30 hours ago  Andriy Redko CXF-8712: One-off issue with retries (fixing the test... main
34 hours ago  Konrad WindszusCXF-8712 One-off issue with retries (#954)
39 hours ago  Colm O hEigeartaighFixing some PMD/checkstyle issues
40 hours ago  Arthur ChenMake opaque access token generation extensible (#989)
2 days ago  Andriy RedkoRemoved unused Swagger resources
2 days ago  Andriy RedkoCXF-8714: Migration path for Swagger v1.x
2 days ago  Jim Ma[CXF-8766]:Remove osgi and karaf
3 days ago  Andriy RedkoUpdate Swagger to 2.2.3 osgi-pre-removal-v4.0
3 days ago  Colm O hEigeartaighRevert "Fix ws-discovery-api test on MacOS on M1"
3 days ago  Andriy RedkoFixed
5 days ago  Andriy RedkoFixing DigestAuthSupplierSpringTest test case
5 days ago  Andriy RedkoUpdate JUnit 5 to 5.9.1
5 days ago  Andriy RedkoFixed resource folder location (cxf-rt-rs-http-sci)
6 days ago  Andriy RedkoFixed javax.servlet.ServletContainerInitializer by...
7 days ago  Andriy RedkoUpdate Spring Boot to 3.0.0-M5 and Micrometer to 1...
8 days ago  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating Jettison to 1.5.1
11 days ago  Andriy RedkoUpdate Spring Framework to 6.0.0-M6
11 days ago  Andriy RedkoUpdate Spring Security to 6.0.0-M7
12 days ago  Andriy RedkoCXF-8698: Content-ID of attachments for outgoing reques...
12 days ago  Andriy RedkoUpdate Jetty to 11.0.12
13 days ago  Andriy RedkoUpdate Project Reactor to 3.5.0-M6
13 days ago  Andriy RedkoUpdate Netty to 4.1.82.Final
2022-09-14  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating Snakeyaml to 1.32
2022-09-09  Andriy RedkoUpdate Netty to 4.1.81.Final
2022-09-08  Andriy RedkoUpdate Mockito to 4.8.0
2022-09-08  Andriy RedkoUpdate Hibernate to 6.1.3.Final
2022-09-07  Colm O hEigeartaighRemoving Xalan
2022-09-06  Andriy RedkoUpdate Snakeyaml to 1.31
2022-09-06  Andriy RedkoUpdate Jackson Databind to 2.13.4
2022-09-06  Andriy RedkoUpdate maven-pmd-plugin to 3.19.0
2022-09-06  Andriy RedkoUpdate Jackson to 2.13.4
2022-09-05  Andriy RedkoDowngrade maven-pmd-plugin to 3.17.0 (https://github...
2022-09-04  Andriy RedkoUpdate maven-checkstyle-plugin to 3.2.0
2022-09-04  Andriy RedkoUpdate maven-pmd-plugin to 3.18.0
2022-09-03  Andriy RedkoCXF-8756: Update to Swagger UI 4.14.0 (#995)
2022-09-02  Andriy RedkoAdded test case for HTTPConduit's 'http.redirect.allowe...
2022-08-31  Andriy RedkoUpdate Netty to 4.1.80.Final
2022-08-30  ypielfeat(CXF-8752): list of redirectable verbs configurable...
2022-08-27  Andriy RedkoDowngraded Micrometer to 1.10.0-M3 (1.10.0-M4 is not...
2022-08-27  Andriy RedkoFixing Jetty HTTP server connection factories initializ...
2022-08-26  Andriy RedkoUpdate Brave to 5.13.11
2022-08-25  Andriy RedkoUpdate Atmosphere to 3.0.0
2022-08-25  Andriy RedkoUpdate Mockito to 4.7.0
2022-08-23  Aleksy WróblewskiCXF-8710: automatically set queryConfigEnabled in Swagg...
2022-08-22  Arthur Chenuse getter in case of overwritten from child class...
2022-08-18  dependabot... Bump undertow-core from 2.2.18.Final to 2.2.19.Final...
2022-08-18  Andriy RedkoAttempt to fix flaky JaxRsServiceTest tests (CXF-8750...
2022-08-18  Andriy RedkoAttempt to fix flaky JaxRsServiceTest tests (CXF-8750...
2022-08-18  Andriy RedkoRefactored JaxRsServiceTest to use single WebTarget...
2022-08-18  Aleksy WróblewskiCXF-8750: only add trailing slash if necessary when...
2022-08-16  Jim Ma[CXF-8749]:Existing handler file fails the compile...
