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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 17 Feb 2019 01:28:53 +0000 (17:28 -0800)
28 min ago  Jamie Grier[FLINK-10887] [jobmaster] Add global aggregate tracking... master
15 hours ago  Gary Yao[FLINK-11577][tests] Delete obsolete test StackTraceSam...
15 hours ago  Gary Yao[FLINK-11577][tests, runtime] Improve test coverage...
17 hours ago  Nico Kruber[FLINK-11154][network] Bump Netty to 4.1.32
28 hours ago  Chesnay Schepler[hotfix][build] Remove hard-coded scala version
28 hours ago  Chesnay Schepler[hotfix][travis] Remove stray slash
36 hours ago  Till Rohrmann[FLINK-11596][tests] Add heartbeat timeout test to...
36 hours ago  Till Rohrmann[FLINK-11596][tests] Add ResourceManagerTaskExecutorTes...
36 hours ago  tison[FLINK-11596][test] Remove legacy ResourceManagerTest
36 hours ago  Till Rohrmann[hotfix][tests] Refactor ResourceManagerTest to use...
36 hours ago  Till Rohrmann[hotfix][tests] Remove mocking from ResourceManagerTask...
36 hours ago  Till Rohrmann[hotfix][tests] Remove mocking from ResourceManagerJobM...
36 hours ago  Ufuk Celebi[FLINK-11545] [container] Add docs for job-id argument
36 hours ago  Ufuk Celebi[FLINK-11545] [container] Catch Exception before exitin...
36 hours ago  Ufuk Celebi[FLINK-11545] [container] Pass job ID to ClassPathJobGr...
36 hours ago  Ufuk Celebi[FLINK-11545] [container] Parse job ID in StandaloneJob...
35 hours ago release-1.7.2 Apache Flink 1.7.2
2 days ago release-1.6.4-rc1 Commit for release 1.6.4
5 days ago release-1.7.2-rc1 release-1.7.2-rc1
8 weeks ago release-1.6.3 Apache Flink 1.6.3
8 weeks ago release-1.5.6 release-1.5.6
8 weeks ago release-1.7.1 release-1.7.1
2 months ago release-1.6.3-rc1 release-1.6.3-rc1
2 months ago release-1.5.6-rc1 release-1.5.6-rc1
2 months ago release-1.7.1-rc2 release-1.7.1-rc2
2 months ago release-1.7.1-rc1 release-1.7.1-rc1
2 months ago release-1.7.0 Apache Flink 1.7.0
2 months ago release-1.7.0-rc3 release-1.7.0-rc3
2 months ago release-1.7.0-rc2 release-1.7.0-rc2
3 months ago release-1.7.0-rc1 release-1.7.0-rc1
3 months ago release-1.6.2 release-1.6.2
3 months ago release-1.5.5 release-1.5.5
28 min ago master
4 hours ago cron-master-jdk9
17 hours ago cron-1.6-e2e
17 hours ago cron-1.7-e2e
17 hours ago cron-master-scala212
17 hours ago cron-master-hadoop24
17 hours ago cron-master-e2e
17 hours ago release-1.6
17 hours ago release-1.7
28 hours ago cron-master-maven_compat
2 weeks ago blink
2 months ago release-1.5
4 months ago release-1.4
4 months ago cron-master-docs
5 months ago release-1.3
6 months ago release-1.0