descriptionApache Geronimo Yoko
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2017-02-19  David JencksMerge IBM development contributiions. As it does not... master
2016-10-17  Alan CabreraUpdate copyright notice
2016-08-15  David JencksMerge branch 'really-stop2' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-08-11  David JencksArrive at phaser only after acceptor is shut down and...
2016-08-11  David JencksMerge branch 'phaser-deregister' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-08-04  David JencksCorrect phaser usage to deregister parties as they...
2016-07-05  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'tidy-ushort-conversions' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-07-05  Neil GM RichardsSimplify conversion of unsigned short port numbers...
2016-07-04  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'connector-impl-construction' into 'ibm...
2016-07-04  Neil GM RichardsCorrect calls to Connector_impl construction
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'improve-singleton-init' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsUse initialization holder class idiom
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch '' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsAdd extra check for connector helper setting in Connect...
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsAvoid duplicate processing with selective locking,...
2016-06-20  Neil GM RichardsCorrect ValueMembers creation, caching for ValueDescrip...
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