2021-02-16  ddekanyUpgraded FreeMarker dependency master
2020-03-07  ddekanyUpdated to FreeMarker 2.3.30
2020-03-07  ddekanyAvoid ERROR log for using dynamic current version ...
2019-09-25  ddekanyUse SimpleObjectWrapper (a subclass of it with XML...
2019-08-18  ddekanyTrying to fix Travis problem
2019-08-18  ddekanyAvoid NPE when the 2nd command line argument is missing
2019-08-18  ddekanyUpgraded to DropWizard 1.3.14
2019-08-18  ddekanyUpdated/imprved README
2019-08-18  ddekanyUpgraded to FreeMarker 2.3.29
2018-08-07  ddekanyRedirecting old domains to https://try.freemarker.apach...
2018-05-19  ddekanyUpdated config yml to reflect production setup
2018-05-15  ddekanyLet's Encrypt verification URL and path must be /.well...
2018-05-15  ddekanyPrepared for HTTPS and working together with Let's...
2018-04-04  ddekanyUpdated FreeMarker dependency
2018-03-24  ddekanyDependency version upgrades, and related code changes.
2018-03-23  ddekanyUpgraded Jackson
2018-03-23  ddekanyUpgraded Dropwizard, adjusted template handling accordi...
2018-03-23  ddekany(Flattened assets/ directory structure)
2018-03-23  ddekanyAdded tagSyntax and interpolationSyntax dropdowns....
2018-03-22  ddekanyUpdated FreeMarker home page address
2018-02-09  ddekany(Gradle build fix)
2018-02-09  ddekany(Removed the removed banner.txt from the LICENSE)
2018-02-08  ddekanyRefined Rat excludes
2018-02-08  ddekanyRemoved or excluded any remaining files for which Rat...
2018-02-08  ddekanyAdded rat task to build.gradle
2018-02-08  ddekanyAdded missing copyright headers
2017-12-11  ddekanyUse CDN for pure.css. Also upgraded it to 1.0.0
2017-11-14  ddekanyImproved error message a bit more...
2017-11-14  ddekanyFixed poor error message ("undefined: undefined") when...
2017-11-14  ddekanyWorkaround for case when users manage to submit templat...
2017-11-07  ddekanyAdded FreeMarker configuration to Dropwizard
2017-11-07  ddekanyAdded some help to dropdowns
2017-11-07  ddekanyDon't pollute error log with #recover reports.
2017-11-07  ddekanyUpdated to FreeMarker 2.3.27
2017-06-25  ddekanyRedirected (HTTP 301) the old domain name to the new...
2017-06-25  ddekanyFurther cleanup: Upgraded Dropwizard to the latest...
2017-06-25  ddekanyUpdated production logging config
2017-06-25  ddekanyUpdated dependency versions
2017-06-25  ddekany(Updated gradlew.bat)
2017-06-25  ddekanyGradle files cleanup
2017-06-21 improvements
2017-06-21  ddekanyDropwizard config improvements
2017-06-21 improvements
2017-06-06  ddekanyAdjusted configuration to fit the VM at Apache
2017-06-06  ddekanyUpdated to FreeMarker 2.3.26
2017-06-06  ddekanyLog full exception information on failed tests, so...
2017-06-06  ddekany(Better .gitignore)
2017-05-08  ddekanyReplaced gradlew shell script with the custom one licen...
2017-05-08  ddekanyUpdated to refer to shadowJar
2017-05-05  ddekanyMerge commit 'refs/pull/10/head' of https://github...
2017-05-05  Pradeep Murugesanadded the coverage report badge to the readme 10/head
2017-05-05  Pradeep Murugesanadded the coverage report
2017-05-05  ddekanyMerge commit 'refs/pull/9/head' of
2017-05-05  Pradeep Murugesanadded the build status and edited the jdk 7 from read me 9/head
2017-05-04  ddekanyUpgraded the gradle and Java version. FatJar doesn...
2017-05-04  Pradeep Murugesanadded the java version as 8 8/head
2017-05-04  Pradeep Murugesanupgraded gradle to the latest version
2017-05-02  ddekanyMerge commit 'refs/pull/7/head' of
2017-04-30  Pradeep Murugesanadded the travis config 7/head
2017-04-30  Pradeep Murugesanremoved references to fallwizard
2017-04-28  Pradeep Murugesaninitial commit for dropwizard integration, removed...
2017-04-09  ddekanyRenamed the package to org.apache.freemarker.onlinetester
2017-04-09  Pradeep Murugesanrenamed the package name to org/apache/freemarker/onlin... 6/head
2017-04-07  ddekanyRemoved the jquery plugin files from source and license...
2017-04-07  Pradeep Murugesanremoved the jquery plugin files from source and license... 5/head
2017-04-06  ddekanyAdded the license references in the LICENSE file. Remov...
2017-04-06  Pradeep Murugesanadded the gradle related files to LICENSE and removed... 4/head
2017-04-06  Pradeep Murugesanadded the proper comments for the free marker templates
2017-04-06  Pradeep Murugesanadded the license references in the LICENSE file and...
2017-04-05  ddekanyLicense headers.
2017-04-05  Pradeep MurugesanAdded the license headers for missed gradle files 3/head
2017-04-05  Pradeep MurugesanAdded the license headers for all the source files
2017-04-01  ddekanyContribution from Kenshoo
2017-03-20  nirfeldmaninitial commit 2/head
2017-02-27  ddekanyInitial commit (LICENSE, etc.)