2022-05-09  Owen NicholsGEODE-10089: Update examples version develop
2022-05-05  Dan SmithGEODE-10278: Remove the geode-for-redis example
2022-04-01  Dan SmithGEODE-10151: Extract redis before start
2022-03-31  Dan SmithGEODE-10151: Extract redis distribution
2022-03-17  Owen NicholsRevert "pair develop examples with 1.16.0 now that...
2022-01-29  Donal EvansGEODE-9907: Add larger timeout to JedisCluster in Redis...
2022-01-26  Owen Nicholspair develop examples with 1.16.0 now that support...
2022-01-26  Owen NicholsBumping copyright year to 2022
2022-01-21  Owen Nicholsfix build failure due to indirect dependency on jcenter
2022-01-19  Brennan FoxRestore Apache Geode graphic (#112)
2021-12-09  Donal EvansGEODE-9814: Add geode-for-redis example (#110)
2021-11-04  Dale EmeryGEODE:9791: Update Mockito dependency to 4.0.0
2021-07-19  Dave BarnesGEODE-9430: update Tomcat sessionState example (#108)
2021-02-12  Owen Nicholspair develop examples with 1.15.0 now that support...
2021-02-12  Owen NicholsBumping copyright year to 2021
2021-01-08  Owen NicholsGEODE-8496: Bump gradle from 5.4 to 5.5 to match geode
2021-01-04  Ashish ChoudharyGEODE-8737: Create new geode example about rest api...
2021-01-04  Ashish ChoudharyGEODE-8751: geode compression example (#106)
2020-07-31  Owen NicholsUpdate README with instructions to check out correct...
2020-07-31  Owen Nicholsrestore mavenCentral as a fallback so that geodeVersion...
2020-05-11  Owen NicholsSimplify fetch of Geode artifacts. Reset geode version...
2020-05-08  Robert HoughtonSimplify fetch of Geode artifacts. Reset geode version...
2020-05-05  David BarnesCorrect version string from 1.14-SNAPSHOT to 1.14.0...
2020-05-04  David Barnespoint develop examples to 1.14-SNAPSHOT now that suppor...
2020-05-04  David BarnesBumping copyright year to 2020
2020-04-26  Owen NicholsGEODE-8026: name src release artifacts consistently
2020-04-26  Owen Nicholspoint develop examples to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-04-26  Owen NicholsGEODE-8026: name release artifacts consistently
2020-04-22  Anthony BakerUpdated notifications configuration file
2020-04-21  Anthony BakerAdded .asf.yaml to control notifications
2020-03-27  Owen Nicholsremove binaries
2020-03-26  Robert Houghtonfix GEODE_HOME path for running examples from gradle
2020-03-26  Robert HoughtonAdd missing geode-lucene to dependency-substitution...
2020-03-26  Robert HoughtonGEODE-6532: Dependency changes to examples related...
2020-03-26  Owen NicholsGEODE-7719: no need to create both .tar.gz AND .zip
2020-02-28  Robert HoughtonSimplify geode-install path for running examples
2020-02-27  Robert HoughtonGEODE-6532: Dependency changes to examples related...
2019-11-01  Aaron LindseyGEODE-7390: Add Micrometer metrics example (#90)
2019-10-30  Robert HoughtonAllow custom geode integration (#87)
2019-10-30  Dan SmithGEODE-7177: Removing the use of an internal logging...
2019-10-14  Ernie BurghardtAdd dependency for geode-logging
2019-10-08  Alberto Bustamante... GEODE-2256: Colocation example (#88)
2019-08-20  Xiaojian ZhouMerge pull request #84 from BenjaminPerryRoss/AddSessio...
2019-08-06  Benjamin RossKicking off PR build 84/head
2019-08-05  Yan Gangupdate the link of build status
2019-08-02  Benjamin RossMade improvements to README, example-setup, and webapp...
