2016-10-11  Sergey EdunovFixing RAT checks for Apache Giraph release release-1.2 23/head 95/head rel/1.2.0-RC1
2016-10-06  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1118 - Giraph-gora and Giraph-rexster test cases... rel/1.2.0-RC0
2016-10-05  Sergey Edunov GIRAPH-1118 - Giraph-gora and Giraph-rexster test...
2016-09-28  Sergey EdunovUpdate version to 1.2.0
2016-09-21  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1094 remove hbase1 from distribution for hadoop_1
2016-09-21  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1094 Remove hbase from hadoop_1
2016-09-09  Sergey Edunovhbase_fix
2016-08-25  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1098 Job may get stuck if zookeeper port fixed...
2016-08-25  Hassan EslamiFixing Giraph pom.xml to reflect new project committers
2016-08-25  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1105: Fix number of open requests in FacebookCon...
2016-07-19  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1097 Fix TestOutOfCore.testOutOfCoreLocalDiskAcc...
2016-07-18  Sergey Edunov[GIRAPH-1095] Performance regression after GIRAPH-1068
2016-07-13  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1092 TestCollections.testLargeBasicList fails...
2016-07-13  Maja Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1091] Fix SimpleRangePartitionFactoryTest
2016-07-13  Sergey EdunovFinbugs issues. Preparing for release
2016-07-13  Sergey EdunovPreparing for release
2016-07-12  Hassan Eslami[GIRAPH-1089] Fix a bug in out-of-core infrastructure
2016-07-11  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1085: Add InMemoryDataAccessor
2016-07-07  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1082: Remove limit on the number of partitions
2016-07-01  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1083: Make sure we fail after exception in ooc...
2016-06-29  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1080: Add FacebookConfiguration
2016-06-29  Hassan EslamiGIRAPH-1081: Fix a bug in internal out-of-core infra...
2016-06-28  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1079: Add triangle counting example
2016-06-27  Hassan EslamiDecouple out-of-core persistence infrastructure from...
2016-06-24  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1078 createZooKeeperServerList should use task...
2016-06-23  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1062: Page rank in Blocks&Pieces
2016-06-21  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1077: Jobs getting stuck after channel failure
2016-06-21  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1076 Race condition in FileTxnSnapLog
2016-06-20  Hassan EslamiImprove out-of-core metrics
2016-06-20  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1075 checkstyle
2016-06-20  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1075: UnsafeByteArrayOutputStream silently write...
2016-06-15  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1068 Make Zookeeper accept 0 as a port number...
2016-06-11  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1070 Comparators in PartitionUtils can overflow
2016-06-08  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1069 Race condition in all *ConfOption classes
2016-05-31  Hassan EslamiCleanup the old out-of-core message mechanism
2016-05-20  Sergey EdunovIntegrating out-of-core mechanism with credit-based...
2016-05-19  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1063: Make primitive type generated fixed capaci...
2016-05-19  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1065: Allow extending JobProgressTrackerService
2016-05-18  Maja KabiljoGRIAPH-1064: Reconnect JobProgressTracker
2016-05-10  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1061: Add Connected Components block factory
2016-05-10  Dionysios LogothetisBlock API handle
2016-05-09  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1060: Add combiner to connected components
2016-04-29  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1058: Fix connection retry logic
2016-04-29  spupyrevfixing cases when there is no conf
2016-04-26  Sergey EdunovDecoupling NettyClient from control flow policy
2016-04-26  Hassan EslamiSetting auto-read in Netty to false
2016-04-22  Avery ChingGIRAPH-1055: Javadoc fails build with Java 8
2016-04-22  Avery ChingGIRAPH-1054: Separate ThriftService from JobProgressTra...
2016-04-19  Maja Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1053] Log exceptions to command line
2016-04-12  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1041] Generate primitive type specific code
2016-04-08  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1052: Fix makeSymmetricUnweighted
2016-04-07  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1050: Add MapperObserver
2016-04-04  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1046: Add a way to synchronize full GC calls...
2016-04-04  Hassan EslamiImprove flow control on sender side (pre-requisite...
2016-04-01  spupyrevunsafe readers for varints
2016-03-23  spupyrevfaster varint
2016-03-18  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1041] Generate primitive type specific code...
2016-03-17  Tyler Serdar... Increase info-logging while waiting for straggler workers
2016-03-17  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1039: Fix stopping jmap histo thread
2016-03-15  spupyrevunsafe byte readers/writers
2016-03-15  Sergey EdunovNew out-of-core infrastructure (first patch including...
2016-03-08  Igor Kabiljo[easy] Log aggregate times per piece at the end
2016-03-07  Roman ShaposhnikGIRAPH-1044. Update book info in the User Docs / Relate...
2016-02-26  Sergey EdunovMaking threads in JobProgressService daemons
2016-02-25  Yuri SchimkeAdd PrepareGraphPieces.isSymmetricBlock to check for...
2016-01-27  Igor KabiljoUse Partitions in LocalBlockRunner
2016-01-15  Sergey EdunovImplementation of DirectWritableSerializerCopyTest...
2015-12-01  Sergey EdunovCorrection in interface documentation
2015-12-01  Sergey EdunovAdded vldb publication
2015-11-18  Sergey EdunovMake IntSupplier extend Serializable
2015-11-13  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1037] Surface worker index information to compu...
2015-10-22  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1036: Allow mappers to fail early on exceptions
2015-10-20  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1034 Allow IPs for Worker2Worker communication
2015-10-19  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1035: Make sure we are able to use all compute...
2015-10-19  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1033: Remove zookeeper from input splits handling
2015-10-09  Mayank PundirMerge seeded and unseeded BFS into a single BFS impleme...
2015-09-29  Sergey Edunov[GIRAPH-1031] Adding onAllMappersStarted callback
2015-09-10  spupyrevfixing large sets
2015-08-25  Igor KabiljoAdding Blocks Framework documentation
2015-07-30  Hassan Eslami[GIRAPH-1023] Adding out-of-core messages to previously...
2015-07-29  Sergey EdunovGIRAPH-1024mvn release:prepare not committing changes...
2015-07-27  Hassan Eslami[GIRAPH-1022] Adaptive out-of-core mechanism for input...
2015-07-16  Hassan EslamiGIRAPH-1021: Missing progress report for graph mutations
2015-07-15  Hassan Eslami[GIRAPH-1020] TaskInfo equality condition bug fix
2015-07-06  Hassan Eslami[GIRAPH-1019] Optimizing and debugging vertex mutation...
2015-07-02  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1013] Adding more libraries, algos and examples
2015-07-02  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1013] Adding prepare graph library in Java8
2015-06-29  Hassan EslamiGIRAPH-1018: Improving PartitionStore API to better...
2015-06-26  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH 1013] Adding TestGraphUtils and NumericTestGraph
2015-06-26  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1013] Adding reducer handle utilities
2015-06-24  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1017: Add support for ImmutableMap in Kryo
2015-06-23  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH 1013] Apply @edunov fix for block output
2015-06-17  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1015: Support vertex combiner in TestGraph
2015-06-16  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1013] Add library of common pieces and functions
2015-06-16  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1013] Add migration library
2015-06-16  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1013] Cleanup use of conf for local testing
2015-06-15  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1014: Decrease number of nifty threads created
2015-06-13  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1013] Add BlockExecutionTest
2015-06-13  Igor Kabiljo[GIRAPH-1013] Add local (single machine) implementation
2015-06-12  Maja KabiljoGIRAPH-1012: Remove giraph-hive