descriptionApache Fineract service to manage creation of unique events
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 17 Oct 2019 07:24:08 +0000 (10:24 +0300)
2019-10-17  aasaruMerge pull request #16 from aasaru/FINCN-180 develop
2019-10-17  Juhan AasaruMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/FINCN-180' into... 16/head
2019-10-17  Juhan AasaruMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into...
2019-10-17  Juhan Aasarumake builds of develop branch pass on travis
2019-10-16  aasaruMerge branch 'develop' into FINCN-180
2019-10-16  Juhan Aasarutry to fix travis error where service cannot find class...
2019-10-16  Juhan AasaruFINCN-183 configure and use homePageUrl in Eureka
2019-10-15  Isaac KamgaMerge pull request #15 from aasaru/FINCN-177
2019-10-12  Juhan AasaruFINCN-180 remove non-needed data source from configuration
2019-10-09  aasaruMerge pull request #13 from aasaru/gradle_4.10.3
2019-10-08  Juhan Aasarufix formatting 15/head
2019-10-08  Juhan AasaruFINCN-177 catch the most concrete exception
2019-10-08  Juhan Aasaru
2019-10-08  Juhan AasaruFINCN-177 catch actual exception and detect problem
2019-10-06  Juhan Aasaruexclude logs, banner and target classes from RAT check 13/head
2019-10-04  Juhan Aasarureplace default spring boot banner with application...
3 years ago 0.0.1-M.1
2 years ago spring_boot_2
2 years ago 0.1.x
2 years ago develop