2019-08-02  Dick CavenderRoll version number to 1.11.0
2019-08-01  brossAdded session state example
2019-07-26  Dan SmithUse openjdk for travis checks
2019-05-13  Jianxia ChenMerge pull request #76 from apache/jdbc
2019-05-10  Jianxia ChenMove some gfsh commands from the script to README 76/head
2019-05-06  Jianxia ChenSkip image files for license checking
2019-05-06  Jianxia ChenAdd JDBC Connector Diagram
2019-05-03  Jianxia ChenAdd JDBC Connector example.
2019-04-13  Sai BoorlagaddaGEODE-6648: use org.junit.Assert.assertEquals
2019-04-12  Sai BoorlagaddaUpdate version for future 1.10.0 release
2019-02-27  Dan SmithGEODE-6463: Use for...
2019-01-14  Ryan McMahonGEODE-5806: Adding example for durable messaging in...
2019-01-14  Ryan McMahonGEODE-6060: Properly registering example cache listener
2018-12-10  Owen NicholsGEODE-5964 run geode-examples with java11 (#70)
2018-12-01  Alexander MurmannGEODE-6120 - Fix missing commons-lang
2018-11-30  Alexander MurmannUpdate version for future 1.9.0 release
2018-10-04  nabarunFixing the version rel/v1.8.0
2018-10-03  nabarunMerge branch 'release/1.7.0' into develop
2018-09-18  Anthony BakerUpdated copyright date in NOTICE
2018-09-14  nabarunVersion numbers updated to 1.7.0 rel/v1.7.0
2018-09-05  Jacob BarrettUses tarTree to extract distribution.
2018-09-05  Jacob BarrettUpdates snapshot respository and fetches tgz file.
2018-08-23  Karen MillerMerge pull request #67 from karensmolermiller/feature...
2018-08-23  Karen MillerGEODE-5616 Correct formatting of steps 9 and 10 in... 67/head
2018-08-15  Udo KohlmeyerMerge pull request #66 from dihardman/feature/GEODE...
2018-08-07  Diane HardmanUpdated start.gfsh to remove list members commands... 66/head
2018-08-07  Diane HardmanFixed link to WAN documentation.
2018-08-07  Diane HardmanUpdated README based on feedback. Removed pdx read...
2018-08-07  Diane HardmanAdded wan/scripts/start.gfsh to be used by runAll
2018-08-07  Diane HardmanGEODE-5414: Adding WAN example.
2018-07-26  Dan SmithRevert "Merge pull request #64 from dihardman/feature...
2018-07-26  Karen MillerMerge pull request #64 from dihardman/feature/GEODE...
2018-07-24  Diane HardmanFixed link to WAN documentation. 64/head
2018-07-24  Diane HardmanUpdated README based on feedback. Removed pdx read...
2018-07-20  Diane HardmanAdded wan/scripts/start.gfsh to be used by runAll
2018-07-19  Diane HardmanGEODE-5414: Adding WAN example.
2018-06-22  Jianxia ChenMerge pull request #63 from apache/feature/overflow...
2018-06-22  Patrick JohnsonAdded overflow example link to 63/head
2018-06-22  Jianxia ChenClarified expected output in
2018-06-22  Addison HuddyAdding a CQ Example
2018-06-22  Patrick JohnsonAdded example of overflow
2018-06-20  Dave BarnesRevert "Adding a CQ Example (#58)" (#60)
2018-06-20  Addison HuddyAdding a CQ Example (#58) 61/head
2018-06-19  Jianxia ChenMerge pull request #59 from pjohnspivot/patch-1
2018-06-18  pjohnspivotFixed typo 59/head
2018-05-23  nabarunUpdate the version to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT, post release...
2018-05-16  Jens DeppeGEODE-5001: Update log4j dependency
2018-05-07  Anthony BakerBump version number
2018-05-02  Anthony BakerRemove KEYS file since keys are maintained in the geode...
2018-05-02  Mike StolzMerge branch 'release/1.6.0' into develop
2018-05-02  Mike StolzMerge branch 'release/1.6.0'
2018-04-25  Mike StolzAdding Mikes keys and changing version to 1.6.0 rel/v1.6.0
2018-04-06  Swapnil BawaskarMerge branch 'release/1.5.0'
2018-03-21  Anthony BakerGEODE-4903 Remove md5 checksums