2022-08-14  Andriy RedkoUpdate maven-javadoc-plugin to 3.4.1
2022-08-14  Andriy RedkoUpdate maven-project-info-reports-plugin to 3.4.1
2022-08-14  Andriy RedkoCXF-8732: [regression] activation DataSource requires...
2022-08-10  Andriy RedkoUpdate Project Reactor to 3.5.0-M5
2022-08-10  Andriy RedkoUpdate Micrometer to 1.10.0-M4
2022-08-05  Andriy RedkoUpdate Hibernate Validator to 7.0.5.Final
2022-08-04  Andriy RedkoUpdate Dropwizard Metrics to 4.2.11
2022-08-04  Andriy RedkoUpdate Hibernate to 6.1.2.Final
2022-08-03  Andriy RedkoFixing org.apache.cxf.systest.http2_jetty.JettyClientSe...
2022-08-01  Andriy RedkoCXF-8744: Get rid of httpunit (#973)
2022-07-27  Andriy RedkoUpdate JUnit5 to 5.9.0
2022-07-26  Andriy RedkoUpdate maven-install-plugin to 3.0.1
2022-07-25  Andriy RedkoUpdate Tomcat to 10.0.22
2022-07-24  Andriy RedkoUpdate maven-deploy-plugin to 3.0.0
2022-07-24  Andriy RedkoUpdate Spring Security to 6.0.0-M6
2022-07-24  Andriy RedkoUpdate Spring Boot to 3.0.0-M4
2022-07-24  fizzet[CXF-8738] fix check for queryConfigEnabled (#972)
2022-07-20  Colm O hEigeartaighPicking up more changes from WSS4J
2022-07-19  Colm O hEigeartaighPicking up latest WSS4J changes
2022-07-17  Andriy RedkoUpdate Jaeger Java Client to 1.8.1
2022-07-16  Andriy RedkoUpdate Project Reactor to 3.5.0-M4
2022-07-15  Andriy RedkoCXF-8733: [regression] Content-ID of attachments for...
2022-07-14  Andriy RedkoUpdate Spring Framework to 6.0.0-M5
2022-07-12  Andriy RedkoUpdate Netty to 4.1.79.Final
2022-07-12  Andriy RedkoUpdate TestNG to 7.6.1
2022-07-12  Andriy RedkoUpdate Micrometer to 1.10.0-M3
2022-07-11  Andriy RedkoFixing org.apache.cxf.systest.mtom.ClientMtomXopWithJMS...
2022-07-10  Andriy RedkoSwitching from com.sun.activation/jakarta.activation...
2022-07-08  Andriy RedkoCXF-8736: Migration path for OpenJPA (#969)
2022-07-07  Andriy RedkoFixing cxf-systests-ws-specs tests
2022-07-07  Andriy RedkoCXF-8735: AbstractStaticFailoverStrategy: UnsupportedOp...
2022-07-07  Colm O hEigeartaighRemoving calls to WSSecurityUtil.generateNonce
2022-07-06  Andriy RedkoFixing cxf-rt-rs-extension-search test cases
2022-07-06  Andriy RedkoFixing Undertow SSE test failures caused by [UNDERTOW...
2022-07-05  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating Jenkins files to use main instead of master
2022-07-05  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating codeql to use main instead of master
2022-07-05  Andriy RedkoUpdate Undertow to 2.2.18.Final
2022-07-04  Andriy RedkoUpdate Narayana to 5.12.7.Final
2022-07-03  Andriy RedkoUpdate Hibernate to 6.1.1.Final
2022-07-02  Alexey Markevichupdate plexus-utils to 3.4.2
2022-06-30  Andriy RedkoCXF-8730: Fix org.apache.cxf.osgi.itests.jaxrs.JaxRsSer...
2022-06-29  Andriy RedkoUpdate maven-enforcer-plugin to 3.1.0
2022-06-29  Andriy RedkoUpdate Zipkin Brave to 5.13.10
2022-06-27  dependabot... Bump actions/setup-java from 2 to 3 (#966)
2022-06-26  Andriy RedkoCXF-8725: Allow RetryStrategy to optionally not retry...
2022-06-26  Andriy RedkoCXF-8725: Allow RetryStrategy to optionally not retry...
2022-06-26  Konrad WindszusCXF-8725: Optionally don't set (#964)
2022-06-26  Andriy RedkoUpdating javadoc pom.xml with 'javax' profile
2022-06-23  Andriy RedkoUpdate Netty to 4.1.78.Final