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29 hours ago Denes ArvayFLUME-2963. FlumeUserGuide: Fix error in Kafka Source... trunk
46 hours ago lfzCarlosCFix various typos
3 days ago Lior ZenoFLUME-2959. Fix issues with flume-checkstyle module
4 days ago Daniel TempletonFLUME-2890. Typo in Twitter source warning
10 days ago Roshan NaikFLUME-2761. Move Hive sink out of preview mode
10 days ago Santiago M... FLUME-2514. Speed up TestFileChannelRestart tests
10 days ago wenqiaoFLUME-2955. Add file path to the header in TaildirSource
11 days ago Kevin ConawayFLUME-2922. Sync SequenceFile.Writer before calling...
11 days ago Mike PercyFix sphinx layout errors
11 days ago Mike PercyFix broken link in README
11 days ago Jeff HolomanFLUME-2810. Add static Schema URL to AvroEventSerialize...
2016-07-14 Mike PercyFLUME-2952. SyslogAgent: Avoid NPE on stop()
2016-07-13 Denes ArvayFLUME-2725. HDFS Sink does not use configured timezone...
2016-07-10 Lior ZenoFLUME-2950. ReliableSpoolingFileEventReader.rollCurrent...
2016-07-09 Mike PercyFLUME-2936. KafkaSource tests: Use loopback instead...
2016-07-09 Mike PercyFLUME-2949. checkstyle: Make suppressions compatible...
14 months ago release-1.6.0 Apache Flume 1.6.0 release.
20 months ago release-1.5.2 Apache Flume 1.5.2 release.
20 months ago release-1.5.1 Apache Flume 1.5.1 Release
2 years ago release- Apache Flume release.
2 years ago release-1.5.0 Apache Flume 1.5.0 release.
3 years ago release-1.4.0 Apache Flume 1.4.0 release.
3 years ago release-1.3.1 Apache Flume 1.3.1 release.
3 years ago release-1.3.0 Apache Flume 1.3.0 release.
4 years ago flume-1.2.0 flume-1.2.0
4 years ago flume-1.2.0-rc1 flume-1.2.0-rc1
4 years ago flume-1.2.0-rc0 flume-1.2.0-rc0
4 years ago flume-1.0.0-rc2 flume-1.0.0-rc2
4 years ago flume-1.0.0-rc3 flume-1.0.0-rc3
4 years ago flume-1.0.0-rc4 flume-1.0.0-rc4
4 years ago flume-1.1.0-incubating-rc0 flume-1.1.0-incubating-rc0
4 years ago flume-1.1.0-incubating-rc1 flume-1.1.0-incubating-rc1
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