descriptionApache Geode
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 27 Sep 2022 11:28:18 +0000 (13:28 +0200)
9 days ago  Mario KevoAdding the PGP keys for Mario Kevo with apache ID ... develop
2022-09-20  WeijieESTGEODE-10410: Fix bucket lost during rebalance (#7857)
2022-09-20  Mario KevoGEODE-10395 remove locks from List if dlock.acquireTryL...
2022-09-19  Mario IvanacGEODE-10331: schedule delayed CloseEndpoint (#7849)
2022-09-16  Mario IvanacGEODE-10421: Improve start gw sender with clean-queue...
2022-09-14  Mario KevoGEODE-10415: bump dependencies due to vulnerability...
2022-09-14  Mario IvanacGEODE-10419: Enhancment of backup disk-store command...
2022-09-14  Mario KevoGEODE-10422: add Note for parallel recovery disk store...
2022-09-12  Alberto GomezGEODE-10420: Finish distribute() work if interrupted...
2022-09-12  WeijieESTGEODE-10409: Fix rebalance load model missing collocate...
2022-09-09  Mario IvanacGEODE-10335_1: add compareAndSet (#7850)
2022-09-09  Mario IvanacGEODE-10336: set lastInstance to null (#7843)
2022-09-08  Jakov VareninaGEODE-10056: Improve gateway-receiver load balance...
2022-09-08  Mario IvanacGEODE-10335: TXManagerImpl.close resets currentInstance...
2022-09-07  Mario IvanacGEODE-10337: add use of SocketCreatorFactory.close...
2022-09-07  Alberto GomezGEODE-10417: Fix NullPointerException in WAN replicatio...
7 days ago rel/v1.15.1.RC1 Release candidate 1.15.1.RC1
3 months ago rel/v1.15.0 Apache Geode v1.15.0 release
3 months ago rel/v1.15.0.RC1 Release candidate 1.15.0.RC1
6 months ago rel/v1.14.4 Apache Geode v1.14.4 release
6 months ago rel/v1.13.8 Apache Geode v1.13.8 release
6 months ago rel/v1.12.9 Apache Geode v1.12.9 release
7 months ago rel/v1.14.4.RC1 Release candidate 1.14.4.RC1
7 months ago rel/v1.13.8.RC1 Release candidate 1.13.8.RC1
7 months ago rel/v1.12.9.RC1 Release candidate 1.12.9.RC1
8 months ago rel/v1.14.3 Apache Geode v1.14.3 release
8 months ago rel/v1.13.7 Apache Geode v1.13.7 release
8 months ago rel/v1.12.8 Apache Geode v1.12.8 release
8 months ago rel/v1.14.3.RC1 Release candidate 1.14.3.RC1
8 months ago rel/v1.13.7.RC1 Release candidate 1.13.7.RC1
8 months ago rel/v1.12.8.RC1 Release candidate 1.12.8.RC1
9 months ago rel/v1.14.2 Apache Geode v1.14.2 release
27 hours ago dependabot/bundler/geode-book/addressable-2.8.1
9 days ago develop
2 weeks ago support/1.15
5 weeks ago support/1.13
5 weeks ago support/1.12
5 weeks ago support/1.14
7 weeks ago 1.2
2 months ago dependabot/bundler/geode-book/tzinfo-1.2.10
3 months ago master
3 months ago feature/GEODE-7665
4 months ago feature/GEODE-10350
4 months ago feature/GEODE-10349
4 months ago dependabot/bundler/geode-book/puma-5.6.4
5 months ago feature/GEODE-10279
5 months ago revert-7381-newfeature1/GEODE-9484
5 months ago geode-for-redis-still-exists