2021-12-11  pissangupdate node-sass master
2021-07-19  Oviliaadapt echarts 5.x
2021-04-09  Oviliacore: add license
2021-01-20  pissangfix en version
2021-01-20  pissangUpgrade echarts to version@5
2021-01-18  100pahremove incubator and incubating.
2020-10-09  plainheartfix: fix wrong label structure in graph series.
2020-10-09  plainheartfix: fix wrong option structure.
2020-10-09  plainheartfix: fix a bug that some options do not work.(apache...
2020-09-17  Wenli ZhangUpdate
2020-08-20  plainheartfix: correct some typos and usage.
2020-08-10  100pahfix: escape nav (when lang, ASF logo at the second...
2020-08-10  100pahMerge branch 'master' of
2020-08-10  100pahfix: dialog leave space to navbar.
2020-08-10  100pahfix: builder tweak.
2020-08-10  100pahfix: en links
2020-08-10  pissangremove jquery and bootstrap
2020-08-10  Oviliafeat: add github link
2020-08-07  pissanguse primary color in the sidenav
2020-08-07  pissangfix style may be override by echarts-www
2020-08-07  pissangadjust folder structure to match asf release
2020-08-07  pissangfix bootstrap version
2020-08-07  pissangrefact to be deployed in echarts-www
2020-08-07  Oviliarefactor: update directory
2020-08-07  Oviliafeat: update favicon
2020-08-07  Oviliafeat: update translation
2020-08-06  Hansz00NavibarLanguageChange
2020-08-06  Hansz00LanguageTransfer
2020-08-06  Hansz00EngVersion
2020-08-04  OviliaMerge branch 'master' of
2020-08-04  OviliaMerge branch 'gh-pages-tmp'
2020-08-04  Yi Shendispose exists instance before init again. 20/head
2020-06-10  Yi Shendispose exists instance before init again. 19/head
2020-04-09  Oviliarevert echarts to 3.2.0
2020-04-09  Oviliaupdate
2020-04-09  Oviliamerge
2020-04-09  Oviliaupdate readme
2020-04-09  Oviliaupdate readme
2020-04-09  Oviliaupdate to echarts 4.7.0
2018-04-16  Oviliaupdate download and export explanation
2017-08-14  Oviliaupdate nav
2017-06-15  Oviliafix navbar link
2017-05-26  Oviliaupdate nav
2017-05-25  Oviliaupdate nav
2017-04-14  Oviliaupdate navbar
2016-11-02  Oviliaupdate navbar
2016-11-01  Oviliaadd halloween theme
2016-10-08  Oviliaremove access file
2016-07-13  Oviliafix bug of last commit
2016-07-13  Oviliaupdate chart from the first visible one; further improv...
2016-07-13  Oviliaadd build file that fixes and closes #11
2016-07-13  langOptimize #11
2016-07-01  Oviliapreload pre-defined themes to speed up as described...
2016-07-01  Oviliaupdate theme and configuration item
2016-07-01  Oviliaupdate readme
2016-07-01  Oviliaupdate readme
2016-07-01  Oviliaadd analytics
2016-07-01  Oviliause new echarts 3.2
2016-06-30  Oviliadebounce background and title color
2016-06-30  Oviliaupdate menu
2016-06-30  Oviliause flex to locate predefined themes
2016-06-30  Oviliaadd themes
2016-06-30  Oviliamore themes
2016-06-30  Ovilianew theme
2016-06-30  Oviliafix debounce problem
2016-06-30  Oviliadata zoom default values
2016-06-30  Oviliadebounce
2016-06-30  Ovilia6 themes provided by echarts
2016-06-30  Oviliadefault theme plans
2016-06-28  Oviliafix bug of axis when revert theme
2016-06-28  Oviliafix bug when import with single axis setting
2016-06-28  Oviliahide bg color of chat, and use it for container
2016-06-24  Oviliaupdate option
2016-06-24  Oviliaadd debounce on color input so as to to set colors...
2016-06-24  langFix twoWay binding cause hex input always be formatted...
2016-06-24  Oviliafix bug when open the same file twice
2016-06-24  Oviliafix bug with color picker when import
2016-06-24  Oviliauglify js and css files
2016-06-24  Oviliadisplay charts on mobile
2016-06-24  Oviliaupdate configures
2016-06-23  Oviliaedge cannot copy
2016-06-23  Oviliaie cannot copy, but edge can
2016-06-23  Oviliahide download btn on ie
2016-06-23  Oviliaa little more for ie
2016-06-23  Oviliafor ie
2016-06-23  Oviliaie<8 fallback
2016-06-23  Oviliaload map.js
2016-06-23  Oviliafix accidentally deleted input button in last commit
2016-06-23  Oviliacopy and paste enabled; setting theme name enabled
2016-06-22  Oviliadisplay js and json content along with download btn
2016-06-22  Oviliaopen page for saving file on ie
2016-06-22  Oviliaadd responsive for ie8
2016-06-22  Oviliascroll seperately
2016-06-21  Oviliastyle updates
2016-06-21  OviliaMerge branch 'master' of
2016-06-21  Oviliaadd title for chart panel
2016-06-20  Oviliaupdate style
2016-06-20  Oviliaupdate helper
2016-06-20  Oviliatoggle text color, default false
2016-06-20  Oviliafix open file format in safari