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last changeTue, 8 Aug 2017 06:58:12 +0000 (23:58 -0700)
2017-08-08  Jay[EAGLE-973] removing incubating from docs master
2017-08-08  Hao Chen[MINOR] Docs: remove incubator words
2017-08-07  Zhao, Qingwen[EAGLE-1059] fix a bug in
2017-07-13  zombieJ[EAGLE-1046] Eagle supports policies import to a new...
2017-07-10  Zhao, Qingwen[MINOR] fix compile error
2017-07-10  Zhao, Qingwen[EAGLE-1055] update policy proto APIs
2017-06-29  Jayusing openjdk for docker
2017-06-28  yonzhang[EAGLE-1045] remove scala-tools.release repo which...
2017-06-28  JayDocker updates for eagle 0.5
2017-06-27  Zhao, Qingwen[EAGLE-1056] fix a link bug in the email template
2017-06-21  zombieJ[EAGLE-1053] Support typeahead in Eagle UI
2017-06-21  zombieJ[EAGLE-1054] Publisher delete don't close the dialog
2017-06-20  zombieJ[EAGLE-1048] Delete an alert publisher on Eagle UI
2017-06-20  Zhao, Qingwen[EAGLE-1044] Support policy Import using a policy prototype
2017-06-20  zombieJ[EAGLE-1047] View all alert publishers on Eagle UI
2017-06-20  zombieJ[EAGLE-1049] Support metric filter in the metric previe...
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