2019-06-15  Fred HebertMerge pull request #74 from gomoripeti/trace_fmt_extra_msg main master upstream
2019-06-14  Péter GömöriSupport extra message in traces
2019-05-16  Fred Hebertfix copyright years in docs
2019-05-16  Fred HebertMerge pull request #73 from ferd/various-fixes 2.5.0
2019-05-16  Fred HebertPrepare for next release
2019-05-16  Fred HebertAdd support for OTP-22
2019-05-16  Fred HebertFix bugs in maps and records printing
2019-05-16  Fred HebertRemoving opacity violation in sets printing
2019-05-16  Fred HebertMerge pull request #72 from rabbitmq/add-minimal-mix.exs
2019-05-15  Jean-Sébastien... src/ Remove deprecated `maintainers`...
2019-05-15  Jean-Sébastien... Add minimal `mix.exs`
2019-05-07  Fred HebertMerge pull request #71 from bartekgorny/format_maps
2019-05-07  Bartek Gornyfixed handling of all and none limits
2019-05-06  Bartek Gornyfixed handling functions as patterns; allowed non-atom...
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyapply and list patterns in alphabetical orders; added...
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyconvert pattern to list when saving
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyuse sets module to identify sets
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyno magic values if no pattern matched
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyuse different marker for records
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyfixed and extended documentation
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornylet it crash
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornybugfix
2019-04-16  Bartek Gornyseparate the two functions
2019-03-22  Bartlomiej... use with
2019-03-22  Bartlomiej... improved process management
2019-03-06  Bartlomiej... setting limits for maps, with map type recognition
2019-03-06  Bartlomiej... nicer formatting of sets
2018-12-07  Fred HebertPrepare release 2.4.0 2.4.0
2018-12-07  Fred HebertMerge pull request #69 from bartekgorny/format-records...
2018-12-06  Bartlomiej... fixed bug in filtering record fields for display
2018-10-08  Fred HebertSynchronous recon_rec start
2018-10-08  Fred HebertFix linking mechanism in record formatting
2018-08-30  Bartek Górnyuse OTP_RELEASE to safely switch to lists:join/2
2018-08-21  Bartek Górnyrecurse into maps
2018-08-21  Bartek Górnyfix code layout
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnyswap meanings of 'all' and 'none' in field limits
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnybetter cleanup
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnyuse special formatting only if rec module is activated
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnyadded specs; iolists everywhere; faster filtering with...
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnycache field names
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnyimproved string handling
2018-07-25  Bartek Górnyimplemented some comments
2018-07-21  Bartek GórnyFormatting records according to their definitions
2018-06-29  Fred Hebertupdate copyright year in docs
2018-06-29  Fred HebertMerge pull request #66 from ferd/otp-21-support 2.3.6
2018-06-29  Fred HebertOTP-21 support
2018-06-29  Fred HebertMerge pull request #65 from felixonmars/patch-1
2018-06-29  Fred HebertMerge pull request #64 from zhongwencool/tiny-optimization
2018-06-29  Felix YanFix a typo in recon_alloc.erl
2018-06-29  dengzhongwenReduce one traversal by --
2018-04-22  Fred HebertMerge branch 'zhongwencool-master' 2.3.5
2018-04-22  Fred HebertUpdate README
2018-04-22  zhongwencoolfixed recon:node_stats/4 first incremental value (io...
2017-11-13  Fred HebertBump to 2.3.4 2.3.4
2017-11-13  Fred HebertMerge pull request #62 from olgeni/quoting-fix
2017-11-13  olgeniFix quoting in documentation string.
2017-11-12  Fred HebertBump to 2.3.3 2.3.3
2017-10-11  Fred HebertMerge pull request #60 from paulo-ferraz-oliveira/fix...
2017-09-21  Fred HebertMerge pull request #61 from edennis/term-to-pid-add...
2017-09-21  Erick DennisAdd binary support to recon_lib:term_to_pid/1
2017-09-15  Paulo F. OliveiraDon't throw an exception when erlang:statistics(schedul...
2017-08-31  Fred HebertMerge pull request #59 from getong/update_test_erlang_v...
2017-08-31  getongadd erlang 19, 20 for test
2017-08-22  Fred HebertUpdate License copyright years
2017-06-20  Fred HebertMerge pull request #57 from garazdawi/lukas/allocators_...
2017-06-20  Lukas LarssonFix recon_alloc:allocators(types) R16B compatability
2017-06-20  Lukas LarssonAdd recon_alloc:allocators(types) to view stats across...
2016-10-20  Fred HebertMerge pull request #54 from danilagamma/master
2016-10-20  Danila FediashchinFix `bin_leak/1` `badarith`
2016-08-29  Fred HebertCut 2.3.2 2.3.2
2016-08-29  Fred HebertMerge pull request #51 from ferd/evanmcc-trace-fn
2016-08-29  Fred Hebertpatching up shorthand for return_trace
2016-08-29  Fred HebertMerge branch 'trace-fn' of
2016-08-29  Fred HebertMerge pull request #50 from ferd/fix-pheap
2016-08-29  Fred HebertExtracting sublist_top_n, adding tests
2016-08-29  Fred HebertFix pheap when count > total elements
2016-08-10  Fred HebertMerge pull request #48 from zhongwencool/master
2016-08-09  zhongwencoolorder by the smallest element
2016-08-09  zhongwencool[bug_fix] bin_leak/1 should absolute value rank
2016-08-09  Fred HebertMerge pull request #47 from pichi/master
2016-07-26  Hynek VychodilUse pairing heap for finding top n in a list
2016-07-22  Evan Vigil... add trace helper
2016-07-21  Fred HebertMerge pull request #45 from zhongwencool/master
2016-07-13  zhongwencooloptimize find top n in a list method
2016-05-18  Fred HebertRestoring rebar; needed for CI.
2016-05-18  Fred HebertAllow return_to option in recon_trace calls
2016-04-17  Fred HebertMerge pull request #42 from lucafavatella/ci
2016-04-17  Luca FavatellaBump Travis CI to 18.3
2016-04-17  Luca FavatellaMigrate Travis CI to container-based infrastructure
2016-04-05  Fred HebertBump to 2.3.1 2.3.1
2016-04-05  Fred HebertFix app_deps script to work with rebar3
2016-04-05  Fred Hebertdocs patch up
2016-04-05  Fred HebertFixing docsite script for rebar3
2016-04-04  Fred HebertBumping to 2.3.0 2.3.0
2016-03-12  Fred HebertMerge pull request #40 from grossman/scheduler_usage_di...
2016-03-11  Sean GrossmanAvoid divide by zero in scheduler_usage/1 on lightly...
2016-02-09  Fred HebertMerge pull request #38 from larshesel/master
2016-02-09  Lars Hesel... Correct typo
2015-11-23  Fred HebertMerge pull request #36 from garazdawi/lukas/fix_gc_prin...
2015-11-23  Lukas LarssonFix gc_* trace message information