2016-05-11  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'apache:add-couch_log_twig-backend' master
2016-05-11  ILYA KhlopotovImplement couch_log behaviour 4/head
2015-09-18  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/unicode'
2015-09-18  Paul J. DavisFix logging of invalid Unicode data 3/head
2015-09-18  Robert NewsonAllow facility override in options 2/head
2015-09-18  Robert NewsonImplement couch_log behaviour 1/head
2014-01-17  Robert NewsonBuild with rebar 1843-feature-bigcouch
2014-01-17  Robert NewsonFix up copyright headers
2014-01-17  Paul J. DavisNew build system for twig
2014-01-17  Paul J. DavisRemove Cloudant build system remnants
2012-07-29  wohaliIgnore eclipse .project file
2011-07-29  Robert Newsoncorrectly handled truncated output.
2011-03-10  Adam KocoloskiFix set_level/1
2011-03-10  Adam KocoloskiFix pattern matching in otp_event_level/2
2011-03-09  Adam KocoloskiAdd Cloudant copyright
2011-03-09  Adam KocoloskiUpdate README regarding truncation
2011-03-09  Adam KocoloskiAdd some alternative level names
2011-03-09  Adam KocoloskiTruncate large messages
2011-03-09  Adam KocoloskiUpdate obsolete function guards
2011-03-09  Adam KocoloskiAdd trunc_io.erl v 1.11 from Matthias Lang
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiSend messages to stdout if syslog host is undefined
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiSet MSGID based on report type, refactor report format
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiFix miscellaneous bugs and refactor message format
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiRecord nonce as MSGID and self() as PROCID
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiAdd README
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiSet default APPID to "twig"
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiSimplify API, always use twig:log
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiAccept either mfa or mfargs in supervisor report
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiReturn a proper response for server initialization
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiFix silly mistake in pattern match
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiReplace keyfind with get_value wrapper
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiExtract value from KV returned y keyfind/3
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiFix bad invocation of lists:keyfind/3
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiFix type of child specification
2011-03-08  Adam KocoloskiInitial commit