descriptionApache felix antora playbook project
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 28 Jul 2021 17:53:06 +0000 (10:53 -0700)
2021-07-28  David Jenckspublish antora site main
2021-07-26  David Jencksadd redirects for components/bundle-plugin[-archives...
2021-07-22  David Jenckscorrect author-mode path name
2021-07-21  David Jenckstry clean-install to fetch updated UI
2021-07-21  David JencksUI bundle needs to be snapshot
2021-07-20  David Jencks(commented out) local build, playbook tweaks
2021-07-20  David Jencksupdate current redirects to reflect moved pages
2021-07-19  David Jencksuse correct name for ui bundle package
2021-07-18  David Jenckswhere is the ui bundle?
2021-07-18  David Jencksapparently still need to copy .asf.yaml file explicitly
2021-07-18  David Jencksanother try to set up Jenkinsfile for staging/preview
2021-07-18  David Jencksset up Jenkinsfile for staging/preview
2021-07-18  David Jencksset up .htaccess file generation
2021-07-12  David Jencksadd supplemental-ui, tweak build
2021-07-12  David Jencksinitial (disabled) Jenkinsfile
2021-07-11  David Jencksuse published dependencies
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