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last changeSun, 15 Jul 2018 17:47:20 +0000 (10:47 -0700)
20 hours ago  Bharat ViswanadhamHDDS-254. Fix TestStorageContainerManager#testBlockDele... trunk
20 hours ago  Bharat ViswanadhamHDDS-251. Integrate BlockDeletingService in KeyValueHan...
30 hours ago  bibinchundattYARN-8434. Update federation documentation of Nodemanag...
2 days ago  Xiaoyu YaoHDDS-210. Make "-file" argument optional for ozone...
2 days ago  Akira AjisakaHADOOP-15531. Use commons-text instead of commons-lang...
2 days ago  Jason LoweYARN-8515. container-executor can crash with SIGPIPE...
3 days ago  Nanda kumarHDDS-232. Parallel unit test execution for HDDS/Ozone...
3 days ago  Nanda kumarHDDS-253. SCMBlockDeletingService should publish events...
3 days ago  Xiaoyu YaoHDDS-238. Add Node2Pipeline Map in SCM to track ratis...
3 days ago  Anu EngineerHDDS-187. Command status publisher for datanode.
3 days ago  Xiao ChenHDFS-13663. Should throw exception when incorrect block...
3 days ago  Robert KanterYARN-8518. test-container-executor test_is_empty()...
3 days ago  Anu EngineerHDDS-234. Add SCM node report handler.
3 days ago  Anu EngineerHDDS-228. Add the ReplicaMaps to ContainerStateManager.
3 days ago  Sean MackroryHADOOP-15349. S3Guard DDB retryBackoff to be more infor...
3 days ago  Sean MackroryHADOOP-15316. GenericTestUtils can exceed maxSleepTime...
5 weeks ago rel/release-3.0.3 Hadoop 3.0.3 release
5 weeks ago rel/release-X.Y.Z Hadoop X.Y.Z release
5 weeks ago release-2.7.7-RC0 Release candidate - 2.7.7-RC0
6 weeks ago release-3.0.3-RC0 Release candidate - 3.0.3-RC0
2 months ago rel/release-2.8.4 Hadoop 2.8.4 release
2 months ago release-2.8.4-RC0 Release candidate - 2.8.4-RC0
2 months ago rel/release-2.9.1 Hadoop 2.9.1 release
2 months ago rel/release-3.0.2 Hadoop 3.0.2 release
2 months ago rel/release-2.7.6 Hadoop 2.7.6 release
2 months ago release-2.9.1-RC0 Release candidate - 2.9.1-RC0
2 months ago release-3.0.2-RC1 Release candidate - 3.0.2-RC1
3 months ago release-2.7.6-RC0 Release candidate - release-2.7...
3 months ago release-3.0.2-RC0 Release candiate - 3.0.2-RC0
3 months ago rel/release-3.1.0 Hadoop 3.1.0 release
3 months ago release-3.1.0-RC1 Release candidate - 3.1.0-RC1
3 months ago rel/release-3.0.1 Hadoop 3.0.1 release
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