5 days ago  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-396 fix queryRowCount for parameterized aggreg... master
2022-09-12  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-395 allow non-integer min/max values
2022-08-22  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-394 another small fix
2022-08-22  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-394 fix for bug reported by Jan
2022-08-21  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-394 removed outdated subquery param functions
2022-08-21  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-394 cleanup DBMSHandler
2022-08-21  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-394 reworked CmdParam generation
2022-08-19  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-394
2022-08-18  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-394 replaced DBExpr::getObjectValue(...) by...
2022-08-16  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-393
2022-08-02  Jan GlaubitzEMPIREDB-392
2022-07-21  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-391
2022-07-20  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-390 Ignore null params passed to DBCommand...
2022-07-19  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-388
2022-04-28  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-388 NotSupportedException: improved type name...
2022-04-17  datazuulBump spring boot version to 2.6.6
2022-03-29  Rainer DöbeleMerge branch 'master' of https://gitbox.apache.org...
2022-03-29  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-387 Update Jersey dependencies and add Swagger...
2022-03-25  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-386 DBTable removed duplicate, fixed typo...
2022-03-17  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-385 simplification
2022-03-17  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-385 Change DBRecord.read() param from long...
2022-03-17  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-384 DBCmdParam type conversion
2022-03-17  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-383 Parent pom and h2 dependency update
2022-03-11  Rainer DöbeleReadme update
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbele[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbele[maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-empire... apache-empire-db-3-0.0-rc1 apache-empire-db-3.0.0
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbelerollback empire-db-dist
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbelepom scm update
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbelepom scm config change
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbele[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of apache...
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbele[maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-empire...
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbeleempire-db-dist assembly-all fix
2022-03-08  Rainer Döbeleempire-db-dist: Assembly is incorrectly configured
2022-03-08  Rainer DöbeleAdded missing ASF license headers
2022-03-08  Rainer DöbeleBugfix TEST DBMSHandlerSQLite
2022-03-08  Rainer DöbeleUpdated changelog for version 3.0.0
2022-03-08  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 final changes
2022-03-08  Jan GlaubitzEMPIREDB-195 PostgreSQL Sequence Handling
2022-03-07  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 simple fix
2022-03-07  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 DBFuncExpr bugfix: allow database to be...
2022-03-07  Jan GlaubitzEMPIREDB-381
2022-03-07  Jan GlaubitzEMPIREDB-195 PostgreSQL Sequence Handling
2022-03-07  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-381 Postgress Sequence Suffix
2022-03-07  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-381 Sequence Name initialization
2022-03-06  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 more cleanup and beautification
2022-03-06  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 API cleanup and beautification
2022-03-06  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-382 small fix
2022-03-06  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-381 Added postgres @@ comparator
2022-03-06  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-382 Access native DBMS functions with DBColumn...
2022-03-05  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-381 Postgres improvement No 1
2022-03-04  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Added DataType for TIME
2022-03-04  Jimmy CaseyFixed Spelling.
2022-03-04  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-380 Spring-boot-example donated by Ralf Eichinger
2022-03-04  Ralf EichingerAdd Spring Boot example
2022-03-03  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Improved logging
2022-03-03  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-379 fixed typo 'dbmsHandlerProperites'
2022-03-02  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 added stragg function
2022-03-02  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 SampleAdvApp rework
2022-03-02  Jan GlaubitzSamples
2022-03-02  Jan GlaubitzSamples
2022-03-02  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 code cleanup
2022-03-01  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Bugfix: PreparedStatments parameters out...
2022-03-01  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 DBTable Do not set modified for defaultValues
2022-03-01  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 bugfix PreparedStatementParameters added...
2022-03-01  Rainer DöbeleMerge branch 'master' of https://gitbox.apache.org...
2022-03-01  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 getUpdateWithJoins for PostgreSQL
2022-03-01  Jan GlaubitzEMPIREDB-362 Bugfix Postgres
2022-03-01  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Bugfix Postgres
2022-02-28  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 removed querySingleValue(cmd, DataType...
2022-02-28  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Advanced example improvments and new overloads
2022-02-28  Jan GlaubitzEMPIREDB-378 PostgeSQL: SQL Pattern for TIMESTAMP Columns
2022-02-28  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Bugfix DBCommand mergeSubqueryParams
2022-02-27  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 DBDatabase removeTable, removeView
2022-02-27  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 bugfix DBBeanListFactoryImpl
2022-02-26  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 vue example improvement
2022-02-26  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 JSF exmaple improvment
2022-02-25  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 DataListEntry Constructor correction
2022-02-25  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Codegen small fix
2022-02-25  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Split DBModelChecker, DBModelParser and...
2022-02-25  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 Maven optimization
2022-02-24  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 CodeGenerator Maven Plugin excecution
2022-02-24  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 codegen improvement
2022-02-24  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 GenerateExample updated
2022-02-24  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 replace log4j with reload4j-1.2.19
2022-02-24  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 provide qualified() for DBColumnExpr
2022-02-23  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 new DBColumnExpr class for Parenthesis...
2022-02-23  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 implemened equals() for all DBColumnExpr...
2022-02-22  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 new class DBCoalesceExpr for coalesce...
2022-02-22  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 return EnumType for column Functions
2022-02-22  Jan GlaubitzDBAbstractFuncExpr
2022-02-22  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 small fix
2022-02-22  Rainer DöbeleMPIREDB-362 Bugfix: DBUtils checkStatementParamCount...
2022-02-22  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 DataListHead getDatabase() helper function
2022-02-21  Jan GlaubitzDBContext
2022-02-21  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 bugfix: Record field not set to modified...
2022-02-21  Jan GlaubitzEMPIREDB-377 Page - addFacesMessage always issues WARN...
2022-02-21  Jan Glaubitzfixed typo in class name
2022-02-20  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 RollbackHandler fix and SampleAdv improvement
2022-02-19  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 JSF and VUE Examples updated
2022-02-19  Rainer DöbeleEMPIREDB-362 SampleAdvApp improvement