11 days ago  Hugo HirschAdd note about combined rel notes asf-site
11 days ago  Hugo HirschAdd combined release notes
11 days ago  Hugo HirschAdd combined release notes
11 days ago  Hugo HirschRemove double linked RAT subpage
11 days ago  Hugo HirschAdd release notes for 0.15
11 days ago  Hugo HirschWebpage released from release branch of RAT 0.15
11 days ago  Hugo HirschPrepare new release 0.15, safe 0.14, rm 0.13
11 days ago  Hugo HirschBugfix layout
11 days ago  Hugo HirschPrepare page to link to new r0.15
2022-08-31  Hugo HirschPrepare new release notes
2022-08-31  Hugo HirschRestore 0.14 release
2022-08-31  Hugo HirschAdd note about upcoming 0.15
2022-08-31  Hugo HirschRAT-306: Add note about how to prevent 404 during releases
2022-06-23  P. OttlingerRAT-306: Temporarily create release notes file for...
2022-06-12  Hugo HirschRename menu item
2022-06-12  Hugo HirschUpdate link to r0.14 from homepage
2022-06-12  Hugo HirschPromote r0.14 page
2022-06-12  Hugo HirschArchive r0.13 page
2022-06-12  Hugo HirschCheck if download works with xmllinted download page
2022-06-12  Hugo HirschImprove download page for 0.14
2022-06-12  Hugo HirschFix download page for Release 0.14
2022-06-12  Hugo HirschPrepare info about upcoming RAT0.14 release in case...
2022-05-31  Hugo HirschINFRA-23311: Remove dead conference links
2022-05-29  Hugo HirschLink to preview version of RAT014
2022-05-29  Hugo HirschPush new preview version of RAT 0.14
2022-05-29  Hugo HirschUpdate howto
2022-05-29  Hugo HirschAdd preview page of rat
2022-05-29  Hugo HirschAdd link to staged 0.14
2022-05-29  Hugo HirschINFRA-23311: Updated link to ApacheCon page; na yields...
2022-05-29  Hugo HirschRelativize links in order to allow a local development
2022-05-28  Hugo HirschAllow local viewing of page via docker
2022-05-18  Hugo HirschFix year in footer
2022-01-08  Hugo HirschRAT-290: Fix docs about how to generate new page for RAT
2022-01-08  Hugo HirschRAT-290: Update docs about new way to stage the site
2021-07-27  P. OttlingerRAT-287: Fix typo in link to asf.yaml
2021-07-27  Hugo HirschRAT-287: Link 0.13 to complete release notes
2021-07-27  Hugo HirschRAT-287: Make 0.13 available in release notes
2021-07-27  Hugo HirschRAT-287: Add readme
2021-07-27  Hugo HirschRAT-287: Add yaml
2021-07-27  Hugo HirschUpdate changelog
2021-05-18  Hugo HirschWHISKER-19: Republish site
2021-01-20  Hugo HirschUpdate to new year
2020-08-19  Hugo HirschUpdate changelog to contain 0.13 as well
2020-08-19  Hugo HirschRAT-271: LHF fix typo
2020-08-19  Hugo HirschRAT-271: Fix link for quick checkout/clone
2019-05-30  Hugo HirschUpdate download page to use 0.13
2019-05-30  Hugo HirschFix footer year
2018-12-16  Hugo HirschINFRA-17453: Verify move to Gitbox
2018-11-28  Phil OttlingerFix download page as it remains in the sub directory
2018-11-27  Phil OttlingerAdapt download page to not link to MD5 and SHA1
2018-11-15  Phil OttlingerChange download page to point to SHA512 checksums inste...
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd base directory without download scripts
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd apache-rat-tasks subdir
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd apache-rat-core subdir
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd apache-rat-api subdir
2018-11-05  Phil OttlingerAdd apache-rat subdir.
2018-10-20  Phil OttlingerFix last http link
2018-10-13  Phil OttlingerAnnounce pre-RC0.13 in staging state
2018-04-28  Phil OttlingerAdd logo of ApacheCon
2018-04-10  Phil OttlingerMinor update of site
2018-04-09  Phil OttlingerFix copyright in footer.
2017-10-07  Phil OttlingerRAT-240: Update release notes while working on RAT
2016-11-21  Phil OttlingerRAT-222: Copy generated page to subdir rat
2016-11-21  Phil OttlingerRAT-222: Use generated download.html
2016-11-21  Phil OttlingerRAT-222: Fix generated site to link to 0.12
2016-11-20  Phil OttlingerRAT-224: Fixing the webpage directly
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerFix order of releases in history
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerFix broken link to ApacheCon
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerFixing RAT webpage - broken 0.12 is 0.13-SNAPSHOT now.
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerAdd release history section, add more SSL.
2016-09-10  Phil OttlingerFix broken markup/introduce SSL
2016-09-10  khmarbaiseTrigger site publishing.
2016-09-10  khmarbaiseRemoved RAT parts from root level.
2016-09-09  khmarbaiseUpgraded site remove apache-rat on root level
2016-09-09  khmarbaiseRemoved Apache RAT from root level.
2016-09-09  khmarbaiseTested a small change.
2016-09-09  khmarbaiseUpdated the whole site.
2016-09-09  Phil OttlingerInit with current RAT docs.