descriptionApache Geronimo TXManager
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 24 Feb 2022 10:29:31 +0000 (11:29 +0100)
2022-02-24  Jean-Louis... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... trunk
2022-02-24  Jean-Louis... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release geronimo-txmanag... geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.5
2022-02-24  Jean-Louis... No idea why first approach would not work
2022-02-24  Jean-Louis... Use the right variable name so it works better
2022-02-24  Jean-Louis... Forces java module name
2022-02-24  Jean-Louis... Avoid javadoc failures on JDK8 and upper
2022-02-23  Jean-Louis... Update parent pom to latest
2022-02-21  Jean-Louis... add javax.resource pattern for relocation
2022-02-21  Jean-Louis... Better and simpler management for future maintenance...
2022-02-21  Jean-Louis... Forgot to update the target relocation
2022-02-21  Jean-Louis... Shade plugin does not handler to replace back some...
2022-02-21  Jean-Louis... GERONIMO-6827 javax.transaction.xa must remain in the...
2022-02-16  Jean-Louis... GERONIMO-6827 Add support for a Jakarta compatible...
2021-07-21  Fran├žois PaponMerge pull request #7 from fpapon/migrate
2021-07-21  francois paponUpdate scm informations after svn to gitbox migration... 7/head
2016-11-10  Guillaume Nodet[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... trunk
7 months ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.5 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
5 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.4 geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.4
7 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.3 geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.3
7 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.2 geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.2
11 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.1 geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1.1
11 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.2.2 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.2.2
11 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1 geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.1
11 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.2.1 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.2.1
12 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.2 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.2
12 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.0 geronimo-txmanager-parent-3.0
12 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.4 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.4
13 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.3 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.3
13 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.2 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.2
14 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.0.3 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.0.3
14 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1
14 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.1 geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.1
7 months ago trunk
11 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.2
11 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1.1
12 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.1
14 years ago geronimo-txmanager-parent-2.0.3
14 years ago 2.0.2
14 years ago 2.0