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last changeWed, 18 Jan 2017 09:11:33 +0000 (18:11 +0900)
2 hours ago  Akira AjisakaHADOOP-13955. Replace deprecated HttpServer2 and SSLFac... trunk
3 hours ago  Akira AjisakaHDFS-11290. TestFSNameSystemMBean should wait until...
10 hours ago  Karthik KambatlaYARN-5831. FairScheduler: Propagate allowPreemptionFrom...
11 hours ago  Andrew WangRevert "HADOOP-13989. Fix typo in hadoop-client shade...
13 hours ago  Subru KrishnanYARN-6016. Fix minor bugs in handling of local AMRMToke...
13 hours ago  Xiaoyu YaoHDFS-11209. SNN can't checkpoint when rolling upgrade...
14 hours ago  Andrew WangHADOOP-13978. Update project release notes for 3.0...
14 hours ago  Kihwal LeeHADOOP-13976. Path globbing does not match newlines...
15 hours ago  Daniel TempletonYARN-6071. Fix incompatible API change on AM-RM protoco...
19 hours ago  Jason LoweMAPREDUCE-6831. Flaky test TestJobImpl.testKilledDuring...
27 hours ago  Akira AjisakaMAPREDUCE-6819. Replace UTF8 with Text in MRBench....
27 hours ago  bibinchundattYARN-6057. yarn.scheduler.minimum-allocation-* descript...
27 hours ago  Akira AjisakaHADOOP-13989. Fix typo in hadoop-client shade configura...
28 hours ago  Arpit AgarwalHDFS-11339. Fix import.
34 hours ago  Akira AjisakaHADOOP-13933. Add haadmin -getAllServiceState option...
35 hours ago  Junping DuYARN-6011. Add a new web service to list the files...
2 months ago YARN-5355-branch-2-2016-11-06
2 months ago YARN-5355-2016-11-06
3 months ago rel/release-2.6.5 Hadoop 2.6.5 release
3 months ago release-2.6.5-RC1 Release candidate - 2.6.5-RC1
3 months ago release-2.6.5-RC0 Release candidate - 2.6.5-RC0
4 months ago rel/release-3.0.0-alpha1 Hadoop 3.0.0-alpha1 release
4 months ago release-3.0.0-alpha1-RC0 Release candidate - 3.0.0-alpha1-RC0
4 months ago rel/release-2.7.3 Hadoop 2.7.3 release
5 months ago release-2.7.3-RC2 Release candidate - 2.7.3-RC2
5 months ago release-2.7.3-RC1 Release candidate - 2.7.3-RC1
5 months ago release-2.7.3-RC0 Release candidate - 2.7.3-RC0
6 months ago YARN-2928-2016-07-10
6 months ago YARN-2928-2016-07-08
6 months ago YARN-2928-2016-06-21
11 months ago rel/release-2.6.4 Hadoop 2.6.4 release
11 months ago release-2.6.4-RC0 Release candidate - 2.6.4-RC0
2 hours ago trunk
3 hours ago branch-2
6 hours ago YARN-5355-branch-2
6 hours ago YARN-5355
12 hours ago YARN-2915
14 hours ago branch-2.8
14 hours ago branch-2.8.0
4 days ago HADOOP-13345
5 days ago YARN-5734
6 days ago HDFS-10285
6 days ago HDFS-8707
9 days ago branch-2.7
2 weeks ago YARN-5673
2 weeks ago YARN-5085
2 weeks ago YARN-3866
2 weeks ago yarn-native-services

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