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2022-09-05  James TurtonReformat data type footnotes in supported-data-types.
2022-09-02  James TurtonDocument the ISNUMERIC function.
2022-09-02  James TurtonDocument the isdate function.
2022-08-16  James Turton[DOC UPDATE] Update doc to sync with DRILL-8269
2022-08-16  kingswanwhoupdate doc to sync with DRILL-8269 32/head
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2022-07-08  James TurtonTemporarily hard code download version to 1.20.0 becaus...
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2022-05-27  James TurtonDocument paths in filesystem queries being Java strings...
2022-05-16  James TurtonUpdate download links for Hadoop 2 build.
2022-05-16  James TurtonAdd notes for the Drill 1.20.1 release.
2022-05-11  James TurtonRevert "Document the CONCAT_DELIM function."
2022-05-11  James TurtonDocument the CONCAT_DELIM function.
2022-05-03  James TurtonMerge pull request #30 from wschoot/patch-3
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2022-04-02  Kai YenUpdate 060-text-files-csv-tsv-psv.md
2022-04-02  Rymar MaksymDRILL-8177: Bump default TLS version to 1.3
2022-03-15  James TurtonDocument the new /data volume in the Drill Docker image.
2022-03-10  James TurtonDocument the new /data volume in the Drill Docker image.
2022-03-10  James TurtonAdd Phoenix to plugins that support impersonation.
2022-03-08  Charles S.... Merge pull request #26 from apache/add_iceberg
2022-03-08  Charles GivreAdd Iceberg 26/head
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2022-02-23  James TurtonDocument new Parquet format version and codecs.
2022-02-22  James TurtonUpdate docs about security.user.admins system opts.
2022-02-21  mohamedkashifuddininstall-dril-on-dataproc-in-distributed-mode
2022-02-04  James TurtonFix typos and broken links in previous blog post.
2022-02-04  James TurtonNew blog post to share Cong Luo's 2021 review.
2022-01-31  James TurtonDocument profiles REST API call variations.
2022-01-31  James TurtonAdd some sub headings to compiling-drill-from-source.
2022-01-27  James TurtonMerge pull request #25 from wschoot/patch-1
2022-01-27  Wouter Schootoptions part of the api doesn't seem to like POST ... 25/head
2022-01-19  James TurtonDocument storage-http's support for paginating APIs.
2022-01-17  James TurtonMerge pull request #22 from Leon-WTF/split_part
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2021-12-26  feitengDRILL-8094: Update doc for split_part
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2021-12-22  James TurtonMerge pull request #19 from Z0ltrix/DRILL-7579
2021-12-21  Christian PfarrDRILL-8077: add troubleshooting information for IPv6... 21/head
2021-12-21  Christian PfarrDRILL-7579: add information for Hadoop Groups Mapping 19/head
2021-12-18  feitengUpdate doc
2021-12-15  Christian PfarrDRILL-7579: documentation of Initial Admin Identity...
2021-12-13  James TurtonMerge pull request #18 from Z0ltrix/DRILL-8055
2021-12-11  Christian PfarrDRILL-8055: drill can use druid scan api since druid... 18/head
2021-12-11  Christian PfarrDRILL-8055: fixed typo
2021-12-11  Christian PfarrDRILL-8055: Updated Docs for new Druid Implementation.
2021-12-10  James TurtonFix typos.
2021-12-10  James TurtonDocument htpasswd and Vault authentication.
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2021-12-02  James TurtonDocument new Parquet format config opts.
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2021-11-27  feitengAdd doc for mongo metastore
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2021-11-24  James TurtonAdd a ClickHouse example to RDBMS storage plugin page.
2021-11-19  James TurtonDocument querying public S3 buckets.
2021-11-17  James TurtonSet Drill meetup to first Friday of each month.
2021-11-16  James TurtonUpdate community meetup information.
2021-11-14  kingswanwhozh tutorial translation
2021-11-14  kingswanwhozh tutorial summary translation
2021-11-13  kingswanwhozh tutorial translation
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2021-10-31  James TurtonBlog post updates.
2021-10-31  James TurtonBlog post: The reports of my death have been greatly...