2018-02-07  Adam RutkowskiMerge pull request #79 from tuncer/prepare-1.2.0 upstream v1.2.0
2018-02-07  Tuncer AyazPrepare 1.2.0
2018-02-07  Krzysztof JurewiczMerge remote-tracking branch 'tuncer/remove-obsolete...
2018-02-07  Tuncer AyazRemove unused config/sys.config
2018-02-07  Krzysztof JurewiczMerge remote-tracking branch 'tuncer/remove-obsolete...
2018-02-07  Tuncer AyazRemove obsolete releaser script
2018-02-07  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #60 from KrzysiekJ/benchmarks
2018-02-07  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #75 from nickva/fix-oneof-test-timeout
2018-02-07  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #76 from KrzysiekJ/travis-removal
2018-02-07  Krzysztof JurewiczRemove .travis.yml
2018-02-07  Krzysztof JurewiczAdd a failing benchmark for vector shrinking
2018-02-07  Nick VatamaniucIncrease timeout of oneof test from default 5 sec to...
2018-02-07  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #74 from nickva/reduce-tries-on...
2018-02-06  Nick VatamaniucAvoid timeout in non_empty_list_shrink_test
2018-02-06  Adam RutkowskiMerge pull request #73 from tuncer/migration
2018-02-06  Tuncer AyazPrepare GitLab migration (adjust app file URLs)
2018-02-06  Krzysztof JurewiczMerge remote-tracking branch 'nickva/fix-int-range...
2018-02-06  Nick VatamaniucImprove choose/2 and int/2 generators.
2018-02-03  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #71 from tuncer/clean-docs
2018-02-03  Tuncer Ayazdoc: remove obsolete generated files
2018-02-01  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #70 from tuncer/contributing-index...
2018-02-01  Tuncer Ayazpages: link to index from contributing
2018-02-01  Krzysztof JurewiczMerge remote-tracking branch 'nickva/fix-largeint-type'
2018-02-01  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #69 from tuncer/pages-add-contributi...
2018-02-01  Tuncer AyazAdd contributing guide to gitlab pages
2018-01-31  Nick VatamaniucMake largeint() generate integers
2018-01-31  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #64 from KrzysiekJ/noshrink-refactor
2018-01-29  Krzysztof JurewiczRemove the noshrink field from domain record
2018-01-16  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #63 from tuncer/README-update
2018-01-16  Tuncer AyazREADME: update links and title
2018-01-15  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #62 from KrzysiekJ/noshrink-type-fix
2018-01-15  Krzysztof JurewiczFix type definition of triq_dom:domrec/1
2018-01-12  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #61 from KrzysiekJ/noshrink
2018-01-12  Krzysztof JurewiczAdd noshrink/1
2018-01-08  Krzysztof JurewiczIncrease sample size in consecutive ?SUCHTHAT attempts
2018-01-07  Krzysztof JurewiczMerge remote-tracking branch 'tuncer/pages'
2018-01-07  Tuncer AyazImplement GitLab Pages
2018-01-07  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #58 from KrzysiekJ/compiler-dependency
2018-01-06  Krzysztof JurewiczAdd compiler as a dependency
2018-01-01  Tuncer Ayazgetrebar: update copyright year
2017-11-27  Krzysztof JurewiczMerge remote-tracking branch 'tuncer/fix-dialyzer'
2017-11-27  Tuncer AyazDialyzer: fix contract and potential infinite loop
2017-11-23  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #54 from tuncer/apk-add-make
2017-11-23  Tuncer Ayazgitlab-ci: add make in alpine image
2017-11-23  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #53 from tuncer/rebar3-ci
2017-11-22  Tuncer AyazAdapt CI config to rebar3 migration and rm rebar
2017-11-22  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #52 from tuncer/rebar3
