2022-08-08  RonnyUpdate Erlang/OTP versions and os/dist in Travis (#17) main
2022-06-11  RonnyMerge pull request #16 from apache/big-r81-add-erlang-25 CouchDB-1.0.8
2022-06-11  RonnyAdd Erlang 25 support 16/head
2021-08-21  Nick VatamaniucAdd Erlang 24 support
2021-03-14  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #12 from apache/feat/otp23 13/head CouchDB-1.0.6
2021-03-13  Jan Lehnardtfeat: support Erlang 23 12/head
2019-07-09  Nick VatamaniucTry to make travis builds work 11/head CouchDB-1.0.4 CouchDB-1.0.5
2019-07-09  Nick VatamaniucAdd erlang 22 support 10/head CouchDB-1.0.3
2018-10-16  Paul J. DavisFix memory bug in SnappyNifSink::Append 9/head CouchDB-1.0.2
2018-10-16  Paul J. DavisNormalize capitalization
2018-06-21  Nick VatamaniucBuild with Erlang 21 7/head CouchDB-1.0.1
2017-06-23  Joan TouzetMerge CouchDB-1.0.0
2017-06-23  Gonçalo Tomásadd erlang 20 6/head
2016-07-14  Robert NewsonAllow erlang 19
2016-01-23  NickNorthSupport Windows compilation 5/head
2016-01-22  Alexander ShorinUpdate .travis.yml
2015-11-09  Alexander ShorinFix signed-vs.-unsigned comparison warnings 4/head
2015-11-09  Alexander ShorinUpdate snappy to 1.1.3 release
2015-07-24  Alexander ShorinIntegrate with Travis CI 3/head
2015-07-24  Alexander ShorinStandardize Makefile commands
2015-07-02  Robert Newsonallow erlang 18 builds also
2015-04-03  Alexander ShorinMake with -lstdc++ on BSD systems
2015-02-19  Bryan ChanSupport big-endian builds 2/head
2014-11-20  H. DiedrichExclude ComputeTable from building
2014-11-20  Alexander ShorinUpdate URL for snappy
2014-11-20  Alexander ShorinDrop support of R13
2014-11-19  Alexander ShorinFix Makefile to use system-wide rebar
2014-11-19  Alexander ShorinUpdate snappy to 1.0.5
2014-08-27  Robert Newsonremove binary rebar 1994-merge-rcouch
2014-04-27  Robert Newsonsupport erlang 17.0
2013-03-04  benoitcsupport R16
2012-03-26  benoitcport_envs is depreacted
2011-12-15  benoitchandle erlang R15B
2011-06-19  benoitcupgrade to 1.0.3
2011-05-15  Filipe David... Removed unnecessary release binary call
2011-05-15  Filipe MananaMerge pull request #2 from refuge/refuge
2011-05-15  benoitcremove the use of autotools, doesn't work so well when...
2011-05-02  Filipe David... Added stripped version of google snappy (excluded only...
2011-05-02  Filipe David... Removed all google snappy files
2011-05-02  Filipe David... Eventually catch any exception thrown when instantiatin...
2011-04-16  Filipe David... Added module to .app file
2011-04-16  Filipe David... Missing file rename from previous commit
2011-04-16  Filipe David... Renamed to
2011-04-15  Filipe David... Catch all C++ exceptions to avoid crashing the Erlang VM.
2011-04-08  Filipe David... Fix NIF library initialization on R13B04
2011-04-07  Arne Ehrlichrebar now calls the build script. rebar update.
2011-04-06  Filipe David... Updated .gitignore
2011-04-06  Filipe David... Re-added all snappy source files from snappy-1.0.1...
2011-04-06  Filipe David... Removed all snappy files
2011-04-05  Filipe David... Extracted snappy-1.0.1.tar.gz into c_src/google-snappy/
2011-04-05  Filipe David... Cleanup google-snappy taken from dev svn repository
2011-04-05  Filipe David... Updated license for erl_nif_compat.h
2011-04-03  Filipe David... Simpler exception when the NIF library is not loaded
2011-04-03  Filipe David... Updated to reflect google-snappy version...
2011-04-03  Filipe David... Avoid allocating too little memory and too often
2011-04-03  Filipe David... Updated .gitignore
2011-04-03  Filipe David... Upgraded erl_nif_compat.h
2011-03-27  Filipe David... All functions now accept IoLists as well
2011-03-27  Filipe David... On realloc error, release previously allocated memory
2011-03-27  Filipe David... rebar.config: nowarn_shadow_vars => warn_shadow_vars,
2011-03-26  Filipe David... rebar.config cleanup, much smaller object
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Removed comment code
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Fix bug on decompression
2011-03-26  Filipe David... More markdown fixes
2011-03-26  Filipe David... markdown fixes
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Updated with site info and some performance...
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Updated rebar.config and the Makefile
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Fix cursed copy-paste error
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Added definition for enif_realloc_binary_compat
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Removed compatibility with R13B03 and fixed build on...
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Renamed tests
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Avoid unnecessary memory reallocations
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Avoid double buffering
2011-03-26  Filipe David... Added a few more test assertions
2011-03-25  Filipe David... Initial import