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26 hours ago  Zhao, Qingwen[EAGLE-971] fix a bug that duplicated queues are genera... master
26 hours ago  Zhao, Qingwen[EAGLE-978] change max(absoluteUsedCapacity) to avg...
26 hours ago  Zhao, Qingwen[EAGLE-977] Duplicated entities are generated by Topolo...
2 days ago  koone[MINOR] Fix Topology Check system config thrown NullPoi...
7 days ago  chitin[MINOR] Fix regionserver,datanode dashboard datetime...
7 days ago  r7raul1984[MINOR] Fix transform metric exception problem
8 days ago  zombieJ[EAGLE-970] Alert list page show alert trend
9 days ago  r7raul1984[EAGLE-872] Transform counter metric to rate metric
9 days ago  Zhao, QingwenMINOR: fix bugs in HadoopYarnResourceUtils
11 days ago  Jay[EAGLE-934] eagle 0.5 assembly update
11 days ago  Zhao, QingwenMINOR: change UserPrinciple into User in JHFSparkEventR...
12 days ago  Hao Chen[MINOR][DOC] Add slack information in README
13 days ago  r7raul1984[MINOR] Modify some type error.
13 days ago  Hao Chen[MINOR] Fix jdbc depenency problem in package assembly
13 days ago  zombieJ[EAGLE-961] table-responsive of jpm job list
13 days ago  zombieJ[EAGLE-963] list & detail page use same durationTime
8 months ago v0.4.0-incubating Apache Eagle 0.4.0-incubating.
11 months ago v0.3.0-incubating Release eagle version 0.3.0-incubatin
12 months ago eagle-0.3.0-incubating Eagle 0.3.0 incubating Release...
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