2020-08-26  ankurs287Update: Removed placeholders from transfer screen master
2020-08-26  ankurs287Update: remove placeholder demo credentials. Set Login...
2020-08-26  ankurs287Fix: Fetch Cards usecase file names
2020-08-26  ankurs287Feat Update: Support for paging while fetching trasnactions
2020-08-24  ankurs287Feat: Fetch all transactions for a bank account
2020-08-20  ankurs287Added fetchTransactionById Usecase in di
2020-08-20  ankurs287Feat: Fetch transaction by id Usecase (common backend)
2020-08-19  ankurs287Feat: Fetch User's Cards (common: backend)
2020-08-17  ankurs287Fix: User Model constructor, Deprecated View Model...
2020-08-15  ankurs287Updated: App Icon & App Name
2020-08-15  ankurs287Fix: Requests from not shown in the title
2020-08-15  ankurs287Feat: Fetch Transaction Requests Android UI + Common...
2020-08-13  ankurs287Feat: Fetch transaction requests use case backend
2020-08-13  ankurs287Started with separate transaction api
2020-08-13  ankurs287Refactor: Create Transaction Request Use Case
2020-08-07  ankurs287Feat: Payment Initiation request usecase + UI, Added...
2020-08-07  ankurs287Feat: Added suport for Autocompletion when typing bank...
2020-08-06  ankurs287Integrate supported banks into android UI
2020-08-06  ankurs287Fix: Account Transfer Trigger
2020-08-05  ankurs287feat: Added Support for Local Preferences in Kotlin...
2020-08-05  ankurs287feat: Added SQL Database support via code sharing
2020-08-04  ankurs287feat: Fetch Supoported Banks Details UseCase
2020-08-04  ankurs287feat: UI for money transfer
2020-08-01  ankurs287Improve Fetch balances usecase performance
2020-07-31  ankurs287Added Dummy Transaction UI
2020-07-27  ankurs287Improve UI/UX for accounts screen
2020-07-24  ankurs287feat: Added UI for Accounts & Balances
2020-07-23  ankurs287fix: gitignore
2020-07-23  ankurs287Feat: Fetch Bank Balances
2020-07-21  edcableInitial commit