2022-08-25  Masatake IwasakiAdd CVE-2021-25642 description asf-site
2022-08-10  Wei-Chiu ChuangFix incorrect link from current3 to r3.3.4
2022-08-08  Steve LoughranHADOOP-18305. Release Hadoop 3.3.4: site docs
2022-08-04  Masatake IwasakiAdd CVE-2022-25168 description
2022-07-22  Masatake IwasakiHadoop 3.2.4 release.
2022-06-15  Masatake IwasakiAdd CVE-2021-37404 description
2022-06-15  Akira AjisakaAdd CVE-2021-33036 description
2022-06-14  litaoAdd Tao Li to Committer List (#39)
2022-05-31  Masatake Iwasakiaddendum: Hadoop 2.10.2 release.
2022-05-31  Masatake IwasakiHadoop 2.10.2 release.
2022-05-18  Steve LoughranHADOOP-18198. Hadoop 3.3.3 release.
2022-04-20  Gautham B AAdd details of CVE-2022-26612 (#38)
2022-03-28  Masatake IwasakiHadoop 3.2.3 release
2022-03-26  Benjamin TekeAdd Benjamin Teke to the committer list. (#37)
2022-03-09  Andras GyoriAdd Andras Gyori to Committer List (#36)
2022-03-08  Chao SunUpdate Chao Sun's info
2022-03-06  He XiaoqiaoAddendum: Hadoop 3.3.2 release
2022-03-06  Chao SunRegenerate site for Hadoop 3.3.2 release
2022-03-03  Chao SunHadoop 3.3.2 release
2022-01-17  Akira AjisakaHADOOP-18050. [addendum2] log4jshell.html -> log4shell...
2022-01-10  Brennan FoxCorrect usage of Hugo & typo cleanup (#35)
2021-12-22  Wei-Chiu ChuangHADOOP-18050. [addendum] Fix typo: log4jshell to log4shell.
2021-12-20  Wei-Chiu ChuangHADOOP-18050. [addendum] Added missing html file for...
2021-12-20  Wei-Chiu ChuangHADOOP-18050. Document Hadoop's stance on the log4jshel...
2021-11-30  Gautham B AUpdate prabhujoseph's organization (#30)
2021-11-26  zhuqiUpdate new company. (#32)
2021-11-08  Akira AjisakaUpdated aajisaka's organization
2021-11-05  Gautham B ARemove hugo binary (#29)
2021-11-05  Gautham B AAdd Gautham Banasandra to Hadoop committers' list ...
2021-08-24  Gera ShegalovUpdate NVIDIA committers
2021-08-24  Gera ShegalovUpdate NVIDIA committers
2021-08-20  Yi-Sheng LienHADOOP-17821. Move Ozone to related projects section...
2021-08-07  Yi-Sheng LienHADOOP-17838. Update link of PoweredBy wiki page (#27)
2021-07-22  Li ChengUpdate Li Cheng info to committers.
2021-07-14  Li ChengAdd Li Cheng info committers table.
2021-06-16  Wei-Chiu ChuangAdd generated docs from the last commit.
2021-06-15  Wei-Chiu ChuangRemove released 3.1.4 from website
2021-06-15  Wei-Chiu ChuangHadoop 3.3.1 release documents
2021-06-15  Wei-Chiu ChuangRevert "Revert "Announcing Ozone 1.1.0 release. Also...
2021-05-17  zhuqiAdd Qi Zhu to committers list.
2021-05-17  zhuqiAdd Qi Zhu to committers list.
2021-05-15  He XiaoqiaoAdd He Xiaoqiao to Hadoop PMC list.
2021-04-26  Szilard NemethAdd Szilard Nemeth to Hadoop PMC list
2021-04-26  cutiechiHADOOP-17664. Fix release change log url error (#24)
2021-04-22  Wei-Chiu ChuangHADOOP-17623. Add a publish section to the .asf.yaml...
2021-04-22  Wei-Chiu ChuangRevert "Announcing Ozone 1.1.0 release. Also Adding...
2021-04-20  Prashant PogdeAnnouncing Ozone 1.1.0 release. Also Adding related...
2021-04-07  Wei-Chiu ChuangHADOOP-17623. Add a publish section to the .asf.yaml...
2021-02-23  Akira AjisakaRemoved the link to old site.
