2015-01-31  Alexander ShorinRemove useless eunit include master
2014-08-21  Paul J. DavisUpdate to use couch_stats windsor-merge
2014-08-19  Paul J. DavisReturn ok for pattern matching in client code
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisReplace twig with couch_log
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisThe couch_log functions are all two-arity
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisRemove vestigal call to margaret
2014-08-07  Adam KocoloskiAllow for timeout message while waiting for sender
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiFix error_limit = 0, and make it the default
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonAdd max_count to state record
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiFix counting bug in buffer
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiConfigure buffer limit by message count
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisSlight style tweaks to rexi_buffer hibernation
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisHibernate rexi_buffer when becoming idle
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisRemoved upgrade statement in rexi:kill/2
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisRevert "Tag all replies to the coordinator"
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisRename governor to buffer
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiDon't block the governor to send a message
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiTry to start per-node servers immediately
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiRemove gov_manager from supervision
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiStart a supervised rexi_governor per node
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiRejigger the governor implementation
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonRemove old code_change, set module version to 1
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisImplement new stream2 API
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisAllow callbacks to update their list of workers
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisExit with timeout instead of returning an atom
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisImplement new streaming APIs
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiUse '$initial_call' instead of initial_call
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiTag all replies to the coordinator
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiHandle rexi-tagged messages
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiStart per-node servers regardless of feature flag
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiUse the unadulterated node name in server name
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiAdd a temporary feature flag for server-per-node
2014-07-23  Paul J. Davis[2/3] Start a rexi_server per remote node
2014-07-23  Paul J. Davis[1/3] Start a rexi_server per remote node
2014-02-12  Robert NewsonChange API to function per level 1843-feature-bigcouch
2014-02-12  Robert NewsonSwitch to couch_log
2014-01-17  Robert NewsonRemove references to margaret
2014-01-17  Robert NewsonBuild with rebar
2014-01-17  Robert NewsonFix up copyright headers
2014-01-17  Paul J. DavisNew build system for rexi
2014-01-17  Paul J. DavisRemove Cloudant build system remnants
2013-02-13  Adam KocoloskiAllow sending to anonymous remote PIDs
2013-02-13  Bob DionneChange startup order in rexi_sup
2013-02-13  Adam KocoloskiAdd custom appup to start governor
2013-02-11  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #7 from cloudant/15608-too-much...
2013-02-11  Adam KocoloskiPull settings from new config app
2013-02-07  Bob DionneManage Excessive amount of spawned pids
2013-01-29  Bob DionneIgnore some files
2013-01-29  Bob DionneWhitespace
2013-01-28  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #6 from cloudant/16883-smaller-send...
2013-01-28  Paul J. DavisReduce stream message limit
2012-07-17  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #4 from cloudant/13311-improve-view...
2012-06-14  Paul J. DavisImplement message stream interface
2012-04-17  Paul J. DavisProvide a rexi:cast that uses erlang:send/2
2012-02-17  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #3 from cloudant/13298-remove-blocki...
2012-02-17  Adam KocoloskiDon't block rexi_server to send a message
2011-10-11  Adam KocoloskiUse a tagged version of twig
2011-10-09  Bob DionneRemove unused variables
2011-10-08  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #2 from cloudant/12713-fail-rexi_DOW...
2011-10-08  Adam KocoloskiRemove an ancient debugging statement
2011-10-08  Adam KocoloskiKeep the DOWN notifications DRY
2011-10-08  Adam KocoloskiFail fast if asked to monitor process on down node
2011-06-27  Adam KocoloskiTrack client pid in ets table
2011-06-27  Adam KocoloskiAdd an index keyed on client reference
2011-03-30  Adam KocoloskiUse 'nosuspend' for all messages to remote nodes
2011-03-29  Adam KocoloskiDo not allow sender to be suspended for any reason
2011-03-10  Adam KocoloskiAlways provide the nonce to the spawned process
2011-03-10  Adam KocoloskiSmall tweak to logging level
2011-03-09  Adam KocoloskiUse twig for logging
2011-02-28  Adam KocoloskiRemove old appup
2011-02-22  Adam KocoloskiUpdate rebar to 2cff499
2011-01-31  Adam KocoloskiIgnore unknown cast messages
2011-01-26  Adam KocoloskiUpdate spec to include accumulator in timeout response
2010-12-21  Robert DionneInclude accumulator in timeout response, BugzID 11432
2010-12-13  Adam KocoloskiFix a minor problem in the README and add a couple...
2010-12-10  Adam KocoloskiInclude the exception class in the #error{}
2010-12-09  Adam KocoloskiMove #error{} definition to rexi.hrl
2010-12-09  Adam KocoloskiMulti-faceted refactor of error logging
2010-12-07  Adam Kocoloskicode_change for new server state
2010-12-07  Adam Kocoloskicorrect specification to allow undefined nonces
2010-12-07  Adam Kocoloskireduce code duplication in doit handler
2010-12-07  Adam Kocoloskikeep init_p/2 around for a smoother upgrade
2010-12-07  Robert Dionnekeep a circular buffer of errors cached in memory
2010-12-03  Adam Kocoloskibundle rebar
2010-12-02  Adam Kocoloskiset version to `git describe` during rebar compile
2010-11-04  Robert Dionnerelax return type of recv
2010-10-27  Adam Kocoloskilog abnormal rexi worker deaths
2010-10-23  Adam Kocoloskib25b5b was sloppy, erlang:send_after/3 does not wrap...
2010-10-22  Adam Kocoloskiuse erlang:send_after/3 instead of timer version
2010-10-20  Adam Kocoloskilet rebar manage the module lists
2010-08-28  Brad Andersonadd back in for apps
2010-08-27  Brad Andersonsplit some rexi utilities out from fabric
2010-08-27  Adam KocoloskiApache 2 license, Cloudant copyright when appropriate
2010-07-15  Adam Kocoloskibah, missed a rename
2010-07-15  Adam Kocoloskikill was looking up the wrong ref(), so it never found...
2010-07-14  Adam Kocoloski5 minute default timeout for sync_reply
2010-07-10  Adam Kocoloskithank you dialyzer
2010-06-17  Adam Kocoloskidemonitor before killing the worker
2010-06-17  Adam Kocoloskiswitch to ets for managing the workers
2010-06-11  Adam Kocoloskiupdate to 1.2 to match dbcore 1.1.x numbering