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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 28 Sep 2022 03:26:25 +0000 (11:26 +0800)
4 days ago  Oviliaadd a new committer master
2022-07-05  plainheartfeat: tweak the type in issue title automatically
2022-07-05  plainheartfix: tweak `hasCommented` logic
2022-07-05  plainheartchore: upgrade google-translate-api to 1.2.0
2022-07-04  plainheartprefer closing issue via octokit REST API
2022-07-02  plainheartfeat: support closing issue with specified reason
2022-07-01  plainheartfix potential NPE
2022-07-01  plainheartfeat: minimize previous comments when issue is reopened
2022-06-25  plainheartfix: case-insensitive when checking if option is checked
2022-06-24  plainheartfix: fix `addLabels` & `removeLabels` don't work owing...
2022-06-24  plainheartfix: make doc missing check case-insensitive
2022-06-20  plainheartfix: avoid potential duplicate comments from bot
2022-06-19  plainheartchore: update dependencies
2022-06-19  plainheartfix: fix typos and `checkDoc` logic flaw.
2022-06-14  Oviliafix: adding awaiting review label when approves
2022-06-14  Oviliafix: doc template comment logic
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