descriptionApache Flink
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 24 Nov 2017 14:04:25 +0000 (15:04 +0100)
21 hours ago  Aljoscha Krettek[FLINK-6294] Fix potential NPE in BucketingSink.close() master
24 hours ago  Stephan Ewen[FLINK-8125] [core] Introduce limiting of outgoing...
24 hours ago  Stephan Ewen[hotfix] [core] Fix lots of checkstyle errors in core.fs
25 hours ago  Nico Kruber[FLINK-7316][network] Always use off-heap network buffers.
42 hours ago  Aljoscha Krettek[hotfix] Exclude from checkstyle
45 hours ago  Stefan Richter[FLINK-5465] [streaming] Wait for pending timer threads...
45 hours ago  Piotr Nowojski[hotfix][docs] Improve Kafka exactly-once docs
45 hours ago  twalthr[FLINK-8118] [table] Fix documentation mistakes
45 hours ago  Xingcan Cui[FLINK-8118] [table] Allow to specify the offsets of...
45 hours ago  Piotr Nowojski[hotfix][kafka] Remove unused method in kafka tests
45 hours ago  Piotr Nowojski[FLINK-8132][kafka] Re-initialize transactional KafkaPr...
45 hours ago  Piotr Nowojski[hotfix][kafka] Throw FlinkKafkaProducer011Exception...
47 hours ago  Bowen Li[FLIN-6505] Proactively cleanup local FS for RocksDBKey...
2 days ago  Fabian Hueske[FLINK-2170] [connectors] Add OrcRowInputFormat and...
2 days ago  uybhatti[FLINK-2170] [connectors] Add OrcRowInputFormat and...
2 days ago  twalthr[FLINK-8136] [table] Fix code generation with JodaTime...
25 hours ago release-1.4.0-rc1 Tag for version 1.4.0
3 months ago release-1.3.2 Tag for version 1.3.2
3 months ago release-1.3.2-rc3 Tag for release 1.3.2-rc3
3 months ago release-1.3.2-rc2 Tag for version 1.3.2-rc2
3 months ago release-1.3.2-rc1 Tag for release-1.3.2-rc1
5 months ago release-1.3.1
6 months ago release-1.3.0
7 months ago release-1.2.1
8 months ago release-1.1.5
9 months ago release-1.2.0
11 months ago release-1.1.4
13 months ago release-1.1.3
14 months ago release-1.1.2 Tag for release 1.1.2
15 months ago release-1.1.1
15 months ago release-1.1.0
18 months ago release-1.0.3
21 hours ago master
21 hours ago release-1.4
21 hours ago release-1.3
3 months ago release-1.0
3 months ago release-1.1
3 months ago release-1.2
3 months ago release-1.3.2-rc3
3 months ago release-1.3.2-rc2
3 months ago release-1.3.2-rc1
5 months ago release-1.3.1-rc2
5 months ago release-1.3.1-rc1
6 months ago release-1.3.0-rc3
7 months ago release-1.2.1-rc2
7 months ago travis_test
8 months ago release-1.2.1-rc1
8 months ago release-1.1.5-rc1