2022-06-22  Owen NicholsGEODE-10089: Update benchmark baseline develop
2022-05-26  Jacob BarrettAdds Java 17 support. (#169)
2022-05-24  Jacob BarrettGEODE-10296: Prevent JVM exit on parser error. (#168)
2022-05-05  Dan SmithGEODE-10278: Remove the geode-for-redis benchmarks
2022-04-06  Dan SmithGEODE-10126: Use system properties to configure redis
2022-03-18  Dick CavenderGEODE-10101: Update benchmark baseline
2022-03-17  Owen NicholsGEODE-10089: set version number to 1.15 to correspond...
2022-03-10  Eric ZoernerGEODE-10080: Upgrade jedis to 4.1.1 (#165)
2022-03-05  Jacob BarrettFixes negative index. (#164)
2022-02-18  Jens DeppeFix Jedis version to the version defined by benchmarks
2022-02-04  Eric ZoernerGeode for Redis PubSub Benchmarks (#162)
2022-01-26  Dick Cavenderupdate default benchmark baseline on develop
2021-12-15  Owen Nicholsupdate default benchmark baseline on develop
2021-12-11  Owen Nicholsupdate default benchmark baseline on develop
2021-11-30  Jens DeppeRevert "GEODE-9862: protect from jgit6.0.0 when buildin...
2021-11-30  Sean GollerGEODE-9862: protect from jgit6.0.0 when building older...
2021-11-05  Eric ZoernerGEODE-9291: Add benchmark for Zrem (#160)
2021-11-04  Owen NicholsGEODE-9796: workaround for cgroups issue
2021-10-29  Eric ZoernerGEODE-9291 sorted set benchmarks - more benchmarks...
2021-10-27  Eric ZoernerGEODE-9291 Benchmarks for sorted sets (#158)
2021-10-26  Jens DeppeGEODE-9773: Update Radish region name
2021-10-14  Dan SmithGEODE-9175: Reducing the noise from the logging benchma...
2021-10-14  Dan SmithSuppressing extra output in the script
2021-10-13  Dan SmithSlight tweak to the widths in DumpResults script
2021-10-11  Hale Balesmove the baseline version to the most recently released...
2021-10-09  Owen NicholsGEODE-9567: rename Redis compatibility
2021-10-08  Ray InglesGEODE-9567: rename Redis compatibility
2021-10-07  Dan SmithRemoving references to Geode internal classes (#155)
2021-09-01  Jens DeppeMerge pull request #154 from jdeppe-pivotal/feature...
2021-08-19  Jens DeppeRemove file copy logging 154/head
2021-06-16  Jacob BarrettAdd key range support to more benchmarks.
2021-05-18  Jacob BarrettRename Redis region.
2021-05-17  SarahAdd ManualRedisTopology test for hosts and ports (...
2021-05-17  Jacob BarrettAdds Redis benchmarks. (#150)
2021-05-10  Owen NicholsGEODE-8321: part 3 - remove adoptopenjdk
2021-04-26  Dan SmithGEODE-9176: Pass TEST_HOSTS with benchmark. prefix
2021-04-26  Dan SmithGEODE-9176: Automatically pass properties to benchmark...
2021-04-21  Dan SmithGEODE-9177: Adding a new analyzer that dumps data in...
2021-03-25  Donal EvansDisable P2pPartitionedPutLongBenchmark (#140)
2021-03-04  Donal EvansPrevent Travis build timeout
2021-03-03  Donal EvansPrevent Travis build timeout 139/head 142/head 143/head
2021-02-12  Owen NicholsBumping copyright year to 2021
2020-11-19  Hale Balesrevert change to output file naming (#138)
2020-11-17  Jacob BarrettAdds a router to SNI proxy topology. (#137)
2020-11-17  Jacob BarrettImproves on SNI proxy benchmarking. (#136)
2020-11-16  Robert HoughtonMoved #cloud-config to be first line so EC2 knows it...
2020-11-12  Jacob BarrettAdds peer to peer benchmarks. (#135)
2020-08-12  Robert HoughtonRevert "allow AMI picking with arbitrary username accou... feature/GEODE-7665
2020-08-12  Robert Houghtonallow AMI picking with arbitrary username accounts...
2020-07-15  Sean GollerGEODE-8348: Add support for customizable purpose tag...
