2022-09-15  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs asf-site
2022-09-09  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs
2022-08-28  Aleksandar... Release 1.8.0
2022-05-12  Aleksandar... Release 1.7.0
2022-05-11  Aleksandar... Add database schema documentation
2022-05-11  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs
2022-05-10  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs
2022-05-10  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs
2022-05-10  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs
2022-05-09  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs
2022-04-20  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs
2022-04-19  Aleksandar... chore: Publish current docs
2022-02-24  Aleksandar... Add release 1.6.0 links
2021-11-24  Petri TuomolaCorrecting link text for sha512
2021-11-24  Petri TuomolaFixing links for Fineract 1.0.0
2021-11-24  Petri TuomolaUpdate links in index.html to point to archive
2021-09-22  James DUpdate index.html
2021-06-01  Petri TuomolaCreate .asf.yaml
2021-05-25  Petri TuomolaUpdate index.html for Fineract 1.5.0
2020-10-20  Michael Vorburger ⛑️Update index.html
2020-10-20  Michael Vorburger ⛑️add link to Demo Server
2020-09-16  Aleksandar... Add release 1.4.0
2020-03-23  Michael Vorburger ⛑️add tip
2020-02-12  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #20 from gardner/asf-site
2020-02-12  Gardner BickfordChange copyright to current year 20/head
2019-07-03  Michael Vorburger ⛑️add link to in addition to MarkMail
2019-06-15  Michael Vorburger ⛑️Create
2019-06-13  Vishwas Babu A JMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-05-21  Michael Vorburger ⛑️Merge pull request #19 from apache/rm-users-list
2019-05-09  Michael Vorburger ⛑️remove defunct users list 19/head
2019-04-25  Vishwas Babu A JMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-04-25  Vishwas Babu A JMerge pull request #18 from vishwasbabu/master
2019-04-25  Vishwas Babu A Jadding links to 1.3.0 release 18/head
2019-01-17  Vishwas Babu A JMerge pull request #17 from skotfred/patch-1
2019-01-17  Scott FredricksonAdd HTML lang="en" 17/head
2019-01-16  Vishwas Babu A Jmerging master to asf-site
2019-01-16  Vishwas Babu A JAdding downloads section and fixing formatting 16/head
2019-01-16  Vishwas Babu A Jadding gitignore
2018-12-12  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #15 from ShruthiRajaram/Fineract...
2018-12-11  ShruthiRajaramFineract 1.2.0 release update 15/head
2018-12-11  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #14 from ShruthiRajaram/Fineract...
2018-12-10  ShruthiRajaramFineract 1.2.0 release update 14/head
2018-07-06  Myrle KrantzFixed HTML errors and made formatting and style more...
2018-07-06  Myrle KrantzImproved grammar and accuracy of content
2018-07-06  Myrle Krantzreflowing text to make it easier to see edit diffs.
2018-06-28  JamesUpdate index.html 12/head
2018-04-18  Myrle Krantzfixing download links to sha
2018-04-18  Myrle KrantzAdded events link, and updated copyright year.
2018-04-18  Myrle Krantzupdating to latest release
2018-02-06  Myrle KrantzMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2018-02-06  Myrle KrantzFINERACT-558: linking to mirrors rather than linking... 11/head
2017-12-13  Myrle KrantzMerge branch 'ShaneCurcuru-patch-1' into asf-site
2017-12-13  Myrle KrantzMerge branch 'ShaneCurcuru-patch-1'
2017-12-13  Myrle KrantzMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2017-12-13  Nazeer Hussain... Adding Security Report details
2017-08-07  Shane CurcuruCongratulations on graduating! 10/head
2017-06-06  Nazeer Hussain... Merge branch 'asf-site'
2017-06-06  Nazeer Hussain... Adding Latest release 1.0.0 location
2017-04-25  myrle-krantzMerge branch 'un-incubate-title-publish' into asf-site
2017-04-25  myrle-krantzMerge branch 'asf-site' of
2017-04-25  myrle-krantzMerge branch 'un-incubate-title'
2017-04-25  myrle-krantzMerge branch 'master' into asf-site 9/head
2017-04-25  myrle-krantzRemoving 'incubating' from title 8/head
2017-04-24  myrle-krantzMerge branch 'un-incubate-publish' into asf-site
2017-04-24  myrle-krantzMerge branch 'un-incubate' 6/head 7/head
2017-04-24  myrle-krantzStarting to removing "incubating" from branding.
2017-01-26  edcableUpdated release 5/head
2017-01-12  Jim JagielskiSmall change... test plus copyright update
2016-10-25  Markus Geissadded download link 4/head
2016-01-04  magesmall layout change
2016-01-03  magefixed font type issue
2016-01-03  mageCloses #2
2016-01-03  mageLicense header clean up 2/head
2016-01-03  mageLicense header clean up
2016-01-03  mageSwitched to materialize css
2015-12-28  mageadded links to wiki
2015-12-28  magerestructured to fit branding policies
2015-12-27  Roman ShaposhnikAdding required Incubator disclaimer 1/head
2015-12-26  mageadded logo design file
2015-12-26  magereformated code and fixed css bug
2015-12-26  mageadded close symbol to slider menu
2015-12-26  magerenamed folder icons to images
2015-12-26  mageInitial content for web site
2015-12-25  Greg Steinsmall whitespace change to tickel gitwcsub for the...
2015-12-24  Greg Steinadd temporary landing page