21 hours ago  Nick VatamaniucExpose the batched open_doc_revs function variant. main
3 days ago  Nick VatamaniucFix the documentation download links
5 days ago  Nick VatamaniucBump Erlang versions in CI
5 days ago  Jay DoaneFix variable already bound warnings
5 days ago  Ronny BerndtDocument _versions endpoint
5 days ago  Nick VatamaniucExplicitly maintain a fully connected cluster
9 days ago  Nick VatamaniucDon't double-encode changes sequence strings in the...
11 days ago  Nick VatamaniucRemove the long deprecated bigcouch 0.4 change sequence...
11 days ago  Zach Lanktonadd test coverage to prevent junk in eventsource
12 days ago  Nick VatamaniucFix eventsource change feed
13 days ago  Nick VatamaniucStatistically skip _revs_diff in the replicator
2022-09-13  Nick VatamaniucUpgrade to latest Sphinx 5.1.1 and fix the top Edit...
2022-09-10  Nick VatamaniucGive the users the option to disable bulk_get attempts docs-fix-edit-link
2022-09-10  Nick VatamaniucRemove commented out Jenksfile section
2022-09-10  Nick VatamaniucFix docs build instructions
2022-09-10  Nick VatamaniucReformat jenkinsfile groovy
2022-09-09  Nick VatamaniucReplace references to old docs repo
2022-09-09  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #4164 from apache/integrate-docs-2
2022-09-09  Nick VatamaniucUpdate docs file with new repo and paths 4164/head
2022-09-08  Nick VatamaniucIntegrate docs into the main repo
2022-09-08  Nick VatamaniucUpdate pull request jenkinsfile to shortcut building...
2022-09-03  RonnyShow supported hash algorithms at node-local _versions...
2022-09-01  Jay DoaneMaybe return bad_content_type on _session POST
2022-09-01  Jay DoaneFix 'Bound variable in pattern' warnings
2022-09-01  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4160 from apache/bulk_get_input_val...
2022-09-01  Robert Newsonreturn a nice error if non-object passed to _bulk_get 4160/head
2022-08-31  Nick VatamaniucImplement _bulk_get support for the replicator
2022-08-30  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4041 from apache/draft_allow_nested...
2022-08-30  Ronny BerndtAllow and evaluate nested json claim roles in JWT token 4041/head
2022-08-29  Jay DoaneFix variable already bound compiler warnings
2022-08-25  RonnyRefactor hash algorithms test
2022-08-24  RonnyUpgrade hash algorithm for cookie auth (#4140)
2022-08-23  Ronny Berndtfix missing "=" for admin party in #4153
2022-08-23  Ronny Berndtconfig section for require_valid_user is only [chttpd]
2022-08-20  Jay DoaneAddress race in cpse_incref_decref test
2022-08-20  Zach Lanktonmoved the name property to the correct spot.
2022-08-20  Zach Lanktonupdate variable name and readme
2022-08-20  Zach Lanktonupdate devcontainer
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_use_checkpoints_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_small_max_request_size_target
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_selector_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_retain_stats_between_job_runs
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_rate_limiter_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_proxy_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_missing_stubs_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_many_leaves_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_large_atts_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_id_too_long_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_httpc_pool_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_filtered_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_error_reporting_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_create_target_with_options_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_connection_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_compact_tests
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucUpdate couch_replicator_attachments_too_large to use...
2022-08-19  Nick VatamaniucAdd some utility functions to couch_replicator_test_helper
2022-08-17  Ronny BerndtUpdate couchdb-mochiweb to v3.1.0
2022-08-16  Ronny BerndtUpdate couchdb-config to 2.2.0
2022-08-10  Nick VatamaniucFix purge request timeouts
2022-08-08  RonnyFix proxyauth_test and remove it from skipping tests...
2022-07-29  iilyakMerge pull request #4133 from noahshaw11/add-editors...
2022-07-28  Noah ShawAdd editors magic lines 4133/head
2022-07-28  RonnyFix elixir :logger warnings
2022-07-27  Russell BrancaMerge pull request #4135 from apache/dedicated-ioq...
2022-07-26  Russell BrancaAdd ioq:call_search dedicated-ioq-search-function 4135/head
2022-07-25  Russell BrancaMerge pull request #4106 from apache/4101-add-io-priority
2022-07-25  Russell BrancaAdd ioq io_priority functions and system class 4101-add-io-priority 4106/head
2022-07-25  Sean HudgstonAdd io_priority classes
2022-07-25  iilyakMerge pull request #4033 from noahshaw11/implement...
2022-07-22  ncshawImplement view_report function 4033/head
2022-07-22  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4128 from apache/revert-4094-for-now
2022-07-22  Robert NewsonRevert "Replace SHA-1 with SHA-256 for cookie authentic... 4128/head
2022-07-21  iilyakMerge pull request #4125 from jiahuili430/couch-tests
2022-07-21  jiahuiliRemove `couch_tests` 4125/head
2022-07-21  Nick VatamaniucReturn a 400 response for a single new_edits=false...
2022-07-20  Nick VatamaniucTurn document update mode atoms into defines
2022-07-20  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4123 from apache/dev-run-fix-haprox...
2022-07-20  Robert Newsonmake haproxy config valid again 4123/head
2022-07-20  ncshawFix stats endpoint
2022-07-19  jiahuiliFix the flaky tests for `create_doc()`
2022-07-18  jiahuiliUpdate application description and dependencies
2022-07-18  jiahuiliUpdate elixir to 1.13
2022-07-18  RonnyTrim X-Auth-CouchDB-Roles header after reading
2022-07-18  RonnyReplace SHA-1 with SHA-256 for cookie authentication...
2022-07-18  Noah ShawAdd toggle for smoosh queue persistence
2022-07-15  Noah ShawFix not_found error smoosh
2022-07-14  Noah ShawFix not calling is_compacting test
2022-07-14  Noah ShawRemove view compaction jobs recovery
2022-07-14  Nick VatamaniucClean up unused code and invalid spec from replicator
2022-07-13  Nick VatamaniucRemove some left-over local endpoint clauses in replicator
2022-07-13  Noah ShawAdd filepath to is_compacting
2022-07-11  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #4093 from noahshaw11/fix-error...
2022-07-11  Noah ShawImprove error handling in smoosh_utils:write_to_file/3 4093/head
2022-07-10  Nick VatamaniucSkip nightly package uploads since nothing seems to...
2022-07-09  Nick VatamaniucSkip uploading build logs for now
2022-07-08  Nick VatamaniucFix flaky "validate doc update" elixir test
2022-07-08  Nick VatamaniucImplement winning_revs_only option for the replicator
2022-07-06  Nick VatamaniucOptimize couch_util:to_hex/1
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucAdd an option to let custodian always use [cluster...
2022-07-05  Nick VatamaniucAdd Erlang 25 to PR CI pipeline and Ubuntu Jammy to...