descriptionApache Flex Falcon
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 21 Mar 2017 23:07:47 +0000 (16:07 -0700)
2017-03-21  Josh TynjalaMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache... master
2017-03-21  Josh Tynjalacompiler-jx: tests for source maps in MXML Script blocks
2017-03-21  Josh Tynjalacompiler-jx: source maps for fx:Script blocks
2017-03-21  Josh Tynjalacompiler-jx: MXMLFlexJSEmitter does not stringify scrip...
2017-03-17  Alex Haruidisable test for now
2017-03-15  Alex Haruiadd test for this circular scenario
2017-03-14  Alex Haruireport on unexpected condition
2017-03-14  Alex Haruifix more complex dependency scenarios. Hope this doesn...
2017-03-13  Alex Haruioops, wrong order
2017-03-13  Alex Haruitry computing the file order ourselves
2017-03-11  Christofer... - Added a PackageJSMojo to make the usage of the maven...
2017-03-10  Christofer... - Adjusted the EmbedData class to embed resources from...
2017-03-09  Alex Haruihandle some tricky RegExp literals
2017-03-09  Alex Haruifix interface override checking
2017-03-08  Alex Haruihandle xml.@['someProp']
2017-03-08  Alex Haruihandle a few more cases with super
8 months ago apache-flex-falcon-0.7.0 Official release of apache-flex...
8 months ago flexjs-compiler-parent-0.7.0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
13 months ago apache-flex-falcon-0.6.0 "Official release of apache-flex...
14 months ago apache-flex-falcon-0.6.0-rc1 "rc1 of apache-flex-falcon-0.6.0"
18 months ago apache-flex-falcon-0.5.0 "Official release of apache-flex...
18 months ago apache-flex-falcon-0.5.0-rc3 "rc3 of apache-flex-falcon-0.5.0"
18 months ago apache-flex-falcon-0.5.0-rc2 "rc2 of apache-flex-falcon-0.5.0"
18 months ago apache-flex-falcon-0.5.0-rc1 "rc1 of apache-flex-falcon-0.5.0"
2 years ago apache-flex-falcon-0.0.3-rc0 "rc0 of apache-flex-falcon-0.0.3"
2 years ago apache-flex-falcon-0.0.2-RC4 rc4 of FalconJX 0.0.2
2 years ago apache-flex-falcon-0.0.2-RC3 rc3 of FalconJX 0.0.2
2 years ago apache-flex-falcon-0.0.2-RC1b This should be the true rc1 of...
2 years ago apache-flex-falcon-0.0.2-RC1a rc1 of FalconJX 0.0.2 with fixes...
2 years ago apache-flex-falcon-0.0.2-RC1 rc1 of FalconJX 0.0.2
3 years ago apache-flex-falcon-0.0.1-RC4 update RC3 with README and RELEASE_...
3 years ago apache-flex-falcon-0.0.1-RC3 RC2 of falcon 0.0.1
46 hours ago release0.8.0
10 days ago develop
3 weeks ago dual
7 weeks ago feature/chart-work
2 months ago master
4 months ago feature-autobuild/cleanup
8 months ago release0.7.0
10 months ago featue/flexjs-ant-tasks
13 months ago feature/maven-migration-test
20 months ago JsToAs
22 months ago add-collect-import-pass
23 months ago vf2js
2 years ago falcon-antlr4