2021-10-23  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #116 from j-sal/FINCN-241 development
2021-10-23  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #114 from Cadreia/patch-1
2021-06-01  jawid1Feat #FINCN-202 - Adds support for editing loan details.
2021-06-01  jawid1Feat: implements the splash screen in right and better way
2021-06-01  jawid1Fix #FINCN-199 - Drawer layout is transparent with...
2021-06-01  Ahmad Jawid... Delete sync-gateway-config.json
2021-06-01  jawidMuhammadiinitialize couchbaseLite, implement group & customers...
2020-10-28  Joey SalazarFINCN-241 kotlin-kapt error 116/head
2020-10-20  AudreyFINCN-60: Update Readme 114/head
2020-07-11  miPlodder: 118/head
2020-06-13  Anubhav Mittal:art: Text Style change to Navigation Drawer
2019-06-12  miPlodderPasscode Functionality completed
2019-06-12  miPlodderMifos Passcode dependancy added and refactor Kotlin...
2019-06-12  miPlodderSplash Screen Added
2019-06-09  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #66 from miPlodder/migration
2019-06-09  miPlodderFINCN-163: Fixed Dashboard Item on Nav Drawer selection... 66/head
2019-06-09  miPlodderFINCN-162: Corrected Back button behavior and minor...
2019-06-09  miPlodderFINCN-161: Inconsistency in Nav Drawer on clicking...
2019-06-09  miPlodderFINCN-160 : Searching fixed in Product Fragment
2019-06-09  miPlodderFINCN:159 - Pressing back button twice issue fixed
2019-06-09  miPlodderFINCN-158: App Crash on clicking Customer Image fixed
2019-06-09  miPlodderMigration to AndroidX
2019-06-09  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #65 from miPlodder/feat#robotofontad...
2019-06-02  miPlodderfeat# Roboto font added 65/head
2019-06-02  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #61 from miPlodder/softkeyboard
2019-06-02  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #63 from miPlodder/FINCN-138
2019-06-02  abhijitrameshfix: Restricted text characters in Mobile fields 61/head
2019-06-02  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #64 from miPlodder/fix-PR#34
2019-06-02  miPlodderExit feature on Dashboard pressing back button twice 64/head
2019-06-02  miPlodderFINCN-138: Added Icons to Drawer 63/head
2019-06-02  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #60 from miPlodder/payroll
2019-06-02  abhijitrameshfeat: added toast showing log out status
2019-06-01  Mohakfeat : update payroll 60/head
2019-06-01  Mohakfeat: payroll configurations of customer
2019-06-01  Mohakfeat: unit test
2019-06-01  Mohakfeat: list and search products
2019-06-01  abhijitrameshfeat: added sweet-error library
2019-06-01  abhijitrameshfix: ActionBar slides in LoginActivity
2019-06-01  abhijitrameshfeat: Fixed Action Bar slides in LoginActivity
2019-06-01  abhijitrameshfeat: added malayalam translation
2019-06-01  Mohakfeat: search customer
2019-05-31  Rajavamsi11Placed google repository as first priority
2019-05-31  Rajavamsi11refactor: Added dependencies version in root project
2019-05-31  Rajavamsi11style: Removed Hardcoded strings
2019-05-31  Rajavamsi11docs: Improved pull request template
2019-05-31  miPlodderFINCN-152: Added filters for Loan Accounts
2019-05-31  miPlodderFINCN-151 : Filters fixed in Identification Cards
2019-05-31  miPlodderFINCN#150: Scrollbar not available for Loan Accounts
2019-05-31  miPlodderFixed .travis.yml
2019-05-31  miPlodderFINCN-147: Search not working in Ledger, Accounts,...
2019-05-31  miPlodderFix #143: Country name error fixed on Edit Customer
2019-05-31  Mohakfeat : added review screens
2019-04-16  miPlodderFINCN-145: App crash fixed due to StickyHeader Library bug
2019-02-01  abhijitrameshstyle: removed redundant type casting
2019-01-19  abhijitrameshfix: onCreateViewHolder overrides nothing
2019-01-19  abhijitrameshstyle: removed hard_coaded strings
2019-01-19  abhijitrameshdocs:fixed broken links in
2018-09-20  therajanmauryaChore: Update Build tools and support library version...
2018-09-15  dilpreet96Fix customerDetails and Account Section crash
2018-08-21  Mohakfeat : list and search tellers
2018-08-21  Mohakfix: move files to .github
2018-08-21  Mohakfix: visibilty issue in ledger
2018-07-27  Mohakfeat : search and list accounts
2018-07-27  Mohakfeat: list and search ledger
2018-07-27  Mohakfix: gradle check
2018-07-25  Mohakfix: Exception in loan details
2018-07-25  Mohakfeat: Image compression before upload
2018-07-23  dilpreet96feat: Sync feature for customer and customer details
2018-07-08  Mohakfeat: search identification
2018-06-13  Mohakfix: toolbar title on Dashboard Fragment
2018-06-03  Mohakfeat : integrated fake database layer
2018-06-03  Mohakfeat : fake database layer
2018-06-03  dilpreet96refractor: Convert java models to kotlin data models
2018-05-31  dilpreet96docs: Update Readme
2018-01-17  Nishtha Bhatiafix: Ok/Cancel buttons visible in DatePicker
2018-01-17  AkshGautamFix:Inconsistent Assigned Employee status
2018-01-16  Abhilash Gfix : Invalid values are accepted for the date of birth...
2018-01-16  Abhilash Gfix: List of countries keeps on being displayed even...
2018-01-16  Nishtha Bhatiafix: enables scrolling while creating customer
2018-01-11  ojasgulatiFix: Role Fragment
2017-12-12  therajanmauryachore: update build tools and gradle version
2017-09-24  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #167 from therajanmaurya/NoInternet
2017-09-24  Rajan Mauryafeat: show Error UI and No Internt connection logic
2017-09-23  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #166 from therajanmaurya/restFails
2017-09-23  Rajan Mauryafeat: show error if loan account failed to fetch
2017-09-23  Rajan Mauryarefactor: Shift Exception UI handler in Base Fragment...
2017-09-23  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #165 from therajanmaurya/customerdet...
2017-09-23  Rajan Mauryarefactor: Enhance UX while loading customer details
2017-09-22  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #164 from therajanmaurya/loginenhance
2017-09-22  Rajan Mauryarefactor: login UI enhance
2017-09-11  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #163 from therajanmaurya/hideFabButton
2017-09-11  Rajan Mauryafix: Hide Fab Button while scrolling down
2017-09-11  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #162 from therajanmaurya/add-license
2017-09-11  Rajan MauryaAdd license
2017-09-05  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #161 from therajanmaurya/refactorPac...
2017-09-05  Rajan Mauryarefactor: Mifos name and string with Fineract
2017-09-05  Rajan Mauryarefactor: package name to org.apache.fineract
2017-09-03  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #157 from therajanmaurya/errorHandling
2017-09-03  Rajan Mauryarefactor: Show Error UI, If API request fails in Deposi...
2017-09-01  Rajan MauryaMerge pull request #156 from therajanmaurya/HTTP_SSL