2010-10-25  Kiran Ayyagario sample app to demonstrate how to embed the directory... master trunk trunk
2010-10-20  Kiran Ayyagario an example for setting up embedded DirectoryService...
2010-07-29  Kiran Ayyagario upgraded the webapp to 1.5.8-SNAPSHOT
2010-01-15  Felix KnechtBump to latest skin
2009-11-15  Stefan SeelmannAdded demonstration of Netscape API
2009-11-12  Stefan Seelmanno Update artifact name and urls
2009-11-12  Stefan SeelmannRename
2009-11-12  Stefan SeelmannUpdated pom (correct packaging), updated metadata
2009-11-12  Stefan SeelmannRename
2009-11-12  Stefan SeelmannUpdated testcase archetype for ApacheDS 1.5.5, added...
2009-11-11  Stefan SeelmannCopy of testcase archetype for ApacheDS 1.5.5
2009-10-31  Felix KnechtFix locations, as documentation is now deployed on...
2009-03-31  Felix KnechtUse released skin
2009-03-16  Felix KnechtReflect skin artifact renaming
2009-02-28  Felix KnechtSnapshots can now be deploy by ASF CI, thus 'remove me'
2009-02-25  Felix KnechtMissed one ...
2009-02-14  Felix KnechtReplace url by property
2009-02-14  Felix KnechtAdd customized skin for site generation
2008-10-21  Felix KnechtAdd more information
2008-10-21  Felix KnechtUpdate docs
2008-10-20  Felix KnechtFix deployment path
2008-10-20  Felix KnechtFox c&p
2008-10-20  Felix KnechtAdd distribution definitions
2008-10-20  Felix KnechtFix scm urls
2008-10-20  Felix KnechtMoving from sandbox to samples
2008-10-20  Felix KnechtInitial