CXF-8712: One-off issue with retries (fixing the test cases)
[cxf.git] / distribution / src / main / release / samples / wsdl_first_https / README.txt
2013-01-04  Colm O HeigeartaighMinor sample cleanup
2012-08-02  Glen MazzaRemoved disableCNCheck from wsdl_first_https Spring...
2012-03-22  Glen MazzaClean up of wsdl_first_https sample.
2011-09-21  Glen MazzaRemoved Ant build options from remaining 7 Mavenized...
2011-07-08  Glen MazzaMinor nitpicks fixed
2011-07-07  Freeman Yue Fang[CXF-3637]wsdl_first_https README.txt isn't correct
2009-09-11  J. Daniel Kulp[CXF-2430] Patch from Eamonn Dwyer applied
2008-07-29  Sean O'CallaghanEnabled demo to be built and run using maven.
2008-04-23  J. Daniel Kulp[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-2.1