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last changeTue, 6 Dec 2016 17:17:24 +0000 (18:17 +0100)
26 hours ago  Attila SimonFLUME-3031. Change sequence source to reset its counter... trunk
36 hours ago  Jeff HolomanFLUME-3027. Change Kafka Channel to clear offsets map...
7 days ago  Attila SimonFix Remove Header Interceptor properties table in Flume...
2016-11-23  Peter AbledaClean up references to the Flume 0.9 TailSource and...
2016-11-23  Attila SimonFix KafkaSource and KafkaSink example configurations...
2016-11-21  Denes ArvayFLUME-3025. Expose on JMX
2016-11-20  Gabriel CommeauFLUME-2171. Add Interceptor to remove headers from...
2016-11-19  Peter AbledaRemove hostHeader = hostname property from Host interce...
2016-11-09  Theodore michael... FLUME-3020. Improve HDFS Sink escape sequence substitution
2016-11-05  Denes ArvayFLUME-2812. Fix semaphore leak causing java.lang.Error...
2016-10-28  Bessenyei Balázs... Add e-mail templates to
2016-10-28  Tristan StevensFLUME-2857. Make Kafka Source/Channel/Sink restore...
2016-10-28  Bessenyei Balázs... Add Developer Section / Developers Quick Hack Sheet...
2016-10-28  Bessenyei Balázs... Add Developer Section / How to Commit from
2016-10-27  Bessenyei Balázs... Add Developer Section / How to Contribute from cwiki...
2016-10-27  Attila SimonFLUME-2997. Fix flaky test in SpillableMemoryChannel
7 weeks ago release-1.7.0 Apache Flume 1.7.0
8 weeks ago release-1.7.0-rc2
8 weeks ago release-1.7.0-rc1 Apache Flume 1.7.0-rc1
19 months ago release-1.6.0 Apache Flume 1.6.0 release.
2 years ago release-1.5.2 Apache Flume 1.5.2 release.
2 years ago release-1.5.1 Apache Flume 1.5.1 Release
2 years ago release- Apache Flume release.
2 years ago release-1.5.0 Apache Flume 1.5.0 release.
3 years ago release-1.4.0 Apache Flume 1.4.0 release.
3 years ago release-1.3.1 Apache Flume 1.3.1 release.
4 years ago release-1.3.0 Apache Flume 1.3.0 release.
4 years ago flume-1.2.0 flume-1.2.0
4 years ago flume-1.2.0-rc1 flume-1.2.0-rc1
4 years ago flume-1.2.0-rc0 flume-1.2.0-rc0
4 years ago flume-1.0.0-rc2 flume-1.0.0-rc2
4 years ago flume-1.0.0-rc3 flume-1.0.0-rc3
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4 years ago branch-1.2.0
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