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55 min ago  Weiwei YangYARN-8443. Total #VCores in cluster metrics is wrong... trunk
18 hours ago  Anu EngineerHDDS-177. Create a releasable ozonefs artifact
27 hours ago  Anu EngineerHDDS-184. Upgrade common-langs version to 3.7 in hadoop...
2 days ago  Eric YangYARN-8326. Removed exit code file check for launched...
2 days ago  Yufei GuYARN-8184. Too many metrics if containerLocalizer/Resou...
2 days ago  Miklos SzegediMAPREDUCE-7114. Make FrameworkUploader symlink ignore...
2 days ago  Sean MackroryHADOOP-15416. Clear error message in S3Guard diff if...
2 days ago  Eric E PayneYARN-8444: NodeResourceMonitor crashes on bad swapFree...
2 days ago  Yiqun LinHDFS-13692. StorageInfoDefragmenter floods log when...
3 days ago  Inigo GoiriYARN-8412. Move ResourceRequest.clone logic everywhere...
3 days ago  Todd LipconHADOOP-15549. Upgrade to commons-configuration 2.1...
3 days ago  Eric YangYARN-8445. Improved error message for duplicated servi...
4 days ago  Todd LipconHADOOP-15551. Avoid use of in Configurati...
4 days ago  Xiao ChenHDFS-13682. Cannot create encryption zone after KMS...
4 days ago  Sean MackroryHADOOP-14918. Remove the Local Dynamo DB test option...
4 days ago  Miklos SzegediMAPREDUCE-7113. Typos in test names in TestTaskAttempt... HDFS-13532
2 weeks ago rel/release-3.0.3 Hadoop 3.0.3 release
2 weeks ago rel/release-X.Y.Z Hadoop X.Y.Z release
2 weeks ago release-2.7.7-RC0 Release candidate - 2.7.7-RC0
3 weeks ago release-3.0.3-RC0 Release candidate - 3.0.3-RC0
5 weeks ago rel/release-2.8.4 Hadoop 2.8.4 release
6 weeks ago release-2.8.4-RC0 Release candidate - 2.8.4-RC0
6 weeks ago rel/release-2.9.1 Hadoop 2.9.1 release
2 months ago rel/release-3.0.2 Hadoop 3.0.2 release
2 months ago rel/release-2.7.6 Hadoop 2.7.6 release
2 months ago release-2.9.1-RC0 Release candidate - 2.9.1-RC0
2 months ago release-3.0.2-RC1 Release candidate - 3.0.2-RC1
2 months ago release-2.7.6-RC0 Release candidate - release-2.7...
2 months ago release-3.0.2-RC0 Release candiate - 3.0.2-RC0
2 months ago rel/release-3.1.0 Hadoop 3.1.0 release
2 months ago release-3.1.0-RC1 Release candidate - 3.1.0-RC1
3 months ago rel/release-3.0.1 Hadoop 3.0.1 release
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23 min ago branch-3.0
41 min ago branch-3.1
55 min ago trunk
2 days ago branch-2.8
2 days ago branch-2
2 days ago YARN-1011
3 days ago branch-2.7
4 days ago HDFS-13532
5 days ago HADOOP-15461
9 days ago HDDS-48
9 days ago HADOOP-15407
10 days ago HDFS-12943
11 days ago branch-3
13 days ago branch-3.0.3
2 weeks ago HDDS-4