31 hours ago  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #307 from apache/fix_theta_nb master
31 hours ago  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #298 from apache/engagement-test
3 days ago  Jonupdate theta jupyter notebook to reflect current API 307/head
4 days ago  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #305 from apache/update_build_wheels
4 days ago  charliedre-included the policy tests and removed from add_execu... 298/head
4 days ago  charliedChanges made as per review.
4 days ago  Jon MalkinFix variable names update_build_wheels 305/head
4 days ago  Jon Malkinset cmake osx build architecture
4 days ago  Jon MalkinUpdate build_wheels.yml
4 days ago  Jon MalkinTry to fix Apple Silicon build
2022-09-13  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #303 from apache/serialization_fix
2022-09-13  AlexanderSaydakovfixed problem introduced by #301 303/head
2022-09-01  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #302 from apache/no_class_level_serde
2022-09-01  AlexanderSaydakovremoved unnecessary parameters 302/head
2022-08-30  AlexanderSaydakovremoved serde from class template
2022-08-30  AlexanderSaydakovremoved serde from class template
2022-08-29  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #301 from apache/empty_entries
2022-08-29  Jonavoid needless call to memcpy with an empty entries_... 301/head
2022-08-18  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #299 from why520it/why520it-patch-1
2022-08-17  why520itUpdate reverse_purge_hash_map copy constructor 299/head
2022-08-16  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #297 from jmalkin/python_serde
2022-08-16  Jon Malkinaddress review comments 297/head
2022-08-10  cdickensRemoved comments and added basic docstrings
2022-08-10  cdickensAdded the engagement tests from java, updated with...
2022-07-28  Jonavoid copying data to gap, just use std::swap
2022-07-28  Jonadd <string> header
2022-07-28  JonAvoid moving item when &src == &dst to fix python issue...
2022-07-26  Jonmaybe add improved error handling?
2022-07-26  JonConsistent naming for serde classes, add serialization...
2022-07-26  JonMostly-ready serializaiton support for sketches of...
2022-07-21  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #295 from apache/catch_cmake
2022-07-21  Jon MalkinRemove commented-out line 295/head
2022-07-19  JonRemove catch.hpp and download pinned release verison...
2022-07-14  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #292 from apache/simplify_wheel
2022-07-14  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #293 from jamie256/dev/jamie/windows_ci
2022-07-14  AlexanderSaydakovnext development version
2022-07-14  Jamie Broomallremove pip as a build-system dependency in pyproject... 293/head
2022-07-13  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #289 from c-dickens/master
2022-07-12  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #291 from dyf6372/master
2022-07-11  Jonreduce installed packages in CI job 292/head
2022-07-11  Jonupdate to remove inclusion of pybind11...
2022-07-11  Jonremove unnecessary components from python wheel
2022-07-08  cdickensMerge branch 'master' of 289/head
2022-07-08  c-dickensMerge branch 'apache:master' into master
2022-07-08  cdickensAdded alex'a feedback
2022-07-08  cdickensUpdated impl following Alex's comment
2022-07-07  dongyifengfix comparison bug since type uint8_t is always non... 291/head
2022-06-30  cdickensAdded the extra lower bound functions and test
2022-06-30  cdickensAdded the extra lower bound functions and test
2022-06-17  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #288 from apache/cpc_check_pseudo_phase
2022-06-16  AlexanderSaydakovcheck pseudo phase 288/head
2022-06-13  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #284 from apache/req_converting_cons...
2022-06-13  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #285 from apache/kll_converting_cons...
2022-06-13  AlexanderSaydakovcustom type conversion test 284/head
2022-06-07  AlexanderSaydakovsimplified type converting constructor 285/head
2022-06-07  AlexanderSaydakovtype converting copy constructor
2022-06-03  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #283 from apache/kll_converting_cons...
2022-06-03  AlexanderSaydakovadded missing serde parameter 283/head
2022-06-03  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #282 from apache/quantiles_patch
2022-06-03  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #281 from apache/kll_converting_cons...
2022-06-03  Jon Malkinfixes for type converting constructor, align documentat... 282/head
2022-06-03  AlexanderSaydakovcheck for corruption 281/head
2022-06-03  AlexanderSaydakovfixed typo
2022-06-03  AlexanderSaydakovconverting constructor
2022-05-20  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #280 from apache/notice_update
2022-05-20  Jon MalkinUpdate NOTICE 280/head
2022-05-20  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #279 from apache/docs
2022-05-19  Jon Malkinupdate NOTICE to align with java. a bunch of documentat...
2022-05-17  Jontry to improve python readme 279/head
2022-05-14  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #278 from apache/quantile_type_conve...
2022-05-14  Jon Malkinmore consts! 278/head
2022-05-13  Jon Malkinone more const
2022-05-13  Jon Malkinadd const
2022-05-13  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #277 from apache/cmake_fix
2022-05-13  Jonreproduce cmake fixes from 3.4.x branch 277/head
2022-05-13  Jonadd allocator_type and get_allocator()
2022-05-13  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #276 from apache/kll_cleanup
2022-05-12  Jonsimplify constructor logic slightly
2022-05-12  Jonadd type-converting copy constructor to quantiles sketch
2022-05-12  AlexanderSaydakovtypo fix 276/head
2022-05-12  AlexanderSaydakovbetter practice
2022-05-10  Joncmake still doesn't like suffixes
2022-05-10  JonRelease process: bump dev versions to 3.5.0.dev0
2022-05-10  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #275 from apache/ks_python
2022-05-09  Jonadd ::value_type and ::comparator to REQ for consistenc... 275/head
2022-05-09  JonAdd KS Test to python, updating docs where appropriate
2022-05-09  Alexander SaydakovMerge pull request #274 from apache/common_kolmogorov_s...
2022-05-07  AlexanderSaydakovhigher resolution 274/head
2022-05-06  AlexanderSaydakovcommon Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, some minor fixes
2022-05-06  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #273 from apache/sorted_view
2022-05-06  Jon Malkinadd sanity check on item counts in deserialization... 273/head
2022-05-06  Jonmove quantiles and req from quantile_calculator to...
2022-05-05  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #271 from apache/quantiles
2022-05-05  Jon MalkinMerge branch 'master' into quantiles 271/head
2022-05-05  Jonimprove language around the inclusive flag
2022-05-05  Jontest get_quantile with and without inclusive
2022-05-05  Jonremove asserts, mostly replacing with std::logic_error
2022-05-05  Jonchanges based on review comments aside from asserts
2022-05-04  Jon MalkinMerge pull request #272 from apache/fix_wheels
2022-05-04  Jon Malkinspecify Python3 rather than Python in MSVC-specific... 272/head