descriptionApache Flex TypeDefs
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 16 Jun 2017 06:03:54 +0000 (08:03 +0200)
2017-06-16  piotrzprepare Maven build for next RC by changing 0.8.0-SNAPS... master release0.8.0
2017-06-16  Justin Mcleanstop caching of JS file as it breaks the build sometimes
2017-05-12  Alex Haruineed to add @fileoverview and @externs annotation
2017-05-10  Alex Haruilegal-discuss recommended removing ASF headers from...
2017-05-03  Alex Haruiadjust maven build
2017-05-03  Alex Haruimanually clean up externs for createjs and get rid...
2017-04-21  Alex Haruinevermind, it had impact on downstream swcs. Node...
2017-04-21  Alex HaruiI think the rebase/merge messed up
2017-04-21  Alex Haruiadd Error.prototype.toString(). Other classes may...
2017-03-15  Justin McleanCase matters on some OSs feature/chart-work
2017-02-13  Alex Haruiadd Map/WeakMap to Maven build
2017-01-20  Carlos RoviraAdded dialogPolyfill extern to make MDL Dialog work...
2016-12-28  Alex Haruiget rid of warnings by eliminating some files that...
2016-12-26  Christofer... - Updated the sonarqube plugin feature-autobuild/cleanup
2016-12-17  Alex Haruione more fix for DropDown remove
2016-12-17  Alex Haruiadd one more extern
13 months ago apache-flex-falcon-0.7.0 official release of apache-flex...
13 months ago flexjs-typedefs-parent-0.7.0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 months ago develop
2 months ago feature/amf
2 months ago feature/flexjs_wrapper
2 months ago feature/browser-event
3 months ago feature/FLEX-35328_simplify_mdl_drop_down_list
3 months ago feature/strand-work
4 months ago tlf
4 months ago master
4 months ago release0.8.0
7 months ago feature/chart-work
9 months ago feature-autobuild/cleanup
13 months ago release0.7.0