descriptionApache Flink Training Excercises
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 28 Apr 2022 08:56:14 +0000 (10:56 +0200)
2022-04-28  Nico Kruber[FLINK-27353] Update to Flink 1.15 master release-1.15
2022-04-22  T.C[FLINK-26382] Add Chinese documents for flink-training...
2022-04-21  Nico Kruber[FLINK-27322][gradle] spotless apply (adding license...
2022-04-21  Nico Kruber[FLINK-27322][gradle] add spotless license header check...
2022-04-21  Nico Kruber[FLINK-27322][gradle] update spotless plugin and format...
2022-04-20  Nico Kruberfixup! [FLINK-25313] Enable flink runtime web-ui (#45)
2022-04-20  Junfan Zhang[FLINK-25313] Enable flink runtime web-ui (#45)
2021-11-10  sjwiesman[FLINK-24782] Upgrade training exercises to 1.14
2021-11-09  Ali Bahadir... [hotfix] Fix links to old documentation
2021-11-06  Pengcheng Huang[hotfix] update aliyun mirror repo url
2021-10-04  Nico Kruber[hotfix] remove extraneous files for non-existing modules
2021-09-03  David Anderson[FLINK-24118] Allow TaxiFareGenerator to produce bounde...
2021-09-03  David Anderson[hotfix] collect rather than collectWithTimestamp
2021-09-03  David Anderson[FLINK-23926] replace startTime and endTime with a...
2021-09-02  Nico Kruber[hotfix] trim whitespace before checking enable_scala
2021-09-01  Nico Kruber[hotfix][CI] also verify tests with Scala disabled...
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