungDrop support for Debian 9 (stretch) 91/head
2022-02-10  Adam KocoloskiUse --platform to select container arch at runtime
2022-02-10  Adam KocoloskiDefault to Erlang 23 + Debian 11
2022-02-07  mokouchore: create rpm subfolder for js68
2022-02-07  mokoufeat: add aarch64-rhel build support
2022-02-07  mokoufeat: initial js68 support
2022-02-05  Adam KocoloskiAdd bullseye to distributions
2022-01-15  Adam KocoloskiDrop support for Ubuntu 16.04
2021-10-08  Joan TouzetMinor bugfixes encountered in the 3.2.0 release (#85)
2021-09-30  Joan TouzetSwitch from bintray to artifactory; remove
2021-08-26  Glynn Birdprotect main branch with .asf.yaml config (#75)
2021-04-21  Joan TouzetFixes for bullseye
2021-04-14  Joan Touzetbump detect-os for centos 8 (from couchdb-ci)
2021-04-13  Joan TouzetUpdate for new apache hosted containers, drop CentOS 6
2021-01-25  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #76 from big-r81/patch-1
2021-01-25  RonnyUpdate 76/head
2020-11-25  Joan Touzet[snap] bump to 3.1.1 (#74)
2020-10-30  Joan TouzetRemove unrecognized -c option to configure
2020-07-09  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #70 from apache/bump-file-limit
2020-07-09  Jan Lehnardtchore: bump CouchDB version 70/head
2020-07-09  Joan TouzetBump fd limit to erlang +Q default of 65536
2020-05-04  Joan TouzetAuto-build focal, script cleanup
2020-04-30  Joan TouzetAdd focal to distributions
2020-04-29  Joan TouzetAdd automagic `make all` target for CI
2020-04-28  Joan TouzetSupport Ubuntu 20.04; drop erlang-os-mon dep
2020-04-06  Joan Touzetfix(rpm): tag vm.args as config (#67)
2020-03-26  Simon Klassen[snap] smaller snap, improve cluster examples (#64)
2020-03-10  Simon KlassenAdded configure hook 'snap set couchdb admin=[password...
2020-03-02  Joan Touzetfixes for snapcraft
2020-02-27  Joan Touzetbump to couchdb 3.0.0 for travis
2020-02-27  Joan TouzetEnsure correct SM version substitution
2020-02-13  Joan Touzetfix wrongly committed version
2020-02-13  Joan Touzetfix CI package builds for centos
2020-02-13  Joan TouzetSwitch to SM60 for CentOS 8
2020-01-31  Joan TouzetParametrise SM ver for dpkg builds
2020-01-30  Joan Touzet[deb] remove couchup, update references
2020-01-30  Joan TouzetBump Erlang ver dep, drop nodejs dep [deb]
2020-01-28  Joan TouzetRemove python dep for 3.0.0
2020-01-25  Joan Touzetppc64el apparently, not ppc64le (repo, deb
2020-01-16  Joan Touzetdeb: add buster, arch defs to repo def
2019-12-16  Joan Touzetdisable arm on Travis, too slow
2019-12-13  Joan Touzetone more try for xplat travis
2019-12-13  Joan Touzetlintian will no longer break a build; travis fix
2019-12-13  Joan TouzetBUmp Erlang version in .travis.yml
2019-12-13  Joan TouzetRework Travis matrix (for now)
2019-12-13  Will HolleyWhitelist ppc64le in the CouchDB rpm (#59)
2019-10-23  Joan TouzetAdd a couple more documentation links (#58)
2019-10-11  Joan TouzetMinor cleanup for better multiarch support (#57)
2019-10-10  Joan TouzetImprove multi-platform package building (#56)
2019-10-03  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #52 from apache/postrm_remove_databases
2019-10-03  Robert NewsonAdd extra protection to databases during package purge 52/head
2019-10-01  Adrien Vergérpm: Support Fedora 31+ and CentOS 8+ (#55)
2019-09-24  Simon KlassenSnap improvements
2019-08-26  Joan Touzetfix etc/default.d/* ownership (#51)
2019-08-24  Joan TouzetUpdate snap for 2.3.1 + core18 (#50)
2019-08-22  Joan TouzetAdd debian buster, drop debian jessie, lintian fixes...
2019-05-03  Joan TouzetAdd aarch64-debian-stretch platform (#45)
2018-12-21  lag-linaroDetect Arch Support (#40)
2018-12-06  Joan TouzetRefactor pkg build process to not rely on couchdb-ci...
2018-11-30  Rolf NiepraschkModifications for openSUSE support (#36)
2018-11-30  Simon KlassenImprove snap creation (#38)
2018-11-28  Joan Touzet[debian] python2 -> python3
2018-11-02  Simon Klassensnap file rework by @sklassen (#27)
2018-11-02  lag-linarodebian: Relax Erlang dependencies when building Debian...
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetDon't use dh_python, static declare 2x python deps
2018-10-22  Joan TouzetExplicitly depend on both python2 and python3
2018-10-22  Joan TouzetExplicitly depend on both python2 and python3
2018-10-19  Joan TouzetUpdate to Erlang 19.3.6 across the board
2018-10-11  Sébastien Prud... Fix init script exit code #28
2018-08-05  Joan TouzetFix non-armv7l builds
2018-08-04  Joan TouzetSkip symbol check on armv7l
2018-07-16  Adrien Vergérpm: Add missing build requirement libffi-devel
2018-07-16  Adrien Vergérpm: Add missing build requirement perl
2018-06-11  Joan Touzetfix logrotate for deb, change retention policy to 1w...
2018-06-11  Joan Touzet[deb] Fix unattended node name configuration, closes #21
2018-06-11  Joan TouzetFix init.d script, closes #22
2018-06-11  Joan Touzet[deb] Set n=1 on singlenode, closes #15
2018-05-29  Joan TouzetAdd more Makefile alias targets
2018-05-29  Joan Touzetdebian: fix pkg x2
2018-05-29  Joan Touzetrpm: don't fail preun if can't stop epmd
2018-05-28  Joan Touzetdeb: Add bionic repo definition
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetStop removing js pkgs for centos7
2018-05-28  Joan Touzetrpm: remove erlang version pinning
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetRemove shunit2 dependency, add bionic
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetUse our own couch-js/couch-libmozjs185 pkgs