2022-06-17  Jean-Louis... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... master
2022-06-17  Jean-Louis... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release batchee-1.0.2 batchee-1.0.2
2022-02-21  Jean-Louis... refine jakarta relocation patterns
2022-01-31  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-156 only log a warning on CNFE
2022-01-28  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-156 report wrong class names in exception config
2022-01-28  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-155 also update maven-jar-plugin and maven...
2022-01-28  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-155 upgrade to apache-parent-24
2021-10-28  Romain Manni... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-10-28  Romain Manni... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release batchee-1.0.1 batchee-1.0.1
2021-10-27  Romain Manni... surefire for spring-boot/surefire incompatibility
2021-10-25  Romain Manni... BATCHEE-153 enable to build the project on java 11...
2021-10-25  Romain Manni... BATCHEE-152 spring-boot/spring-batch batchee UI wiring
2021-04-30  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-151 fix concurrent explode problem
2021-04-30  Mark Strubergremove IllegalStateException catch block
2021-04-29  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-151 fix race condition when exploding apps
2021-04-28  Mark StrubergJMXTest did trigger TomEE - do it with container
2021-04-28  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-150 fix broken deleteStepExecution JDBC
2021-04-28  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-148 upgrade to EE8
2021-04-28  Mark Strubergupdate maven-assembly-plugin
2021-04-28  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-148 upgrade to EE8
2021-04-28  Mark Strubergunwrap InvocationTargetException
2021-04-28  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-149 only use CDI if container is started
2021-04-28  Mark Strubergset version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-04-28  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-147 upgrade to latest apache parent 23
2021-02-22  Romain Manni... fixing copyright
2021-02-22  Romain Manni... comment incubator refs
2020-11-12  Romain Manni... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-11-12  Romain Manni... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release batchee-0.6 batchee-0.6
2020-11-12  Romain Manni... [BATCHEE-141][BATCHEE-142] add cdise lifecycle for...
2020-04-20  Romain Manni... Merge pull request #3 from chberger/BATCHEE-140
2020-04-19  Christian BergerBATCHEE-140 Propagate JobOperatorImpl instance to 3/head
2020-04-14  Romain Manni... bad Thread.interrupted usage
2020-04-14  Christian BergerBATCHEE-139 Fixed checkstyle and license issues 2/head
2020-04-13  Christian BergerBATCHEE-139 Fixed NPE in JPAPersistenceManagerService
2020-04-13  Christian BergerFixed some junit tests to work with JPAPersistenceManag...
2020-03-11  Romain Manni... BATCHEE-138 ensure we don't fail when a chunk is stoppe...
2020-03-06  Romain Manni... BATCHEE-136 ensure exception of job listeners are not...
2019-06-01  Romain Manni... first pass to get a geronimo website
2018-11-30  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-135 fixed batchee-cli names
2018-07-31  Romain Manni... BATCHEE-134 patch from Alexander Falb to fix openejb...
2018-07-09  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-131 keep track of running threads
2018-07-09  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-131 shutdown BatchEE-CLI on Ctrl-C
2018-07-03  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-133 fix remote stop
2018-03-25  Romain Manni... BATCHEE-132 ensure ServicesManager represents the ...
2018-03-20  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-131 keep track of running jobs
2017-12-06  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-128 fixed KEYS file
2017-12-06  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-130 updated archive links
2017-12-01  Reinhard Sandtner[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-12-01  Reinhard Sandtner[maven-release-plugin] prepare release batchee-0.5... batchee-0.5-incubating
2017-12-01  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-129 upgrade maven-plugin-plugin to generat...
2017-12-01  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-129 fixed javadoc errors
2017-12-01  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-128 added KEYS, fixed NOTICE
2017-11-28  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-127 fixed NPE if context not active
2017-11-21  Mark Strubergupdate to openejb-core-7.0.4
2017-11-21  Alexander FalbBATCHEE-125 add FIELD, METHOD to scope annotations
2017-06-28  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-122 removed BeforeStepScopeListener
2017-06-23  rmannibucauBATCHEE-121 ensure cli can use default values for options
2017-06-23  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-121 add a way to define a lifecycle via system...
2017-06-22  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-120 add a way to configure the splash screen...
2017-06-21  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-119 upgrade various dependencies
2017-06-21  Mark Strubergmove tomcat config to a profile and add tomee
2017-03-21  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-117 added deciderTest
2017-01-13  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-115 implemented portable Job/StepContext
2017-01-11  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-116 fixed typo in database-mysql.sql
2017-01-02  rmannibucaucopyright year
2016-12-21  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-114 make Contexts Typed etc
2016-12-20  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-113 added test for improved scope handling
2016-12-20  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-113 improve CDI scope for Jobs and Steps
2016-09-29  rmannibucauadding download link
2016-09-26  Mark Strubergadding LICENSE and NOTICE to source top level
2016-09-26  rmannibucaulicense/notice for servlet embedded module
2016-09-26  rmannibucau[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-09-26  rmannibucau[maven-release-plugin] prepare release batchee-0.4...
2016-09-23  Reinhard Sandtnerfixed copy/paste disclaimer
2016-09-22  rmannibucaupom names consistency
2016-09-22  rmannibucaufixing duration wiring
2016-09-07  Romain manni... BATCHEE-112 persistence service doesnt support multiple...
2016-09-07  Romain manni... allow to build a JobOperator from a ServicesManager...
2016-09-01  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-109 remove rest of shiro dependency
2016-08-31  Romain manni... BATCHEE-111 upgrade to tomee 7 our bundle
2016-08-30  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-99 add metrics to simplerest
2016-08-29  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-100 add README
2016-08-26  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-110 upgrade johnzon to 0.9.5
2016-08-26  Mark Strubergimprove GUI description
2016-08-18  Romain manni... BATCHEE-109 removing SecurityService
2016-08-17  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-107 improve getJobNames handling
2016-08-03  Romain manni... upgrading website to let it be buildable with last...
2016-08-03  Romain manni... adding few more doc on maven doc goal and cli mode
2016-08-03  Romain manni... BATCHEE-106 fixing batchee script for cygwin
2016-08-03  Romain manni... BATCHEE-104 BATCHEE-105 few tweaks on the documentation...
2016-08-03  Romain manni... BATCHEE-103 BATCHEE-102 BATCHEE-101 upgrade xbean ...
2016-05-15  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-88 improve handling in case of error during...
2016-05-15  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-88 unit test which shows the broken TX error...
2016-05-15  Mark StrubergBATCHEE-89 use geronimo spec api for jta
2016-04-26  Romain manni... BATCHEE-54 BATCHEE-69 applying Scott Kurz's patches...
2016-03-11  Romain manni... BATCHEE-98 try to find not ran jobs for embedded servle...
2016-02-18  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-97 fixed queries
2016-02-18  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-96 removed @Temporal from java.sql.Timestamp...
2016-02-15  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-95 fixed license header
2016-02-15  Reinhard SandtnerBATCHEE-95 stop subJobs only if they are running