2020-07-15  Jacob BarrettRevert "Enable long bench"
2020-07-15  Jacob BarrettEnable long bench
2020-06-26  Sean GollerAdd liberica JDKs to image.
2020-06-08  Bill BurchamTLS SNI support via "withSniProxy" Option (#129)
2020-05-04  David BarnesBumping copyright year to 2020 rel/v1.13.0 rel/v1.13.0.RC1 rel/v1.13.1 rel/v1.13.1.RC1 rel/v1.13.1.RC2
2020-04-22  Anthony BakerGEODE-8006 Add .asf.yaml to control notifications
2020-04-21  Dan SmithEnabling logging for the geode-benchmarks (#128)
2020-01-22  Dan SmithGEODE-7716: Use gradlew that does not require a checked... dunitrunner-readme support/1.10 rel/v1.12.0 rel/v1.12.0.RC1 rel/v1.12.0.RC2 rel/v1.12.0.RC3 rel/v1.12.0.RC4
2020-01-22  Owen Nicholsupgrade gradle from 5.0 to 5.4 (#126)
2019-12-23  Helena Balesfix output dir motification (#124)
2019-12-18  Helena Balesinstall JDK11 on image and fix image script issue with...
2019-12-17  Jacob BarrettFixes exclude of LongBenchmarks
2019-12-13  Helena Balesexclude flaky LongBenchmarks from running in CI or...
2019-12-12  Helena BalesExclude failing NoopBenchmark (#121)
2019-12-11  Helena BalesGEODE-7554: Add retry mechanism for failed tests (...
2019-12-06  Helena BalesConfirm and retry AWS instance allocations. (#119)
2019-12-02  Helena Balesstabilize putall tests (#118)
2019-11-25  Helena Balesrewrite createSecurityGroup method in LaunchCluster...
2019-11-15  Helena Balesretry creating the security group (#116)
2019-10-25  Helena A. Balestemporarily exclude flaky tests
2019-10-24  Helena A. Balesexclude broken Noop test until it can be fixed
2019-10-22  Jacob BarrettUses full dedicated host and adds more configuration...
2019-10-16  Jacob BarrettFixes target resolution.
2019-10-15  Jacob BarrettAllow repository to by rsync'd from local host rather...
2019-09-30  Jacob BarrettAdds more command line configuration options. (#112)
2019-09-19  Jacob BarrettGet first host by array reference (#109)
2019-09-19  Jacob BarrettGet first host by array reference (#109)
2019-09-19  Jacob BarrettCreate dedicated hosts (#109)
2019-09-18  Jacob BarrettRevert "Create dedicated hosts (#109)"
2019-09-18  Jacob BarrettCreate dedicated hosts (#109)
2019-09-17  Jacob BarrettIgnore PartitionedFunctionExecutionBenchmark
2019-09-16  Jacob BarrettRevert "Create dedicated hosts (#109)"
2019-09-13  Kamilla AslamiCreate dedicated hosts (#109)
2019-09-13  Helena A. BalesRevert "Prevent too many keys being offered to ssh...
2019-09-12  Donal EvansPrevent too many keys being offered to ssh server ...
2019-09-12  Kamilla AslamiCheck that security group exists (#107)
2019-09-12  Kamilla AslamiAdd *LongBenchmark (#110)
2019-09-06  Kamilla AslamiEnabled PutAll benchmarks (#106)
2019-09-05  Kamilla AslamiStabilizes query benchmarks (#104)
2019-09-03  Kamilla AslamiFix hash map keys in PutAllTask (#105)
2019-08-27  Jacob BarrettStabilizes function benchmarks (#101)
2019-08-26  Donal EvansExpanding and clarifying readme files for using aws...
2019-08-21  Kamilla Aslami Fixed spotless configuration to support groovy and...
2019-08-19  Sean GollerRemove unattended upgrades so ubuntu doesn't try to...
2019-08-12  Jacob BarrettLower thread count for improved stability. (#98)
2019-07-25  Helena Balesdisable replicated and partitioned putAll benchmark...
2019-07-25  Kamilla AslamiAdded --baselineDir and branchDir options to analyze_te...
2019-07-22  Murtuza BoxwalaUser can run benchmarks with SecurityManager (#91)
2019-07-22  Murtuza BoxwalaGenerate a self-signed certificate for SSL (#90)
2019-07-17  Kamilla AslamiUser can run benchmarks with alternative JVM (#89)