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last changeThu, 20 Sep 2018 19:21:34 +0000 (12:21 -0700)
104 min ago  Anu EngineerHDDS-514. Clean Unregister JMX upon SCMConnectionManage... trunk
2 hours ago  Anu EngineerHDDS-394. Rename *Key Apis in DatanodeContainerProtocol...
3 hours ago  Eric YangYARN-8801. Fixed header comments for docker utility...
7 hours ago  Ewan HiggsHADOOP-15764. [JDK10] Migrate from
8 hours ago  Ewan HiggsHADOOP-15756. [JDK10] Migrate from
9 hours ago  Steve LoughranHADOOP-15748. S3 listing inconsistency can raise NPE...
17 hours ago  Vinayakumar BHADOOP-15736. Trash : Negative Value For Deletion Inter...
17 hours ago  Anu EngineerHDFS-13892. Disk Balancer: Make execute command documen...
23 hours ago  Jason LoweYARN-8784. DockerLinuxContainerRuntime prevents access...
23 hours ago  Bharat ViswanadhamHDDS-513. Check if the EventQueue is not closed before...
24 hours ago  Arpit AgarwalHADOOP-15772. Remove the 'Path ... should be specified...
24 hours ago  Chen LiangHADOOP-15726. Create utility to limit frequency of...
25 hours ago  Anu EngineerHDDS-509. TestStorageContainerManager is flaky.
25 hours ago  Inigo GoiriHADOOP-15684. triggerActiveLogRoll stuck on dead name...
25 hours ago  Nanda kumarHDDS-507. EventQueue should be shutdown on SCM shutdown...
26 hours ago  Nanda kumarHDDS-460. Replication manager failed to import containe...
23 hours ago ozone-0.2.1-alpha-RC0 HDDS-214. Apache Hadoop Ozone relea...
2 days ago rel/release-2.8.5 Hadoop 2.8.5 release
10 days ago release-2.8.5-RC0 Release candidate - 2.8.5-RC0
6 weeks ago rel/release-3.1.1 Hadoop 3.1.1 release
7 weeks ago release-3.1.1-RC0 Release candidate - 3.1.1-RC0
2 months ago rel/release-2.7.7 Hadoop 2.7.7 release
3 months ago rel/release-3.0.3 Hadoop 3.0.3 release
3 months ago rel/release-X.Y.Z Hadoop X.Y.Z release
3 months ago release-2.7.7-RC0 Release candidate - 2.7.7-RC0
3 months ago release-3.0.3-RC0 Release candidate - 3.0.3-RC0
4 months ago rel/release-2.8.4 Hadoop 2.8.4 release
4 months ago release-2.8.4-RC0 Release candidate - 2.8.4-RC0
4 months ago rel/release-2.9.1 Hadoop 2.9.1 release
4 months ago rel/release-3.0.2 Hadoop 3.0.2 release
5 months ago rel/release-2.7.6 Hadoop 2.7.6 release
5 months ago release-2.9.1-RC0 Release candidate - 2.9.1-RC0
38 min ago HDFS-12943
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3 hours ago branch-3.1
4 hours ago branch-2
4 hours ago HADOOP-15407
8 hours ago docker-hadoop-runner
8 hours ago branch-3.0
24 hours ago YARN-7402
25 hours ago ozone-0.2
28 hours ago branch-2.9
46 hours ago branch-2.8
2 days ago HDFS-13891
3 days ago docker-hadoop-3
7 days ago branch-2.7
8 days ago YARN-3409
9 days ago branch-2-jhung-test