2017-11-22  Tuncer AyazMigrate to rebar3
2017-11-22  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #51 from tuncer/proj-cleanup
2017-11-21  Tuncer Ayazpdict_statem: fix export_all warning
2017-11-21  Tuncer AyazMakefile: remove xref (not needed); use Dialyzer
2017-11-21  Tuncer AyazFix lock_fsm:prop_lock_fsm/0 formatting
2017-11-21  Tuncer AyazRemove unused Vagrant files
2017-11-21  Tuncer AyazMakefile: properties are already tested, remove qc
2017-11-21  Tuncer AyazTHANKS: add Harlan Lieberman-Berg
2017-11-20  Adam RutkowskiMerge pull request #50 from tuncer/fix-dialyzer-errors
2017-11-16  Tuncer AyazDialyzer: fix improper lists
2017-11-16  Tuncer AyazDialyzer: adapt domain() contract to actual use
2017-11-15  Adam RutkowskiMerge pull request #41 from tuncer/ci-dialyze
2017-11-14  Tuncer Ayaztravis-ci: update otp versions
2017-09-28  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #49 from tuncer/gl-ci-fix
2017-09-28  Tuncer Ayazgitlab-ci: no need to repeat image for build jobs
2017-09-28  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #48 from tuncer/gitlab-ci-fix
2017-09-28  Tuncer Ayazgitlab-ci: fix Dialyzer and images
2017-09-22  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #47 from KrzysiekJ/autoexport-fix
2017-09-22  Krzysztof JurewiczAutoexport EUnit property wrappers
2017-09-17  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #46 from tuncer/gl-ci-no-xref
2017-09-17  Tuncer Ayazgitlab-ci: no need to run xref
2017-09-16  Tuncer AyazMerge pull request #45 from tuncer/gl-ci-fix
2017-09-12  Tuncer Ayazgitlab-ci: fix Dialyzer stage
2017-09-08  Krzysztof JurewiczMerge branch 'tuncer-gitlab-separate-dialyze'
2017-09-08  Tuncer Ayazgitlab-ci: dialyze in a separate stage
2017-08-31  Tuncer AyazImprove Travis-CI config
2017-08-31  Krzysztof JurewiczMerge branch 'tuncer-update-ci-badges'
2017-08-31  Tuncer AyazREADME: update CI badges
2017-08-30  Adam RutkowskiMerge pull request #42 from tuncer/README
2017-08-29  Tuncer AyazUpdate and improve README
2017-08-21  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #38 from tuncer/gitlab-ci
2017-08-21  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #39 from triqng/hq1-fix-shrinking...
2017-08-21  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #40 from tuncer/doc-eunit-gen
2017-08-19  Tuncer AyazDocument EUnit integration
2017-08-18  Adam RutkowskiFix stdout reporting of shrinking phase
2017-08-13  Tuncer Ayazgitlab-ci: test with Erlang 20
2017-08-13  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #36 from tuncer/disable-werror
2017-08-11  Tuncer AyazDisable warnings_as_errors
2017-08-07  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #35 from tuncer/dialyzer
2017-08-03  Tuncer AyazDialyzer: delete dead code
2017-07-19  Krzysztof JurewiczFix non-empty list shrinking
2017-07-19  Krzysztof JurewiczApply predicate when shrinking ?SUCHTHAT
2017-07-19  Krzysztof JurewiczSupport singleton ranges in choose/2 generator
2017-07-04  Adam RutkowskiUpdate license
2017-07-04  Adam RutkowskiFix GitLab link 1.0.2
2017-07-04  Adam RutkowskiUpdate package metadata 1.0.1
2017-07-03  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #28 from aerosol/master 1.1
2017-07-03  Adam RutkowskiAdd configurable reporting module
2017-04-10  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #24 from KrzysiekJ/rebar-executable
2017-04-10  Krzysztof JurewiczMake the bundled Rebar binary executable
2017-03-29  Zachary KessinMerge pull request #23 from lemenkov/fix_edoc
2017-03-28  Peter LemenkovSpec matches actual function
2017-03-28  Peter LemenkovFix error while building edocs