2013-10-04  Jan Lehnardtremove more accidental edits master
2013-10-04  Jan Lehnardtset up couchjs-node with EXTRA_DIST
2013-10-03  Sven Litoremove unused module imports and improved module structure
2013-10-03  Sven Litomove module exports past function decrarations
2013-10-03  Sven Litoapplied formatting for constancy
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtremove user-facing docs from in-src README, point to...
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtremove last extra reference
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtadd sandbox.js
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtadd license headers
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardthandle extras
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtrm license file, we have one in hte top level
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtadd couchjs-node from Jason