descriptionApache Fineract CN library to support starting and provisioning individual services for integration tests and demo-server.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 2 Sep 2019 22:26:59 +0000 (23:26 +0100)
2019-09-02  Isaac KamgaMerge pull request #8 from Izakey/FINCN-140 develop
2019-06-03  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #10 from ebenezergraham/FINCN-157
2019-05-29  ebenezergrahamAdding rat report to After Failure procedure 10/head
2019-04-30  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #9 from aasaru/artifactory
2019-04-25  Juhan AasaruFINCN-148 build with and upload artifacts... 9/head
2019-03-23  Isaac KamgaMigrate service-starter from MariaDB to PostgreSQL 8/head
2018-12-26  Isaac KamgaMerge pull request #7 from Izakey/develop
2018-12-26  Isaac KamgaChange ActiveMQ default configuration 7/head
2018-10-06  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #6 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-10-06  Myrle Krantzadding functionality for starting microservices in... 6/head
2018-04-16  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #5 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-04-13  Myrle KrantzChange package names from mifos to apache fineract. 5/head
2018-04-13  Myrle KrantzAdjusting to package name changes in upstream repositories.
2018-04-09  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #4 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-04-09  Myrle KrantzAdding rat checks. 4/head
2018-03-16  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #2 from Izakey/develop
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