2017-02-19  David JencksMerge IBM development contributiions. As it does not... master
2016-10-17  Alan CabreraUpdate copyright notice
2016-08-15  David JencksMerge branch 'really-stop2' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-08-11  David JencksArrive at phaser only after acceptor is shut down and...
2016-08-11  David JencksMerge branch 'phaser-deregister' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-08-04  David JencksCorrect phaser usage to deregister parties as they...
2016-07-05  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'tidy-ushort-conversions' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-07-05  Neil GM RichardsSimplify conversion of unsigned short port numbers...
2016-07-04  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'connector-impl-construction' into 'ibm...
2016-07-04  Neil GM RichardsCorrect calls to Connector_impl construction
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'improve-singleton-init' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsUse initialization holder class idiom
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch '' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsAdd extra check for connector helper setting in Connect...
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsAvoid duplicate processing with selective locking,...
2016-06-20  Neil GM RichardsCorrect ValueMembers creation, caching for ValueDescrip...
2016-06-20  Neil GM RichardsImprove test coordination reducing use of Thread.sleep().
2016-06-07  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'Fix-bad-loops-in-Util' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-06-06  Joe ChackoRemoved incorrect loop counter in Util.
2016-05-11  David JencksMerge branch 'guard-slow-logging' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-05-10  David JencksGuard slow logging
2016-03-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'idl-entity-read' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-03-27  Neil GM RichardsCorrect helper read lookup
2016-03-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'refix-typecode' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-03-27  Neil GM RichardsRe-fix typeCode generation
2016-03-26  Neil GM RichardsBetter encapsulate singleton TypeRepository, ValueHandl...
2016-03-26  Neil GM RichardsFurther rmi-impl refactoring
2016-03-25  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'enum-fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-03-24  Neil GM RichardsUse YASF negotiation to maintain stream compatibility...
2016-03-22  Neil GM RichardsTighten access to ModelElement fields
2016-03-18  Neil GM RichardsEncapsulate init of ModelElement fields and Descriptor...
2016-03-18  Neil GM RichardsIntroduce ModelElement.init() - use it for gathering...
2016-03-18  Neil GM RichardsImprove ModelElement encapsulation
2016-03-18  Neil GM RichardsAdd Enum support to FVD negotiation; Fix Enum transmiss...
2016-03-15  Neil GM RichardsHandle java.lang.Enum itself via its own TypeDescriptor
2016-03-15  Neil GM RichardsAvoid writing out fields of Enum subclasses
2015-11-11  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'fix_gc_bug_in_test' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-11-11  Joe ChackoFix gc bug in test.
2015-11-11  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'request_id_unique_to_connection' into...
2015-11-11  Neil RichardsForce test to wait for system to enqueue references.
2015-11-11  Joe ChackoFix comments and improve method names.
2015-11-10  Joe ChackoMake request id unique to connection.
2015-10-29  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'workaround_mockito' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-10-29  Joe ChackoRemoved unused constructor and fixed intermittent unit...
2015-10-28  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'connection_counting' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-10-28  Joe ChackoCache outbound connections with reference counting.
2015-08-24  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'clean-up-connection-clean-up' into 'ibm...
2015-08-24  Neil RichardsRefactored to use modern Java syntax and idiom
2015-08-03  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'support_skipped_fields' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-08-03  Neil RichardsNobble failing test (for now)
2015-08-03  Neil RichardsAllow meta calls for classes with two self-references
2015-08-03  Neil RichardsAdd failing FVD test
2015-08-03  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'reuse_remote_naming_contexts' into 'ibm...
2015-08-03  Neil RichardsReuse remote naming context servant
2015-07-14  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'npe_in_meta' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-07-14  Neil RichardsAdd testcase for fix in fvd generation.
2015-07-09  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'yoko_auxilliary_stream_format' into ...
2015-07-07  Neil RichardsAdd Yoko Auxilliary Stream Format tagged component...
2015-06-15  Neil RichardsFix bad recursion in getValueMembers()
2015-06-08  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'ueinfo_with_downcall_locking' into 'ibm...
2015-06-08  Neil RichardsCorrect is_custom information sent in FVD
2015-06-05  Neil RichardsEnhance TypeDescriptor caching / retrieval
2015-06-05  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into ueinfo_with_downcall_locking
2015-06-05  Neil RichardsDefer unmarshalling UnknownExceptionInfo data
2015-06-05  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'shutdown-hole-1' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-06-05  Neil Richardswhitespace only
2015-06-05  David Jencksregister the server starter run thread with the phaser...
2015-06-04  Neil RichardsUse read/write locking for downcall state engine
2015-06-03  Neil RichardsEnhance UnknownExceptionInfo unmarshalling handling
2015-05-29  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'correct_UserExceptionInfo_data' into...
2015-05-29  Neil RichardsCorrect format of data for UserExceptionInfo service...
2015-05-28  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'disable-repid-class-cache' into 'ibm...
2015-05-28  Neil RichardsUse Pattern.quote() for compiled split patterns
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsSpecial-case
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsProduce best-of-breed repid to class name conversion
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsImprove RepIds.fixName implementation
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsProvide RepId utils from yoko-util
2015-05-27  Joe ChackoDo not use the cached class when converting a ClassDesc...
2015-05-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'bidir-deadlock' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'bidir-deadlock.2' into bidir-deadlock
2015-05-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'classbasedesc_doprivileged' into 'ibm...
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsUse doPrivileged in ClassBaseDescriptor.init()
2015-05-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'class_marshalling' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsCorrect Class marshalling using ClassDesc
2015-05-26  David Jenckswork on shutdown logic; wait to close down pool until...
2015-05-26  Neil RichardsUse ReadWriteLock for receiver threads / shutdown
2015-05-26  David JencksFix deadlock on some jdks between write and close by...
2015-05-26  David Jencksuse internal ExecutorServices instead of thread groups...
2015-05-25  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'enum_type_fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-25  Neil RichardsEnsure zero suid for java.lang.Enum
2015-05-25  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'enum_type_fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-25  Neil RichardsFind correct enum type in class hierarchy
2015-05-24  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'unknown_exception_handling' into 'ibm...
2015-05-23  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 're-add_idl_entity_check' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-23  Neil RichardsRestore isIDLEntity check
2015-05-22  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'TypeRepo-with-ClassValue' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-21  Neil RichardsSearch TypeDescriptor cache first in meta(repId)
2015-05-21  Neil RichardsIndenting
2015-05-21  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2015-05-20  Neil RichardsPropagate unchecked exceptions in UnknownExceptionInfo...