descriptionApache Guacamole Website Incubator
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 23 Jan 2019 22:38:59 +0000 (17:38 -0500)
2019-01-23  Virtually NickMerge document vulnerability CVE-2018-1340, fixed in... master
2019-01-23  Michael JumperDocument vulnerability CVE-2018-1340, fixed in 1.0.0. 69/head
2019-01-12  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-693: Merge changes updating copyright of...
2019-01-12  Omar SandovalGUACAMOLE-693: Update copyright year to 2019 68/head
2019-01-11  Nick CouchmanMerge archive releases older than 1.0.0.
2019-01-10  Michael JumperMark all archived releases as such. 67/head
2019-01-10  Michael JumperLink to for 0.9.13-incubating and...
2019-01-10  Michael JumperNote when a release is archived. Link to latest release...
2019-01-10  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-692: Merge updated artifact checksums.
2019-01-10  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-692: Update 1.0.0 release downloads to comply... 66/head
2019-01-10  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-692: Define the specific checksums included...
2019-01-09  James MuehlnerMerge release 1.0.0.
2019-01-09  Michael JumperUpdate top-level symbolic links to point to 1.0.0 docum... 65/head
2019-01-09  Michael JumperMark 1.0.0 as released.
2019-01-05  Nick CouchmanMerge add draft release notes for first RC of 1.0.0.
2019-01-04  Michael JumperSSH/SFTP host *key* checking, not "host checking". 64/head
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