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last changeSat, 19 Aug 2017 15:28:01 +0000 (17:28 +0200)
14 hours ago  Wright, Eron[FLINK-7077] [mesos] Implement task release to support... master
14 hours ago  Wright, Eron[FLINK-6630] [FLINK-6631] Implement FLIP-6 Mesos cluste...
44 hours ago  Yonatan Most[FLINK-7347] Keep IDs for checkpoint in a set in Messag...
46 hours ago  Nico Kruber[FLINK-7057][blob] move ref-counting from the LibraryCa...
46 hours ago  Nico Kruber[hotfix] increase Scala checkstyle maxParameters to 20
46 hours ago  Nico Kruber[FLINK-7056][tests][hotfix] make sure the client and...
3 days ago  Ufuk Celebi[FLINK-7462] [docs] Add very obvious warning about...
4 days ago  Stefan Richter[FLINK-7362] [checkpoints] Savepoint property is lost...
4 days ago  Aljoscha Krettek[FLINK-7268] Add delaying executor in *EventTimeWindowC...
4 days ago  Stefan Richter[FLINK-7268] [checkpoints] Scope SharedStateRegistry...
4 days ago  Stefan Richter[FLINK-7213] Introduce state management by OperatorID...
4 days ago  Bowen Li[FLINK-7405] [metrics] Reduce excessive warning logging...
4 days ago  Piotr Nowojski[hotfix][misc] More verbose logging in NetworkFailuresProxy
4 days ago  Piotr Nowojski[hotfix][misc] Fix logging of local port in NetworkFail...
4 days ago  yew1eb[FLINK-7415] [cassandra] Add example instructions for...
4 days ago  zentol[FLINK-7443] [metrics] MetricFetcher store and deserial...
2 weeks ago release-1.3.2 Tag for version 1.3.2
2 weeks ago release-1.3.2-rc3 Tag for release 1.3.2-rc3
3 weeks ago release-1.3.2-rc2 Tag for version 1.3.2-rc2
3 weeks ago release-1.3.2-rc1 Tag for release-1.3.2-rc1
8 weeks ago release-1.3.1
2 months ago release-1.3.0
4 months ago release-1.2.1
5 months ago release-1.1.5
6 months ago release-1.2.0
8 months ago release-1.1.4
10 months ago release-1.1.3
11 months ago release-1.1.2 Tag for release 1.1.2
12 months ago release-1.1.1
12 months ago release-1.1.0
15 months ago release-1.0.3
16 months ago release-1.0.2
14 hours ago master
3 days ago release-1.0
3 days ago release-1.1
3 days ago release-1.3
3 days ago release-1.2
2 weeks ago release-1.3.2-rc3
3 weeks ago release-1.3.2-rc2
3 weeks ago release-1.3.2-rc1
8 weeks ago release-1.3.1-rc2
2 months ago release-1.3.1-rc1
2 months ago release-1.3.0-rc3
4 months ago release-1.2.1-rc2
4 months ago travis_test
4 months ago release-1.2.1-rc1
5 months ago release-1.1.5-rc1
6 months ago release-0.8