descriptionApache CouchDB -- Archived
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 31 Jan 2015 16:26:49 +0000 (19:26 +0300)
2015-01-31  Alexander ShorinRemove useless eunit include master
2014-08-21  Paul J. DavisUpdate to use couch_stats windsor-merge
2014-08-19  Paul J. DavisReturn ok for pattern matching in client code
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisReplace twig with couch_log
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisThe couch_log functions are all two-arity
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisRemove vestigal call to margaret
2014-08-07  Adam KocoloskiAllow for timeout message while waiting for sender
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiFix error_limit = 0, and make it the default
2014-07-23  Robert NewsonAdd max_count to state record
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiFix counting bug in buffer
2014-07-23  Adam KocoloskiConfigure buffer limit by message count
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisSlight style tweaks to rexi_buffer hibernation
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisHibernate rexi_buffer when becoming idle
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisRemoved upgrade statement in rexi:kill/2
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisRevert "Tag all replies to the coordinator"
2014-07-23  Paul J. DavisRename governor to buffer
7 years ago master
8 years ago windsor-merge
8 years ago 1843-feature-bigcouch