2016-02-26  HenAttic banner added to the top of all html files master
2013-10-18  mariosAdds profitbricks documentation output (nanoc)
2013-10-18  Dominik SanderAdded profitbricks documentation
2013-10-02  Dominik SanderAdds profitbricks driver
2013-07-17  Dies Koperfixed version number in DOAP file
2013-07-17  Dies KoperAdded categories and CIMI standard to DOAP file
2013-07-16  Dies KoperCIMI: allow 202 from system creation & machine deletion
2013-07-16  Dies KoperCIMI: aligned to MachineCreate example in spec the...
2013-07-16  Dies KoperCIMI: take entity start/stop/import/etc. action url...
2013-07-16  mariosSite - update links for community call #21
2013-07-16  mariosAdding Deltacloud doap file -
2013-07-15  Dies KoperCIMI: add dealing with 202 return code from system...
2013-07-15  Dies KoperCIMI: added memory unit (KiB) and use consistent naming
2013-07-15  Dies KoperFGCP: add descriptions to machine templates in system...
2013-07-15  Dies KoperCIMI: made id optional in client UI helper method
2013-07-15  Dies KoperCIMI: add system and templates to client UI
2013-07-15  Dies KoperCIMI: use id instead of name in urls in client UI
2013-07-15  Dies KoperCIMI: added/changed conditionals to only show machine...
2013-07-15  Dies KoperCIMI: fix typo (Credential->Machine) in client UI machine
2013-07-09  Dies KoperCIMI: fix test failure due to sequel/sqlite error type...
2013-07-08  Dies KoperCIMI: added resource metadata to client UI
2013-07-05  Dies KoperCIMI: changed CEP hrefs to use client's paths
2013-07-04  Dies KoperCIMI: added test to ensure spec order of CEP elements
2013-07-03  Dies KoperCIMI: replaced machine admin with credential
2013-07-03  Dies KoperCIMI: removed redundant password and key declarations
2013-07-03  Dies KoperCIMI: don't render Create views in client UI if no...
2013-07-03  Dies KoperCIMI: take entity collection url from CEP
2013-07-03  mariosCIMI: added block to ensure config collection urls...
2013-07-03  Dies KoperCIMI: changed CEP key names and order to match spec
2013-07-02  Dies KoperFGCP: fix state value in test
2013-07-01  Michal FojtikMock: Raise NotFound when instance does not exists...
2013-07-01  Michal FojtikMock: Fixed wrong count of instances in tests
2013-07-01  Dies KoperCIMI: Changed assertion in machine test to unequality
2013-07-01  Dies KoperCIMI: update copyright year in client UI
2013-07-01  Dies KoperCIMI: pass http_proxy env to client UI's RestClient
2013-07-01  Dies KoperCIMI: remove collections that are not part of CIMI...
2013-06-28  mariosEC2 driver - Fix for determining instance_actions on...
2013-06-28  mariosEC2 driver - modify instance actions depending on trans...
2013-06-28  David EllingerAdded note
2013-06-28  David EllingerCleaned up code
2013-06-28  David EllingerModified 'stop_instance' method to check if instance...
2013-06-28  David EllingerFixed formatting
2013-06-28  David EllingerFixed instance state conversion. Tested EBS instance...
2013-06-28  David EllingerAdded start functionality to stopped EC2 instances
2013-06-28  David EllingerAdded 'stop' functionality to ec2 driver
2013-06-26  Dies KoperCIMI: Use #collection_class_for helper for all collecti...
2013-06-21  Michal FojtikCIMI: Added #collection_class_for helper to CIMI client
2013-06-21  Michal FojtikCIMI: Fixed dependencies loading from CIMI client
2013-06-20  Dies Kopercd to path in batch files
2013-06-18  Michal FojtikCIMI: Added 'after_initialize' plugin for Sequel (DTACL...
2013-06-12  mariosUpdate deltacloud-core gemspec for newest aws rubygem
2013-06-06  Dies KoperTests: added assertion to mock image test for 'CreateIm...
2013-06-05  mariosFix failing travis builds - also DTACLOUD-562
2013-06-04  Michal FojtikClient: Lock the 'minitest' gem version to '<5.0' becau...
2013-06-04  Dies KoperCIMI Systems: fixed id not being set for SystemSystemCo...
2013-06-04  Dies KoperCIMI client: fix typo fcgp->fgcp
2013-06-03  Dies KoperCIMI: expose import and export of systems and system...
2013-06-03  Dies KoperCIMI: map cimi networks and forwarding groups to Deltacloud
2013-05-27  Michal FojtikCore: Fixed dependencies for deltacloud-db-upgrade
2013-05-27  Michal FojtikCore: Added 'generate:gemspec' rake task
2013-05-27  Michal FojtikCore: Removed OrderedHash core_ext (obsoleted in MRI1.9)
2013-05-27  Michal FojtikCore: Refactor how we load dependencies
2013-05-24  Dies KoperCIMI: added CIMI::Model constant to fix DTACLOUD-560
2013-05-24  Dies KoperFGCP: Network API rev 3 - FGCP Driver implementation
2013-05-24  Dies KoperUI: don't expose actions that the driver does not support
2013-05-24  Dies KoperTests: correct number of instances owned by 'mockuser'
2013-05-24  Dies KoperTests: add 'network_interfaces' to expected attributes...
2013-05-24  Dies KoperTests: fix minor typos in readme.
2013-05-24  Dies KoperTests: skip tests on Windows that rely on fork() as...
2013-05-24  Dies KoperFGCP: read FGCP_CERT_DIR env var in method instead...
2013-05-24  Dies KoperTests: hard-code minitest < 5.0.0 until 5.0.0 compatibi...
2013-05-24  mariosCIMI Systems: fix for DTACLOUD-559 - id was not set...
2013-05-21  Michal FojtikFix empty network_interfaces in Mock#destroy_instance
2013-05-17  Dies KoperCIMI: add unit tests for system machines and volumes
2013-05-02  Joe VLcekSite: Add description of git pull request workflow
2013-04-30  Joe VLcekCIMI - Remove credentialTemplates from CEP COLLECTIONS.
2013-04-30  Joe VLcekChanges needed to adapt to using a hash to contain...
2013-04-30  Joe VLcekCIMI - Add support for $expand on cloudEntryPoint
2013-04-29  Michal FojtikFixed MRI 1.9.3p194 issues
2013-04-29  Michal FojtikCore: Deltacloud::Library must require models/drivers...
2013-04-29  Michal FojtikCIMI: Fixed minor test failures
2013-04-29  Michal FojtikCore: Added initializer to preload all drivers
2013-04-26  mariosSite - update links for community call #20
2013-04-26  Tomas SedovicJSON support for network_interface model
2013-04-26  Tomas SedovicFix Network and Subnet create routes for JSON
2013-04-26  Tomas SedovicAdd JSON responses to Network and Subnet models
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - EC2 Driver implementation
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - RHEV-M Driver implementation
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - OpenStack Driver implementation
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Mock Driver fixtures (yaml)
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Mock Driver implementation
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Updated Instance Views (haml)
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Subnet Views (haml)
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Network Views (haml)
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - NetworkInterface Views (haml)
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Models (Network, Subnet, NetworkInt...
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Collection helpers (passing context...
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Subnet Collection (routes)
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - Network Collection (routes)
2013-04-26  mariosNetwork API rev 3 - NetworkInterface Collection (routes)