3 days ago  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #70 from fipro78/master master
3 days ago  Dirk Fauthadd handling for running build on Windows 70/head
2022-06-29  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #61 from tjwatson/issue60
2022-06-23  Thomas WatsonIssue 60 - correctly delegate to platform for modules... 61/head
2022-05-20  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #59 from tjwatson/issue57
2022-05-20  Thomas WatsonFail build if native-image executable is not found. 59/head
2022-05-20  Thomas WatsonFix the jaxrs native build
2022-05-17  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #58 from tjwatson/issue57
2022-05-17  Thomas WatsonAdd org.eclipse.jetty.util.ModuleLocation for the maven... 58/head
2022-05-17  Thomas WatsonFix native plugin for Graal VM 22.1
2022-05-17  Thomas WatsonUse native-maven-plugin for graalvm native builds
2022-05-17  Thomas WatsonUpdate dependencies for equinox and log
2022-05-05  Thomas WatsonHint to use --add-modules=ALL-MODULE-PATH
2022-01-21  Thomas WatsonEnable github issues for Atomos
2022-01-14  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #49 from tjwatson/fixContentBreakOut
2022-01-13  Thomas WatsonFix case where directory content lookup can break out 49/head
2022-01-10  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #48 from apache/issues/felix703
2022-01-10  Thomas WatsonUpdate to Equinox framework 3.17.100 48/head
2022-01-10  Karl PaulsUpdate to felix 7.0.3
2021-02-23  Thomas WatsonUpdate to Felix SCR 2.1.26 release
2021-02-22  Thomas WatsonRemove ghp_path setting
2021-02-19  Thomas WatsonSet ghp_path: / for gh-pages
2021-02-18  Thomas Watson[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-02-18  Thomas Watson[maven-release-plugin] prepare release atomos-distribut... atomos-distribution-1.0.0
2021-02-18  Thomas WatsonRename atomos-reactor to atomos-distribution
2021-02-18  Thomas WatsonAdd license headers to pom.xml files.
2021-02-18  Thomas WatsonRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare release atomos...
2021-02-18  Thomas WatsonRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next develop...
2021-02-17  Thomas Watson[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-02-17  Thomas Watson[maven-release-plugin] prepare release atomos-1.0.0
2021-02-17  Thomas WatsonComment out unit-test profile
2021-02-17  Karl PaulsAdd a headers provider hook (#46)
2021-02-12  Thomas WatsonUpdate to 21.0 native-image-maven-plugin for substrate...
2021-02-12  Thomas WatsonAdd new line to .asf.yaml
2021-02-12  Karl PaulsMerge pull request #45 from apache/logDep
2021-02-12  Karl PaulsAdd the log service dependency back 45/head
2021-02-10  Thomas WatsonUse gh-pages branch for github pages.
2021-02-10  Thomas WatsonSmall code fix in README example
2021-02-08  Thomas WatsonAdd a default install() method that takes no prefix
2021-02-08  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #44 from tjwatson/readme
2021-02-08  Thomas WatsonUpdate readme 44/head
2021-02-08  Thomas WatsonSmall javadoc fixes
2021-02-05  Thomas WatsonRename atomos.runtime -> atomos
2021-02-05  Thomas WatsonRemove AtomosLauncher
2021-02-04  Thomas WatsonMove newFramework to AtomosRuntime
2021-02-04  Thomas WatsonMake atomos osgi.core match the osgi.org:osgi.core...
2021-02-04  Thomas WatsonUse profiles to ensure we only compile against one...
2021-02-04  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #43 from tjwatson/master
2021-02-04  Thomas WatsonCreate a single org.apache.felix.atomos:osgi.core project 43/head
2021-02-01  Thomas WatsonRename atomos.osgi.framework artifacts to osgi.core
2021-02-01  Thomas WatsonSpecify Main-Class manifest header all in AtomosLaunche...
2021-02-01  Thomas WatsonEnable gh-pages
2021-02-01  Thomas WatsonFix javadoc links to OSGi types
2021-02-01  Thomas WatsonAllow atomos.runtime to be resolved on Java 8
2021-01-28  Thomas WatsonSkip javadoc generation for frameworks, tests, utils
2021-01-28  Thomas WatsonStop using properties for atomos versions
2021-01-28  Thomas WatsonMove atomos-maven-plugin down to 0.9.0 version
2021-01-28  Thomas WatsonRemove need to hard code the atomos project version...
2021-01-27  Thomas WatsonUpdate project version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-01-27  Thomas WatsonAdd back method to have multi-parent layers
2021-01-27  Thomas WatsonFix ModuleConnectLoader for automatic modules
2021-01-22  Thomas WatsonRemove osgi.core dependency
2021-01-21  Thomas WatsonProject POM cleanup
2021-01-21  Thomas WatsonSkip deployment for tests and examples
2021-01-21  Thomas WatsonChange the framework impl dependency as provided
2021-01-21  Thomas WatsonAdd Apache license headers
2021-01-21  Thomas WatsonSplit reactor pom from atomos-parent pom
2021-01-21  Thomas WatsonUse parent felix project parent pom
2021-01-13  Thomas WatsonRemove snapshot repositories
2021-01-13  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #41 from apache/felix7.0.0
2021-01-13  Karl PaulsUpdate to felix framework 7.0.0 41/head
2021-01-13  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #42 from tjwatson/fixGraalBuild
2021-01-13  Thomas WatsonRemove use of DeLaGuardo/setup-graalvm 42/head
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #40 from tjwatson/updateFrameworks
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonUpdate bnd to 5.2.0 40/head
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonUpdate to Graal VM 20.3.0
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonUpdate to Java 15
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonUpdate version of setup-graalvm github action
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonUpdate version of setup-java github action
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonUpdate to latest Equinox Framework 2020-12 release
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonUpdate to use apache snapshot repo for framework impl
2020-12-16  Thomas WatsonRemove repository setting where possible
2020-09-28  Thomas WatsonUpdate name for substrate build in workflow
2020-09-28  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #39 from apache/removeLib2
2020-09-28  Karl PaulsEnable felix cache locking again after it has been... 39/head
2020-09-28  Thomas WatsonFix up readme.
2020-09-27  Karl PaulsUpdate documentation after equionx and felix substrate...
2020-09-27  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #37 from apache/mergeLibExamples
2020-09-25  Karl PaulsUpdate workflows to match new subproject name 37/head
2020-09-25  Karl PaulsMerge atomos.examples.substrate felix and equinox into...
2020-09-23  Thomas WatsonAdd boolean reflection required for gogo
2020-09-22  Thomas WatsonFix errors in Eclipse m2e for the usages of atomos...
2020-09-22  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #36 from tjwatson/felixProfile
2020-09-22  Thomas WatsonFix up maven build for felix profile 36/head
2020-09-16  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #35 from tjwatson/equinoxRelease
2020-09-16  Thomas WatsonUpdate org.eclipse.osgi to 3.16 release 35/head
2020-09-16  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #34 from tjwatson/sorting
2020-09-16  Thomas WatsonSort the bundles installed by default and exports from... 34/head
2020-09-01  Thomas WatsonMerge pull request #33 from tjwatson/updateReadme
2020-09-01  Thomas WatsonSet system packages correctly when modules from boot... 33/head