2017-07-30  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'fix/node-count' of master 1.0.1
2017-07-30  Jan Lehnardtfix: make sure cluster setups do not exceed n=3 by... fix/node-count 14/head
2017-07-16  Joan TouzetMerge branch '593-setup-single-node' of https://github... 1.0.0
2017-07-16  Jan Lehnardtchore: better log output 13/head
2017-07-16  Jan Lehnardtchore: whitespace
2017-07-16  Jan Lehnardtfix typo/compilation error
2017-07-11  Joan Touzetaddress comments from rnewson
2017-07-10  Joan TouzetAdd new enable_single_node action for cluster_setup...
2017-07-10  Joan TouzetAdd support for new ensure_dbs_exist option to GET...
2017-06-03  Jan LehnardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'asf/salt-distribution'
2017-06-03  Jan LehnardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'adrienverge/COUCHDB-3119'
2017-06-03  Guillaume BelroseFixed some minor errors in the documentation.
2017-06-03  Jan LehnardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'robertkowalski/2594-2598...
2017-05-20  Jan Lehnardtfix cluster setup: use same admin pq salt on all nodes salt-distribution 12/head
2016-09-15  Jan Lehnardtfeat: cassim is off for now
2016-09-01  Adrien VergĂ©add_node: Don't fail if node name != "couchdb" or ... 11/head
2015-10-12  Alexander ShorinReturn HTTP 405 for unsupported request method 9/head
2015-10-12  Alexander ShorinReturn HTTP 200 on GET
2015-09-29  ILYA KhlopotovPass supervisor's children to couch_epi 8/head
2015-09-28  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate to new couch_epi API
2015-09-18  Robert Kowalskifix enable_cluster_http for admin-party clusters
2015-09-14  Robert Newsonconfigure the right http interface
2015-07-24  Robert Kowalskifix wording 4/head
2015-07-24  Robert Kowalskiuse config:setineger/3
2015-07-24  Robert Kowalskirequire nodecount on setup
2015-07-21  Robert Newsonadd catch-all clause for url_handler
2015-07-21  Robert NewsonUse dynamic handlers
2015-06-24  Robert Kowalskiuse couch_log instead of io:format
2015-06-24  Robert Kowalskiwhitespace fix
2015-06-24  Robert Kowalskicluster_enable: add remote_node feature
2015-04-18  Alexander ShorinCreate _global_changes database on cluster setup
2015-04-05  Robert Kowalskifix tests
2015-04-04  Alexander ShorinUse _nodes db
2015-02-26  Alexander ShorinRename cassim db to _metadata
2014-12-22  Alexander ShorinFix LICENSE indention
2014-11-25  Robert NewsonRemove error-handling clause
2014-11-25  Robert NewsonR14 compatibility
2014-11-15  Jan Lehnardtshow cluster finished state
2014-11-14  Jan Lehnardthandle GET cluster state
2014-11-13  Jan Lehnardthash admin passwords, more resilient port parsing
2014-11-07  Jan Lehnardtadd testing instructions to readme
2014-11-07  Jan Lehnardtadd license header
2014-11-07  Jan Lehnardts/_cassim/cassim/ for the time being
2014-11-07  Jan Lehnardtadd some more testing
2014-11-07  Jan Lehnardtadd finish cluster routine
2014-11-07  Jan Lehnardtadd simple test script
2014-11-07  Jan Lehnardtwip: full receive feature, setup now works yay
2014-11-06  Jan Lehnardtwip: implement setup handling
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtmroe formatting
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtformatting & clarification
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtformatting
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtremove leftover
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd license
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd action hints
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardthack for storing erlang cookie value on new nodes
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd delete_node API
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd note about skipping a step if the node is already...
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd the plan to readme
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd Apache License stanza everywhere
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd basic action handling
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd http stub
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd ignore
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtadd bootstrap
2014-10-31  Jan Lehnardtmake it so