2022-02-22  pissangadd video total duration master
2022-02-22  pissangfix preview not work
2022-02-22  pissangexporting progress with higher precision
2022-02-22  pissangadd progress when exporting
2022-02-22  pissangcancel video exporting
2022-02-22  pissangrefactor: reduce try cache
2022-02-22  pissangrefact: use async and await to optimize the code flow
2022-02-21  Oviliafix: update i18n
2022-02-21  Oviliafeat: use WebM
2022-02-21  Oviliafeat: use mocked faq
2022-02-21  OviliaWIP: stoppable raq mocking
2022-02-21  OviliaWIP: use timeline
2022-02-18  Oviliachore: fix release
2022-02-18  Oviliafix building
2022-02-18  Oviliaupdate i18n
2022-02-17  Oviliafeat: two demo sets and use i18n
2021-12-08  Oviliafeat: change demo data
2021-10-13  Oviliafeat: add life-expectancy data
2021-09-09  Oviliafeat: export video done
2021-09-09  Oviliafeat: record video basic logic done
2021-08-18  Oviliabasic download video
2021-08-16  Oviliafeat: download
2021-06-24  Oviliafeat: download
2021-06-17  Oviliaupdate chart according to table
2021-06-10  Oviliafeat: generate bar race chart from table
2021-06-07  Oviliachart and table
2021-06-04  Oviliause tailwind css
2021-06-04  Oviliachore: refactor with spa boilerplate
2021-04-02  Oviliainit using vite
2020-12-29  Oviliadoc: init