2021-02-23  Akira AjisakaRemove old site
2021-01-26  Akira AjisakaPublish CVE-2020-9492.
2021-01-09  He XiaoqiaoHadoop 3.2.2 release documents.
2020-12-18  Akira AjisakaHADOOP-17435. Remove Hadoop 2.9.2 from the download...
2020-12-01  Eric BadgerAdd Eric Badger to Hadoop PMC list
2020-11-10  Takanobu AsanumaAdd Takanobu Asanuma to PMC list.
2020-10-28  Elek MártonAdd deprection notice to Ozone pages
2020-10-21  Akira AjisakaInclude CVE-2018-11764 in the CVE list.
2020-10-10  Hui FeiAdd Hui Fei to Hadoop committers list
2020-09-28  Akira AjisakaInclude CVE-2018-11765 in the CVE list.
2020-09-25  Mukul Kumar... Update GA release status on Ozone website
2020-09-22  Masatake IwasakiHadoop 2.10.1 release documents
2020-09-03  Sammi ChenAdd image credit
2020-09-03  Sammi ChenImprove Ozone 1.0.0 release announcement
2020-09-02  Elek MártonFix current link to ozone latest doc
2020-09-02  Sammi ChenOzone 1.0.0 Release Documents
2020-08-29  Gabor Bota3.1.4 release docs files for release
2020-08-12  maobaolongHDDS-3834. Add link to the documents of the edge/master...
2020-08-04  Ayush SaxenaAdd generated site.
2020-08-04  Ayush SaxenaAdd Ayush Saxena to PMC list.
2020-07-31  hemanthboyinaAdd Hemanth Boyina to Hadoop committers list
2020-07-22  Surendra Singh... Changed organization name for surendra singh lilhore
2020-07-15  Brahma Reddy... Adding 3.3.0 release
2020-07-13  Vinayakumar BAdded aarch64 binary in the releases
2020-06-18  He XiaoqiaoAdd He Xiaoqiao into Hadoop committers list.
2020-06-18  Lokesh JainAdd Lokesh Jain to PMC list
2020-06-11  swagleAdd Siddharth Wagle to Hadoop committers list.
2020-05-10  Zac ZhouModify organizations of zhouquan and liuxun.
2020-04-21  Masatake IwasakiAdd Masatake Iwasaki to PMC list.
2020-04-18  Akira AjisakaHADOOP-16993. Hadoop 3.1.2 download link is broken...
2020-04-17  David MollitorRemove David Mollitor from PMC List. Add David Mollitor...
2020-04-17  David MollitorAdd David Mollitor to committer list.
2020-04-16  Arpit AgarwalUpdate some download links
2020-04-13  Vivek Ratnavel... Add Vivek Ratnavel Subramanian and Aravindan Vijayan...
2020-04-06  Wilfred SpiegelenburgAdd Wilfred Spiegelenburg to committer list.
2020-03-25  Siyao MengAdd Siyao Meng to committer list.
2020-03-24  Dinesh ChitlangiaHDDS-3252. Release Ozone 0.5.0-beta
2020-03-24  Zhankun TangAdd Zhankun Tang to PMC list
2020-03-07  bibinchundattUpdating bibinchundatt details in PMC and committer...
2020-02-28  Wei-Chiu ChuangHADOOP-16894. Announce user-zh mailing list
2020-02-28  Wei-Chiu ChuangUpdate website for year 2020.
2020-01-21  Wanqiang JiHADOOP-16809. Stripping Submarine site from Hadoop...
2020-01-07  Surendra Singh... Adding surendralilhore to PMC list.
2020-01-06  Chao SunAdding Chao Sun into Hadoop committer list
2019-12-27  Nanda kumarAdding prabhujoseph to committers list.
2019-12-27  Nanda kumarAdding msingh and nanda to PMC list.
2019-12-23  Akira AjisakaHADOOP-15971. Add LICENSE to the website repo. (#17)
2019-12-19  Shashikant... Adding Lokesh jain to Hadoop Committer List
2019-12-19  Shashikant... Add Shashikant Banerjee to PMC and Committer list
2019-12-16  Chen LiangAdd Chen Liang to PMC list
2019-12-12  Sandeep NemuriHDDS-2601: Fix Broken Link In Website (#16)