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2022-01-11  Virtually NickMerge document vulnerabilities fixed in 1.4.0.
2022-01-11  Michael JumperDocument vulnerability CVE-2021-43999, fixed in 1.4.0. 102/head
2022-01-11  Michael JumperDocument vulnerability CVE-2021-41767, fixed in 1.4.0.
2022-01-02  Virtually NickMerge release 1.4.0.
2022-01-02  Michael JumperMark 1.3.0 as archived. 100/head
2022-01-02  Michael JumperMark 1.4.0 as released.
2022-01-02  Michael JumperUpdate top-level symbolic links to point to 1.4.0 docum...
2021-12-30  James MuehlnerMerge addition of draft release notes for first RC...
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