descriptionApache Doris is an easy-to-use, high performance and unified analytics database.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 2 Oct 2022 07:11:48 +0000 (15:11 +0800)
2 hours ago  Ashin Gau[feature-wip](parquet-reader) add detail profile for... master
20 hours ago  Yongqiang YANG[fix](compaction) don't log cumu policy name for quick...
20 hours ago  Yongqiang YANG[fix](test) add sync for some cases and adjust data...
20 hours ago  Yongqiang YANG[fix](test) add tpch_sf100 and fix results of tpcds_sf1...
42 hours ago  Mingyu Chen[fix](alter-load) fix bug that tablet version may be...
44 hours ago  Yongqiang YANG[enhancement](test) add some cases from trino to p0...
45 hours ago  Luzhijing[Doc](ReadME) Update the slack links (#13089)
47 hours ago  morrySnow[fix](planner) throw NPE when all group by expr is...
2 days ago  Gabriel[Improvement](datev2) fix some compatible problems...
2 days ago  Adonis Ling[chore](be-ut) Remove useless lines which cause compila...
2 days ago  carlvinhust2012[fix](array-type) fix the be core dump when use string...
2 days ago  morrySnow[enhancement](Nereids) remove unnecessary exchange...
2 days ago  Kikyou1997[fix](planner) Add default execution interval time...
2 days ago  DingGeGe[fix](comment) sparkload comment mislead which file...
2 days ago  Gabriel[Bug](datev2) Fix compatible error between datev2 and...
3 days ago  Shuo Wang[Fix](Nereids) Fix exception message when can't bind...
3 weeks ago 1.1.2-rc05
5 weeks ago 1.1.2-rc04
7 weeks ago 1.1.2-rc02
7 weeks ago 1.1.2-rc01
2 months ago 1.1.1-rc03 1.1.1 release candidate 03
2 months ago 1.1.1-rc02 1.1.1 release candidate 02
2 months ago 1.1.1-rc01 1.1.1 release candidate 01
2 months ago 1.1.0-rc05 1.1.0-rc05
2 months ago 1.1.0-rc04 1.1.0-rc04
2 months ago 1.1.0-rc03 1.1.0-rc03
3 months ago 1.1.0-rc02 1.1.0-rc02
3 months ago 1.1.0-rc01 1.1.0-rc01
3 months ago 1.1.0-preview2 1.1.0-preview2
4 months ago 1.1.0-preview1 1.1.0-preview1
6 months ago 1.0.0-rc03 1.0.0-rc03
6 months ago 1.0.0-rc02 1.0.0-rc02
2 hours ago master
6 hours ago branch-1.1-lts
5 days ago branch-1.2-lts
6 days ago dev-1.1.2
7 days ago opt_perf
2 weeks ago revert-12551-111_pr
2 weeks ago dependabot/maven/fe/org.yaml-snakeyaml-1.31
3 weeks ago docker-dev
4 weeks ago revert-12168-20220829_fix_podarray_resetpeak
4 weeks ago revert-9745-limit_set_order
5 weeks ago revert-11980-dev-1.1.2_fix_DORIS-809
6 weeks ago branch-0.15
7 weeks ago yangzhg-patch-1
8 weeks ago morningman-patch-3
8 weeks ago new_scan_node
2 months ago revert-11257-distinct_phmap